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1. Car Crashes and Dora


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aye.alex I don't wanna go back to school :(

Amy_Goodwin15  Where are you? I'm still waiting in the library 😠

aye.alex @Amy_Goodwin15 I totally forgot I'll be there in a minute forgive me bby 

Jordan.Johnson19 hey I thought I was you're bby 😰

aye.alex @Jordan.Johnson19 you still are you're just my other bby ya know 


Jen.Gonzales okay let's set this straight, @Jordan.Johnson @Amy_Goodwin15 you two are just the side hoes. We all know I'm #1 😁

And with that I closed my phone, shaking my head at my friends.

My friends are how you would say "special" but I sure do love them. I keep a very close group because everyone else at school is either judgmental, stupid, or just a bitch but I guess that all falls underneath the same category right? 

Anyway I finally start my car and as I'm doing this I realized that I forgot to eat breakfast but it's already 7:45 and school starts at 8:30 but I also live about 10-15 minutes away (depending on traffic) so with that being said I don't have time to stop at McDonald's. Well that sucks. 

I reach around my messy car filled with college applications files, wrappers from chocolate bars, and halfway full water bottles. I pull out of my driveway still reaching around trying to find what I was looking for. I should really clean my car sometime. 

Finally halfway to school at a stoplight I take both hands off the wheel and look around for the plain yellow object. 

"Aha!" I yelled to myself as I pulled up the banana. I peel it from the bottom and start snacking on it but I sink down in my seat. It's always awkward when you're eating a banana around people ya know. 

With the light still red, my ears pick up on the radio faintly playing "this is what you came for". 

"This is my shit!" I yell out loud turning up the volume. I start dancing around in my car awkwardly screaming out the lyrics. My voice obviously sounds nothing like Rihanna's but who says I can't try. I'm belting out the chorus when I turn to my left and see some guy around my age staring at me from his car. I start singing to him and i swear I see a hint of a smile on his face. 

I like to make people smile. Especially babies. Oh my god I love babies so much! My aunt recently had a baby and he is just the most adorable precious thing in the world. I wish I had a baby. Wait no I don't I'm too young. But if I did have a baby I would name it-

My thoughts get cut off by the loud blaring of a car horn behind me. Jeez he is obviously not a morning person. I toss my banana on to my passenger seat (I'll clean it up later) and start to drive seeing that the light is now green. But as soon as my foot hits the gas pedal my car gets jerked back and I feel a massive pain in my forehead. I come to my senses and figure out that my forehead must've hit the steering wheel. Wait so what made me hit my head then?

I look up to see my windshield cracked and a black range rover across from the car very close to it. Oh crap!

I scramble out of the car just to see that it's the same guy who I was singing to earlier. Well this is awkward I didn't expect to ever see him again. But that's not the point, my car is crashed. Dad is going to kill me!

The guy is also out of his car now and I can see that all the cars around us have stopped to. I hear mystery man muttering a few, well not a few maybe a thousand, curse words to himself. I'm quiet for a few moments before I finally shake my head. 

"You hit me!" I yelled at mystery man. I was now late to school, my windshield is cracked, my banana is smushed, and mystery man is really hot so it makes this 1000 times harder for me to be mad at him. 

With my phone in my back pocket my hand subtly slides it out and i glance down at it to start texting Amy.  

AMY 😻💅👯



Just as I was about to text back what my current situation was I glance up to see hottie lamottie with the swimmers body (comment if you know where that is from ;) ) is glaring bullets at me. 

"So...," I trail off not quite sure what to say. If it were any other day I would've slapped him across his face, threaten to sue (even though I won't), and probably fake cried just to get some sympathy. But I vowed to myself that I should try out this whole new year new me bs. So with that I tried to put on my best smile while concealing my anger.

"Do you want to exchange insurance info and numbers and all that? You seem pretty calm for someone who just got crashed into," Mystery man chuckled a little at my serenity.

"I'm having an off day," I shrugged. I couldn't help but notice how he constantly ran his huge hands through his brown curls. "Your hair seems like it would be soft can I just..." I trailed off subconsciously stepping towards him and feeling his hair. 

