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Meet The Villian Kids

Hello... I am Mal. My mother is Maleficent and well... If you're scared of me right now... you won't be scared of me through and on the story...or will you? Welcome to my Wicked World, The Isle Of The Lost. no Wifi, No Magic And No way Out

Ben: Mother! Father! I have decided my First Announcement

Belle: And that is, Son?

Beast: Yes, exactly what your mother said, what is your first announcement?

 Ben: The children of our Villians in Isle Of The Lost.. Should Have A Chance To Live Here In Auradon 

Beast: Parents?

Ben: Jaffar, Cruella Deffil, Evil Queen....And Maleficent

Beast and Belle: MALEFICENT!


Ben: Yes Father, Just one chance to them please! Every time I look out the window I look at the Isle Of Lost and see they need a Chance!

Now.... you get to meet us. Mal, Evie, Jay, Carlos....

Song Rotten To The Core:

They Say I'm Trouble

They Say I'm Bad

They Say I'm Evil

And That Makes Me Glad

I Dirty No Good

Down To The Bone

Your Worst NightMare 

Can't Take Me Home

So I've Got Some Mieshcheif In My Blood

Can You Blame Me

I Never Got No Love

They Think I'm Calous

A Low Life Hood


Mirror Mirror On The Wall Who's The Baddest Of Them All? 

Welcome To My Wicked World

Wicked World

I'm Rotten To The Core Core

Who Could Ask For More?

I'm Nothing Like The Kid Next, Like The Kid Next Door

I'm Rotten To The, I'm Rotten To The Core!

Song Ends

As you can see we are bad...

Malifecent: You Stole Candy? You disappointed Your Mother!

Mal: It Was From A Baby...?

Malifecent: Awww, that's my nasty little girl! You four have been chosen to go to Auradon Prep!


Mal: I'm Not Going To a Pretty Pink Princess School!

Evie: And Princes!

Carlos: Mom Told Me Their Could Be Dogs Their......

Jay: Is Their Gold?

We went to our little House...

We all agreed to go Their and the limo came... Jay obviously stole the Golden Small Crown On The Tip Of The Car!

We waved goodbye to our parents....Carlos, Evie and Jay were munching on the food..

Carlos: mmmm this is sweet but nutty

Jay: lemme see

They all saw where the driver was going............there was a broken bridge and so we thought it wasn't magic...

Carlos: ITS A TRAP!


Mal: Hey Did This Button Just Open The Magical Barrier?

Driver: No, That's The Button To My Garage, And This Button.

He pressed the button up flowing up on him and it closed the window for us to talk to him. Jay and Carlos were still fighting :/

Then the Car stopped and we all came out... not like a famous crew would..... we were like bears locked up in a cage! Jay and Carlos came out the car fighting and snatching! Evie and I were just minding it!

Fairy GodMother: Hello.....

Mal: We Have Audience..

Jay went up to this girl.... the daughter of "Sleeping Beauty" Yuck!

Jay: Well Hello Foxy

Audrey: ?.umm ha....I'm Audrey...I am a princess.. and this is ben.. PRINCE BEN! Soon to be king

Ben: It Is My Pleasure To Meet You

He shook each one of our hands and went 1 by 1. By the way, we were trying to find fairy godmothers magical wand.

A boy named Doug which was TOTALLY falling for Evie showed us our dorms. My one was pretty pink and absolutely disgusting! So I had to close the windows... that's better!

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