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Find Jobs Outside London

There are many benefits of working and living outside the capital. In general in less expensive to live there for example, to rent a room in London in normal place you need 500-700 pound to rent a room. On the other hands you can take an apartment outside London with this amount of money. In addition you don’t need to spend lot of money on transportation everything mostly within walking distance. Please check some jobs in other cities rather than London on Joblang.

Whether you want to work in the capital or in a city in UK. There are two things you need to know. Companies may not announce for a job post and they can look for candidates. Therefore, you need to have full understanding for how and what terms and keywords the HR are using for to find people and candidates. Remember that those candidates are non-technical persons and do not know technical part about your field.  This task or research requires using tools that can give you statistics about what people are search for in specific area. These tools are free just type in Google free keyword research tools.

What you will do with these keywords:

1-Optimize your CV and profile with these keywords in order to be considered as relevant in search engines when people are for these specific terms and search engines find them in your profile.

2- Another benefit for Keyword research, you can perform many researches on different job boards and search engines to find the highest number of opportunities that you can apply for.

In summary, you need to optimize your CV with Keywords and perform searches on job boards and search engines using these terms.



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