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It's a different world now. Year 2490. It all began in that year. Vampires, Wolves and Demons starts to rule the world of humanity, leaving humans with no choice but to obey. That's what they told the kids, the new kids who didn't had the chance to live the life like their grand grand grandparents had. Their parents didn't tell them the stories nor the histories, the others tell the kids. 

For the strong rulers of the world, they sensed something strong was born. Someone strong, powerful and has the power to defeat them. That someone has the rare blood, the rare ability and the rare strength. That someone was born on 2578. That someone is a girl. That girl is named Juliana Diamondfire.

Juliana -or what people always call her, Julia- was raised by her grandmother. No one told her about what happened to her parents, even if she begged for it. Julia has a great personality, lovely and charming, she grew up with her grandmother's motto to her; "Always expect the unexpected, no matter how impossible it is."

Julia was a curious girl, whenever there was something mysterious or strange going on, she always gets a way to find it out. And that's what lead her to the beginning of her new life.

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