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Chapter 1:Summer Holiday

Notes:This is a Harry Potter FanFiction as this is where I write my FanFics,it is a Drarry (Draco/Harry) fan fiction and if that does not interest you I suggest you leave now. (Also in this the war does not start until seventh year does)

Harry's eyes opened slowly,sun was pouring into the room,making it as bright as if all the lights were on at once. Harry rubbed his eyes and sat up. Summer,it was finally the first day of summer holiday,going away from HogWarts and relaxing for once in his life,it may have been for only three months before returning for seventh year,but it was a break from the craziness and chaos. The school had arranged a program where all students would be living in arranged apartments with a fellow student who also attended HogWarts,however the school chose the partner and and nobody knew who they would be living with for three months.

(Harry thought this was very stupid and going to be hell,unless he was in an unlikely circumstance and ended up with Ron or Hermione.)

Worst of all,you had to do it and could not switch partners.

It was supposed to help with bonding and making friends,some believed it was just to piss off the students.

Harry got up and out of his bed,anxious as for who the hell he would end up with,he had packed his bags in advance so he dressed into his daily clothes,grabbed his bags,and slipped on his round trademark glasses,nervousness raced through him as he bid goodbye to Ron and Hermione and went down to Dumbledore's old office to retrieve his new address from Proffessor McGonagall,he got the slip of paper which told him where excactly he was headed,still unknowing of who he would be with,he left and got on the subway to take him the closest it could to his apartment,which he would then walk to,this didn't bother Harry because he rather liked walking outdoors,it was calming.

He sighed as he walked into the apartment complex and told the receptionist which apartment he was looking for,the lady got the landlord,who gave him the key and led him to the apartment.

Harry took himself and his bags inside,he could hear music playing.

'Kiss Me' By Ed Sheeran could be heard playing from one of the bedrooms,Harry swayed to the music as he walked into the other bedroom and laid his bags on the floor,he quickly rushed to the music filled bedroom and gasped when he saw who was dancing in the bedroom...Draco Fucking Malfoy. He had to live with Draco Malfoy for the next three months with no say whatsoever.

This was going to be hell.

Draco turned off the music and looked up.

"You have got to be kidding me." He said with a sigh,he fell backwards onto his bed and groaned in frustration. 

"Nope. Believe me,I'm not real happy either,Malfoy." Replied Harry

Draco blushed,"What?",asked Harry,seeing the pink tint to his face.

"You saw me dancing." He said,sitting up and looking to Harry.

"I didn't know you liked Ed Sheeran,you've never striked me as that kind of person." Said Harry,Draco scowled,"What? Am I supposed to listen to rock and hard core death metal all the time? I have a side that isn't such a death metal tough guy!",snapped Draco,he shocked himself and Harry at how easily he'd just let his guard down and told Harry about the soft side of him. "Well at least that's something we have in common,maybe it will make this slightly bearable." Said Harry,Draco raised an eyebrow. "Bearable? Well,I guess you're right. Not pleasant,but bearable." He said,laying back down. "I have to go unpack." Said Harry,he left the room and closed the door behind him.

He went into his room and unpacked his things,putting them away as he went,if he had to spend his summer in a house with Draco he was going to have to find things in common and make it pleasant,or at least to a point where they wouldn't end up murdering each other. 

Draco put back on the music and sighed as he got up and out of his bed

'How the fuck am I going to do this and not blow up.' He thought.

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Chapter 2:Breakfast

Notes:I forgot to mention this in my last notes,but unless I make up a character I do not own it,J.K Rowling does,That is obvious but I'm trying to avoid any charges or whatever,because I'm not sure if someone could say it's copywrite or something if I don't say that.

"C'mon,I'm getting breakfast if you wanna come." Offered Harry,leaning on Draco's doorframe. Draco nodded and they headed to breakfast.

They arrived at a diner and sat across from each other.

"I can't say I'm happy we're living together,but I'm happy you're being nice to me,which why are you?",asked Draco.

Harry shrugged,"We might as well get out of this alive so if we can't be friends,which I doubt is possible,we can be as nice to each other as possible."  Draco bit his lip thoughtfully after Harry finished talking.

"Well I guess you're right...I'll be nice to you but it might be hard,although I can't suppose it's easy for you either." He said,tapping his fingers on the wooden table. "It isn't." Said Harry simply,he picked up the menu and began looking over it,Draco did the same, once they both found something they wanted to order,they set the menus down.

The waitress came over and looked at the two of them,she winked at Harry,"You look like a very lovely couple." She said,Draco and Harry glared at each other and blushed. "O-oh n-" ,started Draco,but was cut off by Harry. "Oh,thanks!",he said,winking at Draco,who seemed extremely confused,the waitress took their orders and walked away.

"What was that about?",asked Draco,Harry chuckled,"I thought it was funny that she thought we were together so I went with it. Imagine what she'll think if she catches us fighting or something." Harry said with another chuckle,Draco laughed and nodded,"Why in the world she'd go around assuming people are couples I don't know. Well actually,there's only two of us and we're across each other so...yeah it sort of looks like we're on a date." He confessed with a slight laugh,their food and drink arrived soon after.

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Chapter 3:Realizations

 'Oh no,this cannot be happening.' Thought Harry as he leaned against his locked door,rubbing his temples. He finally had come upon a realization that he didn't completely hate Draco Malfoy.

He wanted to be friends,and possibly more with him of Draco would allow it,they had never been anything more than arch nemesis's and,while he thought that this would be the worst thing about his summer,it turned out to be amazing,because it was spending it with someone he was slowly developing feelings for.

Strong ones,very strong ones.

Harry had known he was gay for some time now but had only admitted that to himself,not Ron,not Hermione. Himself only.

He rubbed his face and sighed,hitting his head on the door.

Music began to flow through the house suddenly,coming from the living room. 'Perfect' by Ed Sheeran.

Harry walked out of his room to see Draco with his cell phone on the television stand,playing the song,and him swaying to it.

"Come on!",he greeted Harry. "Well,I guess." He replied.

He walked to where Draco was and began swaying to the music as well,he closed his eyes and began singing to the song,Draco didn't let him know,but he was listening to Harry sing the love song with a grin,imagining that someday Harry would be singzing that song directly to him directly and not just because the song was one of his favorites.

He wanted Harry to love him. He quickly realized that wouldn't happen,and why did he care? He didn't like Harry did he?

Sure,he was gay,but...Harry? The song ended and Harry quit singing,a more upbeat,fast song started playing and they both started jumping around the living room,dancing happily. They eventually ended up on the floor laughing their asses off. "I suppose this summer might not be so bad,Potter",said Draco,Harry sat up. "I suppose so." He climbed to his feet,Draco also got up,he turned off the music and went to his room.

'I can't love Potter.' He thought,closing the door of his bedroom.

'Can I?' He slumped to the floor,against the wall.

The more he thought the more he realized,deep down he'd always loved Potter somewhat. Sure he'd hated him,but what kept him from killing him or leaving him the fuck alone? He couldn't. He didn't want to.

Potter had always meant so much to him,but it was masked by a wall of hatred. 

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Chapter 4:Swimming and a Toaster

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Chapter 5:Drunk

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Chapter 6:A Hangover and A Kiss

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