On The Run


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where the hell did he came from?

he comes running like hell, he suffocates to get out of the forest, those engulfing, leafy branches hide all the possible light from him. Not seeing where´s he´s putting his feet, he suddenly stumps on a tree root, falls flat on the ground. Goddamn, how could he be so clumsy, so distracted by those women, very pretty though, but that wasn't the main reason why he got there. The business was completely different, of another content. 

He rises just to find himself surrounded by dead people, all scattered around, pieces of them everywhere. He approaches carefully, once near one of them he finds out that that disemboweled corpse lying in front of him is no one else but his own father. He looks closely for the others, they are their family, all dead, bodies lied in some past torment while they've been tortured and eviscerated. 

How can it be, how can this be possible? But that amount of violence wasn't the only thing bugging him, it was also the fact that they were already in advanced decomposition. A body dies, it decomposes, that's the revealing face of Nature, for everyone and everything that's alive. No doubt about that. But, fact is that only this morning they were all reunited in his grandmother's house, now they are all here, dead, rotting. His father, mother, his brother and sister, his grandmother. So, how can they be dead for so close time and be already in this state of decomposition?

For now, he can't find an answer for all that questions ramming in his mind, he has to continue running, if he wants to escape. One thing it's for sure, all of his certains about all the people living around him aren't anymore. What the Hell, he's not even sure about himself, if he's alive or already dead, decomposing too.

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this reminds me of "the black angels", just caught that vibe

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Hey there, fellow reader Thanks for the comment Don’t know “The Black Angels”, but I surely will take a look. Check out my other publications. Stay cool. 👍

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