My Name is Hope


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I've been created to spend the rest of my existence for a single task: to help people.

Whenever they're down, I'll cheer them up to help them rise from slumping on the ground. They'll brush those tears that dried in their face and look in the mirror with a smile. They'll continue to strive, never backing down, moving on with their lives no matter how hard the obstacle was. They'll keep looking for the golden pot at the end of the rainbow.

But for some reason I always blow up my chance in helping people. After I held out a helping hand, their condition just gets worse. They'll be cheered up but won't last long, returning back to their depressed condition. They'll rose on the floor from slumping, only to lay back dead. They'll brush those tears only to feel more pain. They'll face the mirror with a deceitful smile and blame it for showing a fake facade.
They'll continue to strive, but gets a never ending hardship. They'll go on with their life, fighting for their dreams and wishes, not recognizing who they'll hurt in the process, forgetting to look back at the people who have love and help them.

So the god or gods, whoever he is or they are, imprison me in a single human body.

Her name is Hope.

I don’t even get the chance to disagree or plea. In a snap, I find myself inside her weak mortal body. At first, I stand my ground, holding on to my pride.  I'll never bow down to a mere mortal! Never.

But I can't help it. My true nature comes out; consistently giving her the help I could give. Demanding her not to give up, telling her she'll succeed in the future.  I’m in her thoughts constantly until I invaded her heart. My bossy side that should've been out in the world is enclosed in a single soul. So eventually, I take over her.

She becomes me. I become her.

I don't know how it happened. But this time, I succeed. I help a human without messing her up. I change her miserable life to a positive, satisfactory one. In the process, like a ray of sunshine that can't be held back from shining, she starts doing my task. She comforts people. She talks to people. She helps with all her might. And I can't even complain that she's doing it better than I did.

As I watch the world with her own eyes, I almost want to leave her body and boast to my fellow demons that finally, I'm doing my task perfectly. That finally, I am happy with the power given to me. If only I can.  

Until then, I’ll enjoy being a part of her. Because every time she does my task and change another human life to its betterment, every time she gives hope, I can't help but purr in satisfaction.

Yes, I am a demon. And my name is Hope.

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