The Harvest Moon lost her Rosy Voyage


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The Harvest Moon lost her Rosy Voyage

I yet recalled the outrageous offence of seeing her delicate frame of tiny body into a cold ,lifeless corpse , her hazel eyes were half opened as telling the tale of her lonesome apparitions ; Ah ! Those cruel hands which tore off her lovely frock and threw her to the edge of his sick lust. My eyes got wild at the sight of her locks which were twined around her fragile neck as locked to embrace death.

She was a ten year old merry child whose mirthful attitude made me to bear every prejudice of life as sorrows encumbered my destiny as a single parent, living in the den of beasts, who moved freely to devour anything to bliss their horrific listless lust.

Anna was my daughter whom I tried to brought up in a way that she may never came across with any agony; She was a suitcase child as I were divorced by my husband when she was born; as his family did not own the first girl in the family, and how ruthlessly I was expelled from the relationship which had never been lively rather a set of my former husband sexual violence, as he thought as the most righteous act of the holy noose, which later was easily broke out.

I began to live in a small apartment, my own family disowned me as they considered my divorce as a blob of mud. When I insisted to let me have a little room, my real brother beat me savagely and addressed me with such an obnoxious vocabulary that I could never forget, my brothers placed a suggestion that if I would had been agreed to that sixty year old man with whom they were having a serious conflict on the distribution of water over their lands, they would happily let me remain as the part of that clan , but I refused their proposal , which left no options for my survival but just an easy way out of that house .

My mother secretly gave me handful of money, which helped me to buy that tiny parlor for my escape. I searched for work , which was a gigantic risk as I was not well educated , but after few days , I was hired as a helper in day care center , which was like a lost paradise to my misery , as I was allowed to carry Anna with me.

Time passed swiftly, I came to know about my parents demise but my brothers did not allow me to attend the burial; I learned many things at my workplace, my owner was kind lady and she asked me to admit my daughter in a school, she helped me in finance, but my expense enhanced, so my owner added an hour more to my work, as I could have earn more to feed Anna properly.

Anna ‘s school was near my workplace , so we walked all the way to our threshold , then I bid adieu to my most precious bounty , and moved on to my work . Days were passing pleasantly, Anna and I were glad in our little world.

There was a wolf in the hedge , Anna wasn’t aware of good touch or a bad touch , but silently she became the victim of that horrendous act of child abuse , as I mentioned earlier Anna was a pretty child , had no company and her loving soul could not comprehend the satanic acts of child abuse . I noticed a change in her that during her slumber, she murmured as, ‘Uncle, please don’t do this, it hurts me.’

Oh dear! It took away my breathe, squeezed my heart, began to search her delicate body parts for any severe cruelty that she had been subjected to; but there was no sign of brutality. I couldn’t sleep and then began to recall the staff at her school. It was a small set up, three young girls who were working as a teacher over there and a middle aged headmistress, a very old watchman ….. Then who it may be?

I couldn’t get my queries and they remained unresolved, stared Anna who was wrapped up in angelic slumber. I decided to talk to the head of her school. The next morning, I just asked Anna that did she want to go school, she nodded her head happily and said a big ‘YES.’

I just made myself peaceful that she might had a bad dream but wasn’t aware that the worst reality was going to shatter my bliss. I wanted to talk to her head of the school but she wasn’t reached at that moment. I hurriedly moved to be on time to my workplace; that day was a dooms day to my only happiness as when I reached to pick Anna, the corner of that little school telling me as Anna was not there. I asked the watchman who shrugged his shoulders whereas the teachers were also concerned about her missing. I asked the head who got up from her place and asked the watchman but nobody had any reply ; the head made me sit in her car and her driver drove us to the nearest police station where she helped me to report about the great miss of my life ,’Anna.’

My life was turned dark as to ashes, I stayed outside the door of the school, kept on requesting the old watchman to search one more time inside that school; he was very kind and helped me to look around that three roomed junior school. The night had changed into dawn but no sign of her. After a while, people began the day and little children escorted by their mothers came to the school. I searched her and asked about her to every mother but they all were not having the idea of her displacement. The headmistress arrived and she looked distressed seeing me there, she took me inside her school and made me sit in her tiny office. She asked her driver to drop me home but I refused, I asked her that if her driver may drop me to the police station. She was a kind lady and she asked her driver to drop me to the police station where most of the cops chuckled when I begged to find my daughter. It was the second day either I roamed on the streets. My very own head talked to many influential people who made us believe to their fake promises. I kept myself just beside the doors of the school, but Anna wasn’t found. After the eight day of that catastrophe, while I was sitting like a beggar in front of the school, there was a roar of the mob along with the media vans , siren of the police van , which just in front of me , the officer stepped down and said with arrogance,

‘Here we found your daughter, go and check it.’

He pointed towards a garbage trolley which was pushed by a sweeper and a mob was roaring like a wild fire of disgust but that wasn’t my child whom I sent school all gleeful and lively. My eyes were widened out of shock, Anna lying dead and that’s the end of my life. The officer was telling me that somebody had abused her then strangled her brutally, Anna’s murmur echoed,

‘Uncle don’t do this, it hurts me,’

I was broken into heart rending cries; touched her cold white delicate frame which had been abused, Anna was no more; her headmistress helped out in her burial, I was told by the police officers that culprits will be soon sent to gallows but what was the virtue of losing my daughter and I were least concerned regarding the fate of crim what was left there except ceaseless agony . Everyday such murderous attempts occur as sending the high moon down to the state of crestfallen which tumble down morality below derogatory extreme line.

How long the weak murmurs be resonated and such nauseating wolves keep on devouring their innocence ; I remained as buried alive !

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