Black water to Black web


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Black water to Black web

Pornography and the porn industry have taken a new dimension on the web world. It is now in the shape of Dark Web or Black Web. A site that is the leading business on web for the perverted minds, which pay billions to this web to watch live beastly sexual acts conducted on minors, the victim of the act is brutally tortured by the criminals on demand of the viewers, who pay heavily for the live show and fulfillment of their perverted demands. Kasur is a target area chosen for this industry. The political mafia, administrative dons and law enforcement agencies in the area are all involved in this business. The location is a safe haven for such criminal activities, because it is located close to the Indian borders. The Dark Web is not directly connected to the normal web but it has a link established to a special network, which I suppose is connected through India. The recorded USBs must be smuggled through the borders. I am also sure that the entire network is being sponsored, patronized and protected by the people in the government and law enforcement agencies. There is a definite connection between the Black water and the Black Web.

If we look back, this whole thing started around 2008/9 when the Black water established itself in our country, under the grab of diplomats. The Lahore based Blackwater agents must have had links with the people in power and in certain cases they must have got connected to the locals of Kasur, where they found out sexual activities being performed without any checks. As per a friend, the case of 285 kids used for porn movies in Kasur was on for a long time where the criminals were making these movies for selling in the local markets, which was detected by the Black water operating in their areas. They later got them connected to the Black Web and provided the necessary links and technology. I will not hesitate by suggesting that the US drug, web and arms mafia is behind this and the beneficiaries are both legitimate and illegitimate factions of this government. The Zionist organizations would go to any extant to earn money. The period from 2008 to date, must be seriously investigated. The agencies must focus on digging out the roots of this heinous crime.

The way the murder of Zainab is being handled and being hushed up is by itself ringing bells. The mafia is determined to conceal the facts by quickly throwing a blanket of confusion and public emotions over it.

There are clear signs of dichotomy between the pictures on CC TV and the arrested criminal. The confusion on the DNA, the forensic confusions and

the doubtful behavior of the chief minister and the law minister of Punjab, does create suspicion.

The record of the criminal's family must be obtained. I have a doubt that if this man is the real criminal, then it may be possible that this family is not a genuine relationship. There have been instances in the intelligence based operation where such families were created by the enemy agencies, while working on the specific individuals in the target countries. After the completion of the tasks they would disappear. Similarly, it may reveal later that this whole family was fake and used as a unit for the Dark Web pornography activities. The faking family members must be involved in this business, as it is very abnormal to notice that the little girl Zainab was in the same house for a long time and it is next to impossible that the family didn't notice. I think if more probing is done more facts would reveal. This case should not be taken as done or over. It is actually the beginning; this must lead us to the roots of this criminal business. The agencies, the sincere ones, the sincere and patriotic leaders and elders of the country must not allow the mafia to hide and vanish. Let us take this as a national crises and an unnatural calamity. This must be declared as a state of emergency. Only then this will end, otherwise every one of us should be ready to provide another victim to the Dark Web.

The nations which leave the matters of integrity, honor, respect and oppression to the criminals, they are raped and murdered just like Zainab.

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