I'm Only The Twin Sister Of Kol Mikaelson


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Chapter One: 'I got you'

 I hadn't seen my siblings for what 800 years now. Few quick facts about me, I'm Kol Mikaelsons twin sister. I'm closest to my mother and Kol. I'm a heretic (Witch and Vampire) I was beat by my father, Mikael, because I was a witch. I'm currently in New Orleans staying with Marcel, he's a close friend of my family but to me he's more than a friend. I helping him host a witch called Davina, she was one of the harvest girls. Basically what happened is we got to the harvest and tried to stop it but two of the girls had already been killed and Davina was being held by someone while her friend Monique was about to be killed. Davina fought back but stopped when she saw Monique being killed. I put the person holing Davina in pain while Marcel got her away. Davina kept requesting that I take her powers away but I told her that we needed to complete the harvest. She was scared but I explained to her I would raise the other girls from the dead and give them their powers back but they wouldn't be the ancestral magic it would be magic like my own where you could be anywhere in the world and do magic. That's what we were doing now. I had being saying a spell for a few minutes until all three of the girls woke up, I chanted louder and made it so all the power Davina had was split into four so all the girls had power. At this point Marcel had been shouting at me to stop as I had blood coming out of my eyes, ears and nose. After finishing the spell I fell backwards and Marcel caught me and picked me up. 'I've got you' He whispered before I passed out.

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