Held Hostage


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    Chapter 1 - The Headache 

 Chapter 2 - A Lovely Sign

Chapter 3 - So Decent

Chapter 4 - Come Here

Chapter 5 - Bad News

Chapter 6 - Mates are Gone

Chapter 7 - Baby I Love Ya

Chapter 8 - Yosarn Is Back

Chapter 9 - Rudest Man On Earth

Chapter 10 - A Decision

Chapter 11 - Bye Bye

Chapter 12 - Lovely Guy I Love 



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The Headache

Hello... I am Daniella. I will tell you a story where I actually found Love... but the love never stayed... Anyways, It all started when I was walking on the street, it was about half past 6 in the morning so I had to get home fastly. There was a party at my friends because we all graduated successfully. The lights on the street were shining on me, I felt like I was going to pass out... But then I felt someone touching my neck... then they put a blindfold on me and took me away in the Van.. I was so scared at the time I did pass out. 

When I arrived at the ‘House’ there were 7 bedrooms. One for this girl and boy named Mike and Jess. One for Cally and Sam, Another for Laura and Georgie, Freddie and Freya, and it goes on... But the floor I was on had 5 Bedrooms... I had no idea who these people were until they told me their names.. When I woke up in the ‘House’ I was laying on a bed.. About a king size!! I opened my eyes and I saw a man laying next to me... I had no idea what was going on so I said..

Daniella - Where the Fuck Am I!!

??? - Shh... And your in the benefit. 

Daniella - What the fuck is the benifit?? And who the fuck are you??

Tyler - I am your roommate. I am Tyler... Nice to meet you..

Daniella - I’m Daniella... Call me Dani..

Tyler - Hello Dani!

 Just then a girl walked in. 

Trinity - Hey Asshole!! Mic wants to see ya!

Daniella - Oh my god.. am I in a druggy cell?

Trinity and Tyler - Fuck You!!

Daniella - Right.. I am leaving. Where are the doors?

Trinity - Their are none idiot


Trinity - Dragging in The Window.. Oh and when you called me a ‘druggy’ just look at what you are wearing!


Tyler - Good to Know!

Daniella - Oh my god get me outta here..

I went out the bedroom and into the kitchen, I saw 1 Girl and 2 Boys. They looked like druggys but when I inspected them they were just normal people waiting to get out of here.

Yosarn - Who the fuck is this motherfucker? She is Hot bitch.

Paige - Somebody needs to fucking shut this ass up!

Daniella - Hello, I am Dani....

Paige - Hey Dani! Welcome to the Benefit!!

Daniella - What the fuck is the benefit!!

Paige - It is a place where we fall in love. We try every night to make love but if we don’t, we get sent to a cell for a week while getting tazed  5 times a day.

Daniella - Omg, who is your boyfriend?

Paige - I had sex with this man named Bruno but he is gone now.. And for your info, Chris is my boyfriend.

Chris - Yep..

Trinity - Yosarn is Mine! <3

While Trininty was there, Yosarn went to kiss her. She responded to the kiss and they both went in the bedroom.

Chris - Oof we are loving them xx

Daniella - What about Tyler?

Paige - Tyler used to have sex with Freya but she has moved to the next floor. He usually just sits on the bed and plays on his computer, but when he is asked to love someone, he does it. But he hates it.

Daniella - So I am his next lover?

Chris and Paige - Yep :)

Just then I got a really bad pain in my head... someone tazed me.

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A Lovely Sign

 When I woke up I was in a cell... I thought to myself ‘oh shit I am in that cell Paige told me about..’ so I sat still until the cell opened. I ran out and went to my bedroom.

Daniella - Tyler!!

Tyler - What!?

Daniella - I really need to ask you something FUCKING NOW

Tyler - Geez, what!?

Daniella - I was tazed and put in the cell..

Tyler - Oh that means they were checking you when you were asleep.

Daniella - Okay?

Tyler - Daniella... I need to ask you something...

Daniella - Hm?

Tyler - ...We have to.. make love

Daniella - What!? NO WAY

Just then as I was speaking he leaned in and kissed me, I kissed back and things went too far.. I was saying I love you all way through. And he said I love you back, we moaned so much!!


I leaned in for another kiss and he kissed back. This moment I knew he loved me. 

Daniella - Do you love me?

Tyler - I can’t believe it.. but I do


So I kissed him for about 50 seconds and then I had to catch my breath, then we kissed again and again... 


Paige - So, Trinity did you hear what was going on in Tyler’s Room? 😂

Trinity - Bitch, they were turning the lights off, they were so loud!!

They all laughed until I came in the room, I was feeling happy so I was a bit sassy and joyful at the same time.

Trinity - Motherfucker you were loud

Daniella - I know, Bitch

Trinity - Your getting the hang of this 😁

Tyler Walks In

Just then Tyler was kissing my neck and all my friends smiled. Chris to Yosarn.

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