Critique Of Pure Seasoning


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The most important thing about human interest stories is that it be interesting to humans. 

We need to be interesting to each other other wise we don't live our lives in existence. We live it in falsity.

Wisdom comes in three main parts as revealed by confusious. 

Part one is the wisdom of crowds.

Crows can't be wrong, because of their numbers in utilitarian. Crowds are so right, however, that at the final judgement, they prove to be wrong.

As Bhudda said in the year of his existence. I just noticed that when the the the is used it denotes just one numerical entity? I am a dancer, a dancer in eternity, wiggling it about, giving it the fall works, jiggling Bhudda forever jiggling the rump of eternity.


Jay das aktod he hat sich der sehr große.  Ich habe mich in der Stadt und der Rest der Welt ist ein Test.

You can see that this page is empty.

You can see t.    T. 

Meaning means something. Connect the dots.

This is a treatise of meaning.

Comet me bro.

Utterances of smooth velvet wafer. 

Breeze of magic dust upon concrete.

Whispers of violent puncture.

Yellow belch becomes it.

Abstract pulled pork.

That television station was called APP. I thought it belonged to a group. No just eat you're soup. Abstract pulled pork is a soup now?

I like soup because I get hungry and I eat like the obvious.

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