"Wow it is soft" my voice was quiet almost like a whisper. 

"Um thanks," he says gently taking my hand away from his hair and lowering it back to my side.  "So my number is-"

"Honey take me to dinner first," I say with a hint of sarcasm. I'm so used to making quirky weird comments like that with my friends that I seem to forget that most people don't act like this regularly. "oh my god I'm sorry that just came out of no where I'm so used to my friends laughing at that and saying something weird back but you're obviously not my friend in fact I don't even really know you I was just trying to sing to you because my favorite song was playing in the car I didn't even know that I would ever see you again to be honest and honestly you are a very cute guy which is probably why I'm rambling but my point is I'm sorry," I breath out.  As you can tell I ramble when I'm nervous and being in the presence of cute boys isn't something that happens to me daily when you live in Nevada.

"Hey, it's okay I should be the one saying sorry. It's my fault I was looking around for a banana in my car, lame excuse I know." He laughs again.  

Wow his teeth are so white. Stop it Alex! Last time you thought something like this you ended up touching his hair and that's weird.

"Oh no way I was just eating a banana!" I laugh clapping my hands together. I hear sirens in the background and that's when I come back to reality. 

Oh yeah I got in a car crash.

The cop car comes to the scene and two police men get out. 

"Are both of you okay?" The taller blonde one ask us. 

"Oh yeah I'm fine," I'm say nonchalantly.

"I'm okay," Mr. Handsome says then turns to me. I wonder how old he is. He looks about nineteen but these days you never know. "I'm Jack by the way I just moved here. Great way to get to know the city right. But anyway my number is 415-389-5692. I'm kind of in a rush to get somewhere, my mom would kill me if I didn't show up. Could we please discuss this later on?" (I just made up this number pls don't call it)

"Wow you look like a Jack to be honest. I'm Alex.  So where are you going?" I ask him nosily.  I internally face palm my self when I realize that I totally just invaded his privacy. Way to go girl.

"Um school and I'm really late. It's better to be late then not go at all so I'm just gonna start my walk there," He turns to the police officer, " This is kind of rude but could you call a tow truck and take it to the nearest car shop. I'll pick it up later yeah?" He reaches into the passenger side of his car, grabs his backpack and is already on his way down the street the same way that I was supposed to be going. 

"He's so cute I'm gonna go with him. Whatever he said could you do with my car too please? Thanks ! " I yell over my shoulder as I grab my bag too and start heading down the same way as Jack. 

"Hey dude! Wait!" I yell running after him. When you get an opportunity to talk to a new guy who doesn't know how weird you are yet you take it and run.... literally.

He stops waiting for me to catch up which I appreciate and when I do we both start walking again. 

"So you mentioned earlier that you just moved here which means that you probably have no clue what goes on in this town which is good. Just so you know I'm not always like this I just ramble a lot when I get nervous an-" 

"I make you nervous?" Jack cuts me off slightly smiling, "Why would I make you nervous?"

"Well yes and no but that's not the point tell me about yourself Jack. Jacky, Jackson, jock, James, jimmy, Steve." I say calling him an assortment of many names. (comment if you know where the last part is from;) ) I've been told more than once by my oh so loving brother how annoying I can be. Some times that is one my biggest insecurities but other times I take pride in it. Some people find my sense of humor annoying and some people may find it funny. My friends think it's funny so those are the people that I stick with. 

"Where did Steve even come from? Anyway as you know my name is Jack I don't feel comfortable telling you my last name yet because I don't know you very well-"

"Reasonable. I respect that," I cut him off.

"So I just moved here from New York with my mom, I'm 19 because I was held back in kindergarten by my stupid teacher who thought that I was not ready for first grade but I know damn well that I was she just didn't like me because I may have set the class pet loose a couple times but I just wanted to play with it. All I'm saying is don't put a tarantula around kindergarteners and not expect them to be interested in touching it." He huffs.

"Easy tiger" I laugh and pet his back. He laughs along with me and I can't help but notice how familiar his laugh sounds. It's different in a way but defiantly familiar I just don't know where I've heard it before.

