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Timely Conversations 


We say we want love but who fights for it?

Billions of people in this world, ask them

Some may respond

Some ignore it.

Me, I respond

I acknowledge

I love.

Why can’t you?

No better time than now.

I guess that’s why they call it the present.



A real disease

Temporary  insanity blinded by the things we don’t have

Losing more people to this everyday

Maybe if we conquered this flaw

We might find an answer to our own disarray

A desire to do something, especially something wrong or unwise.

Maybe if we realized this,

We might stop our own demise



If I told you that you were my inspiration would you believe me?
With every great love come great tragedy
But the only tragedy is I didn’t know you sooner
With such finds Juliet, I’m not sure if love conquers all
Hopeless as I stare at you in the moonlight
Even a few climbs seems so far
Juliet will you leave me so unsatisfied?
I guess the words I love you really can be poisonous.



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Wild Roots


I walk through the valley
Looking for an answer
Longing for clarity
Shadows pass
mountains grow
Rain has soiled the ground
Causing even the deadliest spots to sprout life.
And then I realize,
Even the wildest of weeds hold the essence of beauty.



See Through 


I see right through you
Don’t you know that you are beautiful?
You don’t need to show skin to feel sexy
Or to be sexy
This charade of sex appeal isn’t appealing
With everything so instant
I wonder if you think it’ll make someone want you for who you are
not for what you look like.
Be beautiful
Your body dwindles as time progresses
Your mind sticks with you.


A bee’s dream 



So beautiful

With such an enticing smell

Beauty this rich isn’t remotely deserving

So instead I pollinate

Time to move to the next

So, Until we cross again

I will tell your story of how I fell for you

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Land of the free

home of the brave

Capitalism whispers

“it’s the American way”

“Take advantage of your freedom, think”

Sell desire to those who seek

We award happiness at someone else’s despair

While greed spreads in reach

You gain everything

That’s probably why you have nothing.

You aren’t free until you can give and teach

This is what I wish schools would preach.




You know nothing,

You're just a boy,

Lost in the abyss of your own pride.

Confused in your simplicity,

And are clear others confusion,

Even faith can't save the blind.


Speak with your fists,

Shake with your heart,

Complexity is your only demise.

Find your puzzle,

Overlap your ego with understanding

and you will redefine rejection,

maybe perspective was all that was tried.

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