Bad Memories


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Child Snatcher.

 Do you sometimes wish some memories could be permanently wiped from your mind? That you would never remember what happened? Well Jane does. Her parents died when she was very young and she wanted to forget it all. She took her little sister Isadora to the park where a festival was starting. It was a tremendous sight. Where ever you looked, there was always something fun to do. When the two girls heard a bang, balloons of every colour  eurupted from the areas. Everyone began to cheer and suddenly Jane looked down, and saw that behind her, was the face she thought she would never gaze upon ever again. It was him. The man who stabbed her parents to death. She gasped and saw he was taking Isadora someplace. Jane gathered up all of the courage she could muster and headed after the man who was taking her sister. When the two went to a van, Jane stopped behind them. And hid behind a bin. She peered around and saw the van was filled with cages, full of children. Some where crying, some where silently weeping, others were staring at the ground in sadness. Then he shoved Isadora into one of the cages and locked it tightly. Then he walked back towards the carnival, probably going to snatch more innocent children. When he was out of sight, Jane took out her phone. She texted her friend, Ally.     

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