The Great Darkness


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If you read this, you probably have lived through the Third World War. You are very lucky! Many have died in that war. If you live, it means, you're participating in 'The Great Darkness', though you probably have no idea about it. To learn what it is, read the story, and prepare to be shocked. 

"We are created by the memory. But who are we without it?"

The world created in the story is a pure fiction, created by the author.

All rights reserved. 



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Before, the world was consumed in the War and fights,

full of the blood.

Then, the Great Darkness had come and changed everything.

And after that, the world was finally at peace.

 The world was finally a better place for mankind.

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    Imagine the world being at peace. No wars, no sickness, no deaths. A great vision, right? You probably think that it’s not possible, because humans are not predictable, that you can’t bring the peace to everyone. And you’re probably right, there’s no way to the peace be around the whole world.

    But what if I tell you, that it is possible? That there is a way to make the world a better place, without wars, sickness, deaths.

    You probably think that I’m crazy to think so.

    Who knows, maybe I am, or I was, in my previous life.

    My name is Dean, or more specifically: XT-024A. Dean is the name that was chosen for me, by the Authorities of the Institute. The Institute is the place I work at. I have a good job. I’m the First Technologist in the Institute, though I’m not sure how I ended there, at this position. They say that I’m good at my work, and so that’s why they had chosen me.

    You probably wonder ‘chose for what?’

    Believe me, I’ve been wondering about it too, for twelve years. Since the Great Darkness.

    Sounds a bit like from some cheap, old horror movie, right?

    The Great Darkness is an event that had taken the place after the third world war, in the year 2041. Now, you’d probably read about it in some history book, that is, if you find it anywhere. The Great Darkness to describe it to you, when I barely know how was it, even though I was alive there. I was twenty four then. At least, that’s how my notes say. The Great Darkness lasted for a year. It was a time, when all governments of the Great Seven - you may know them as the old continents, if you have your memories of the old life, - when the Great Seven had called a truce between themselves and decided to stop the War. But, you must wonder, just because they called a truce it doesn’t mean that people would stop fighting just like that, right? And, friend, you are right. It didn’t stop the fights, moreover, it increased them. People didn’t want a truce and for them to be equal. There were always some who wanted to rule the others. That’s how mankind works. This is natural, for someone to feel the need of being above the other. And it happened then too. And so, that’s why the Great Seven’s Governments decided to start the Great Darkness.

    So, you ask, what  the Great Darkness is, right?

    Well, the Great Darkness is what normal people would call an erasing of memories. You must be shocked, right? I was too, when I discovered it. But the most important fact in this is that I was involved in creating the Great Darkness. You must wonder how. Let me tell you my story then.

    Before I’ve become the First Technologist in the Institute, before the War, before the Great Darkness, I was just a student of IT, on Massachusett's Institute of Technology. I was during the fourth year, almost the Master’s degree year, when the War had come. Not that I took a part in the war, I’m not a solider. In fact, I’m not even that muscled, that’s why girls were avoiding me mostly, not wanting such a man to be their boyfriend. But as long as I had my computer and the world of internet I was good. Plus, if I wanted a girl, I could always pay some hooker to spend the night with me. I was rich. The funny fact was that my parents, my mother, because I haven’t seen my father since I was ten, my mom wasn’t rich. We didn’t have a big, beautiful home, no. We’ve been living with my grandma and grandpa, all our lives. But that was ok. But, let’s get back to the point of me being rich. This is not a joke! I was rich, but you would be too, if you’d steal money from Governments.

    I was in my third year of college, when me and my roommate - Luke - had a bet; the one who would steal more money, from as many governments as he can, wins. And the price was really great; the leadership in the group of hackers.

    Yes, I was a hacker. And damn, I was so proud of it, even though It was a breaking the law. But, then I didn’t give a damn over it. I was too good, no one could catch me.

    Until that one time.

    I almost won the bet with Luke. I had stolen from more governments than him, and he was ready to quit, to let me win. But I wanted more. Maybe it was my conceit or I was too sure of myself, but for the first time I had stolen from my own Government, and to add more, I decided to steal more than usual. I stole four grands. Usually, I’d been stealing small amounts of money, so they wouldn’t even feel it. You know, as they say, a bit from here, a bit from there and then you have some cash. You could say that my desire to win the bet and desire for money had lost me there.

    And that’s how I’ve been busted, for the first time in my life.

    The next morning some men in black came to my dorm, dragged me out of my bed, cuffed me, placed some bag over my head and lead me away. To where? I had no idea. I was only in my boxers and a white-sleeping A-shirt. The ride was fast, I wasn’t even sure when I got to the place, or what was it.

    But when they took off the bag of my head, I was met with a bright, yellow light pointed at my eyes. Immediately, at their own, they squinted, and after a while they adjusted to the light. I looked around and saw only a desk, two chairs - to one I was chained - lamp and a man.

    After hours of talking, I’ve finally learned my punishment. I was so shocked. I expected them to lock me in the prison for the rest of my life, after all I had stolen from the Government, it was a big crime! And yet, they did not lock me. Moreover, they let me walk freely from that place. I just had to promise them my help in creating the program named ‘The Great Darkness’. I said ‘sure’ then, I mean, what could be wrong with creating a program for the Government? So I did agree. The next day I was picked up by the same man, who was interrogating me. He brought me to a nice looking place, offered me the best computers in the world and gave me some hot, brunette with blue eyes - really, that girl was so hot - to work with. Her name was Amelia, she was a student from Europe, she studied Biology, and was on an internship here. She was nice, though full of sarcasm, but I liked her. We’ve become quite close during our two months of working together. We even joked that I could introduce her to my mom, so she would stop asking me when I’ll bring a fiance to home.

    After two months we were done with The Great Darkness. We were even told to what it will be used. Then it was a nice idea for us.

    No wars, no sickness, no deaths. Everyone wants this. So did we.

    We helped the Governments of the Great Seven to place the program installed on the small chips in the back of every human in the world. Do you imagine meeting so many humans? We did. Though it was so fast. One small injection in the back of the head and done, the Great Darkness was in your head. Then, after all of people had it installed, after a year of working, we activated it.

    We were so happy, when it started to function properly. With one click, people’s memories, past were erased. And so we, and the heads of Governments of the Great Seven were the only people left with the memories.

    Or so we thought.

    We didn’t know them, that they’d installed that into us - me and Amelia - too.

    And that’s how I’ve ended in the Institute, working for the Government of the Two - known before as the USA, - as the First Technologist. I had erased my memory, my past. I’ve become XT-024A, Dean Cameron, one of the richest people in the Two.

    But I don’t remember that I have the chip of the Great Darkness. I didn’t at least, until I broke the law.

    That’s how I discovered my past.

    I discovered what The Great Darkness is.

    By that, I broke the rules of The Great Seven.

    But I won’t remember it.

    Because in twenty minutes I’ll be shut down again for a while, and have a new identity.

I’ll be restarted by The Great Darkness.



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