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In Absolute Peril

In a semi-futuristic world, much like the one ours is becoming, a group of six best friends from all around the world must meet together in America and figure out why each of them are mysteriously gaining magical powers. Together the six of them go on a journey of a lifetime to discover the dark secrets of the past and the horrors...

The Love Affair

This book is about two best friends who have been since forever but then someone else a boy if you must comes into the picture and that causes trouble between the two friends but one of those friends is blind to it which friends is it and what happens next?? Find out by reading my book 'The Love Affair' This story is finished enjoy!!!

The First Generation

A meteor storm that no one had detected strikes the Earth. Slowly, the people who were near the impact zones begin to manifest changes in their genetic structure, and people with powers begin making themselves known across the globe. But not all is as it seems, as something wicked lurks above.