To Be A Cube

Alfred is a tiny mite, of Oliver Twist cut. Follow this runts adventures as he tries to make his school teach more maths, and anything else. Running into things of note and time going forth is the exact sort of generalised novel yeah.


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The Hope

Peace. Love. Faith. Harmony - Words that used to describe mankind and life on Earth were replaced by wars, hatred, mistrust, and incongruity. Nations once vowed brotherhoods now endlessly sent fires to each other, robbing the resources to secure valuable commodities for themselves. Mankind hated each other for being different, not...

Impractical Witch

Edith Mellangruda is a master of firsts: first daughter, first in lessons, first of her peers to fly on broomstick. And now, she aims to be the first to abandon cauldron and coven for mortality in the human world, a sacrifice too great for any practical witch. Edith resurrects the dead poet Samuel Ketch to help her on her quest for...


I have been diagnosed so many times through the years: At six years old it was Schizoid, a few years later it was Alexithymia, then in my teens it was Bi-Polar, dissociative disorder and as I reached adulthood it was Schizophrenia, Psychopathy, Sociopathy and so many more. At the end, four different Doctors couldn’t agree, diagnosing...