"Well as you already know I'm Alex I'm going to tell you my last name only because you seem like a nice person but i need to know if you have ever committed a crime before because if you have then I'm done with this conversation." I stop holding up a finger sternly.

"No Alex I haven't committed a crime before. Well unless you count that one time I tried to sneak into my girlfriends room. Isn't that technically breaking and entering? Will you hold that against me?"

I feel slightly disappointed when he said that he has a girlfriend but I mean what did I expect. He's hot! Of course he has a girlfriend. 

"I wouldn't but I might use it if we ever decide to rob a bank together and they need any further evidence as to why I'm the good guy that just got tricked into doing it with you. In that case I would hold it against you. But anyway my last name is Anderson. I'm a dancer. In all categories I like to have different options. I can do jazz, contemporary, ballet, hip hop, salsa, tango and more you name it. " I smile up at him considering that he's like over six feet (let's take a moment) and I'm only 5"5.

"Oh so you're a dancer. No wonder you were trying to seduce me in your car before I hit you." 

"Okay I wasn't trying to seduce you like I said earlier it's a good song and I was just randomly dancing. I'm not always the best you know. " I wink at him as we walk up the stairway to hell. Oh sorry I meant school. By now we've missed first period and I had study hall ,hence why Amy was in the library waiting for me. Oh no I forgot to text Amy back. She's gonna kill me. Jack over here might be a different story. 

"Did they ever give you your schedule?" I ask turning to him before we open the doors.  I glance down at my phone and see that there's still a little bit of time left. Enough for me to go in the library and meet up with my friends. 

"Oh um yeah" Jack says reaching into his jean pockets frantically searching for the paper. I notice that this is my moment to check him out and not get caught so I do. He's wearing a white shirt and black jeans, typical nothing to extraordinary but he does work it very well. When he finally finds his schedule he pulls it out of his pocket and looks up at me already staring at him. His eyes are a bright emerald green with flicks of gold in them.


I take the paper from his hands and look over his classes. Turns out we both have a study hall first period. Great so technically we aren't late. We are but it's not as important. We also have AP Lit, Physics, and Art together. Oh great he's going to see how bad I'm like at art. 

"We have four classes together that's fun!" I say over enthusiastically. Oh no what if he was hoping to never see me again. Then this is awkward. But once I see that he too has a smile on his face my grin gets even wider. I probably look like the joker. 

"Oh so you wouldn't mind taking me to first period then right?" 

"No not at all," I take his wrist involuntarily and drag him through the quiet halls towards the library. "C'mon vamanos everybody let's go. Cmon we can do I know that we'll get through it. Were are we going?" I turn towards Jack hoping he'll sing along. 

"Really Dora? I was more of a Blue's Clues's type of guy." Jack shrugs.

"Hey! Dora is a big part of my life. She is my heart and soul. How do you think I passed all of my Spanish classes?! Now I said where are we going?" I then clap my hands together and turn towards him again hoping this time he'll actually sing along.

He rolls his eyes but still with a smile he says, "the library".

"Where are we going?" I clap my hands again pointing at Jack.

"The library!" He shouts but quickly puts his hands over his mouth realizing that we are being too loud. I start sprinting toward the library not wanting to get caught in the halls without a pass. Jack gets the memo and starts sprinting along with me. 

When we finally reached the doors to the library. I start dancing weirdly like how I was in the car. 

"We did it! We did it! We did it! Yay! Los hicimos. We did it! do do do-" My happy dance is cut off by Jacks hand wrapping around my mouth. 

"I think that's enough Dora for the day," he laughs.


Yay! Lo hicimos! I finished the first chapter are you proud of me lol. So please give me feedback, did you like the comedy? What should I add or take out? Please tell me.

Not trying to hype myself up or anything but uh I have a feeling this story is going to be pretty good. As you can tell from the first chapter there's a lot of humor, cursing, and just all around fun. This story will get serious at times but my main goal is for you to have fun and to create one of those stories that makes you stay up until 2am reading because it's that good. 

With that being said I'm off to go write more chapters 

~India xo

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