Harry Potter And The Ending Of Time


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Where It All Began

 Harry's POV

It's my second year at Hogwarts and I'm so excited to go. I heard that we have a new student coming she is coming a bit late but I'm so excited to meet her maybe she could be my friend. I'm looking around the Hogwarts Express trying to find Ron and Hermione but I can't see them anywhere. I take a seat in the only empty cart available and wait for them. A short while passes and I start to worry about them, as I look up a see a girl walking around trying to find a seat. Wait is this her is this the new girl "Excuse me," she says politely. "Yes," I say looking into her blue eyes "I was wondering if I could sit with you. I'm new here and don't really know anyone," she explains "Sure, my name is Harry Potter, what's your name?" As I say my name a slight bit of anger,shock and sadness fills her eyes before she turns and sits down opposite me. "My name is Rosetta Riddle Bell but you can just call me Rose," I nod at what she says.

We talk for awhile before I hear someone say "Hey Harry," I look over and see Ron and Hermione standing at the door of the cart.  'Hey. This is Rose she's the new girl at Hogwarts' as I say that I see Rose look up and smile and Ron and Hermione before looking down again. Rose was silent for the rest of the trip and when we stopped she shot off the train.

A few months later

Rosetta's POV

I had been at this dreadful school for 3 months now and I haven't heard from my father at all. He needs to tell me what I need to do to these kids. I lay on my bed one morning when I hear a tap on my window, I shoot up and see my father at the window. I run over and open it up as he walks in he pulls me into a hug 'How are you sunshine?' He asks. 'I'm good dad. What do you need me to do with the' I quote ' "Golden Trio"' I did all the finger thing and everything. He laughs 'Well tonight I need you to take them into the courtyard and we will take them by surprise' he says menacingly 'Perfect' I say. I hear Harry start to walk up the stairs 'You need to go I'll see you tonight' and with that my father is gone. 

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That Night At The Courtyard

 Rosetta's POV 

Harry knocked on the door of my room before walking in 'Good Morning Rose. I was wondering if you wanted to do something with me,Ron and Hermione tonight?' Wow this couldn't be more perfect for me . 'Sure. Where are you thinking of going?' I asked 'We are thinking about going for a moonlight picnic in the courtyard' ok it just got a lot better! 'Um..Ok'

That night 

We walked out to the courtyard and sat down. I had been a bit out of it all day and now I just had to wait for my father to turn up. It had been a while before a voice called out 'Ah Harry Potter' it was my father. Harry's head shot up and he saw my father he stood up suddenly 'Vodermort' Harry growled 'What do you want?' 'I'm here to get something that belongs to me. Rose come here.' They all look at me as I stand up and walk over to my father and stand by his side but what I was about to do none of the expected..........

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None of them expected this

 Rosetta's POV

None of them knew what I was planning. None of them knew what I was about to do. I was about to do what none of them expected. I was going to kill my father!

My hand started to glow a faint purple. I'm a sorceress so I don't need a wand. Harry sees my hand glow purple and looks at me disappointed and shocked. 'This is where you end Potter.' My father growls. 'No it's your end!' I shout before turning to my father putting a curse on him that if he didn't find the Pheonix Sword he would be killed and he only had 10 days 'What did you do girl' my father shouted at me 'I cursed you!' 

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After 10 days pasted

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