My Story Of Abuse


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 This is my story...well most of it,this might be long so sit back,relax,and start eating your pizza while I tell you my crazy story of being abused at a young age. When I was around six or seven years old my dad would get extremely angry at my younger sister (she would have been a year younger than me) and I,he would scream at us things like 'I hate being your dad' or 'I wish I could leave' sometimes he would even say 'my life is miserable because of you' I don't think he realized how much pain that brought to me as a young girl and even now it still haunts me that my own father would say those things to me. He was also very physical,if we cried,we got slapped,if we continued to fuss he would keep hitting us and most of the time it got to the point where we would literally pick us up by our necks and drop us onto the floor,he would choke us,and one time he forced my sister onto the floor and held her down by her neck. He's scared me and my sister countless times,I've gotten extremely deppressed and suicidle because of him. I have been through times where's I felt worthless,helpless,or just overall an idiot,I've learned to love myself now,I've pushed through those feelings of self hatred and I'm very proud of that. 

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How to get through depression

 Now that you know my story it's time to help you through something like this. Maybe you're going through abuse,self hatred,depression,cutting,whatever you're going through there is a way to get through it. 

Here are my tips on how to get through all of these things.

 Look into a mirror and tell yourself something you love about yourself,it helps to repeat this everyday and really believe it. Do it multiple times a day if needed. 

Leave little notes around the house for yourself,things that say nice reminders on how great you are can be great to find when you are in a moment of self doubt,try hiding a lot so that most will have been forgotten and will become an actual suprise rather than hiding three and remember everything about all of them.

My final tip is to spend time pampering yourself,you need time to love yourself and self care is important in order to feel appreciated and beautiful so find some time to get a massage,a pedicure,maybe even get your hair done! Whatever it is,I promise you'll feel beautiful and special after. 

Remember,you all are awesome!

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