Midlife Crisis. A Story In Three Parts.


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1 - adventures in modern motorbikes

 I am called Steev. 

Peculiar name I know, but forget about that. I'm getting on in life. My kids have grown up and neglected me. I'm nothing but a fat old idiot. I can try to get by like the rest of people, no doubt. Try to gain the respect of my next door suburban neighbors, who are idiots.

So that's why I got interested in motorbikes and brought two from a used car sale. My wife thinks I'm going through a midlife crisis and she's probably right. I love motorbikes, as they have a metallic manliness that I am flabbily lacking in, so...

Yasukiu is the name of the beast. It is a Japanese make so they give it poofy sounding names, but they make good motors. I climb on top of the motorbike seat which is padded with thick Aberdeen Angus leather. Good clutch things and the handling is superb. Wow. 

"Why are you riding that? The fumes make my asthma worse." said my wife.

I couldn't hear her over the motor going brum brum brum brum and the smoke coming out the steaming metal. 

"Why can't you just be happy for me that I have this new hobby?" I said, switching off the engine.

"I would but you don't even ride it anywhere. You just revv the infurnal thing all the time."

I folded my arms in a grump. "I daren't ride this thing Vera, it is deadly on these country roads. I'm not risking my neck, speeding down the local farmers grounds!"

Vera went indoors, whilst muttering to herself. 

Find out what will happen next.

To be.......


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2 - surprise visit from my daughter and son

 Ding dong.

I open the door and greeted by my son called Cecil and my daughter called Wendy. 

"Father" said Cecil, because he had made his millions and was trading in the stock armed making a killing on the Dow Jones and thus he spoke in a posh way like a Victorian might speak. "Father, I am here to ask you for some money. I need to purchase a new iron, so I can iron my credit card and a laminator to laminate my money."

"Father" said Wendy, who was a writer on financial matters. "Pappy, I want some das kapital if you see what I mean." And this continued.....

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3 - acknowledgements

 Writing this has been very cathartic for me and I wish you the best health in your departure of this story. I have been frank and brutally honest about midlife issues and for that I am grateful.

I want to thank, Sam for his advice on copyright issues pertaining to midlife. And Tony's helpful encouragement about my writing. And especially thank you Norbet for being there.

To Steven. You will always be a top writer. Bigtime.

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