Golf Tub


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Golf tub

 All the goo golfers are pro champion and royally minted with gilded gold. They all play golf in their hilltop golfclub.

Once I saw two golden gofers tunnelling In there, and tip, they were made of schmuck-metal so they whirled in properley tangled.

Taft was a glob. A glob is an anglular animal which burrows under things and delivers parcels to people - but they are quicker than all post service. They burrow under things. The parcels they deliver are anything because they get less golden compared to gofers but have speedier ribs for some reason.

One morning a glob dared to challenge one of the snooty gofers by confronting him. 

"Hey we do more work than you gofers, but we get paid less. What's the deal?" Asked Gibson the glob.

The snotty gofer prodded his finger at gibsons trunk.

"You need to keep in your designated place or we pinch ribs."

Gibson was weak like furball and needed ribs for rib things. 

A clever plan occurred to his brain, as he pondered stealing the iiiuhjbggjbgghhhghhbhjnhhnnhyg.

"You cannot steal our ghbhgghhnbghhghjhhbggvg" said for lob Jump. 

But he did.

"That's all." And they dug a tunnel which you wouldn't believe.

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