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Death (Fate #2)

Two years after the events of Fate, the friends are still in recovery. Grieving lost friends, Alex and Taylor are determined to get to the bottom of things, but a surprise guest complicates things somewhat.


Willow Jones has just woken up at the Everclear Juvenile Detention Centre. What’s more, she has no memory of the past five years. Things aren’t what they seem at Everclear: the place is crawling with armed guards, and the in-mates are regularly removed for mysterious “treatment,” of which no one has any memory of. If that wasn’t...


Since the day he was born, Fate has been able to see every part of a person's future just by looking at them, plaguing his mind with their love, their loss, and ultimately, their death. When he stumbles across a group of teenagers, he drags them into the world of Visionaries, humans with an extra layer of sight that others don't have....