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Joy true to her name, is a bubbly high school senior. She meets Daniel, who's only in the Philippines for a visit to his grandparents. Joy falls for the charming, coffee drinking, morning person fast. Soon they realize that whenever they meet every morning their feelings for each other grow fonder. By the time Daniel had to come home...

Our Patriotic War

A young woman in Soviet Russia falls in love just as Germany invades Russia in 1941. Both her brother and her fiance go to the war, where her brother is killed, and her fiance taken captive by the Germans. After being drafted herself, she works as a spy behind enemy lines in occupied Poland, using what resources she has to look for her...

Fallen Leafs

On Victoria's 16th birthday her life is flipped upside-down. A gift from her late-mother sparks a new light in her life that will forever change her. Everything she thought was real is a beautiful lie. And now she is constantly being attacked for something she doesnt understand. New people, new friends, new everything and she doesnt...


Kam Tilney is a young classically trained dancer, determined to go into the professional world of dance before her parents make her sign up for college and what they deem to be a "legitimate path". As her last ditch effort, she and her best friend Ellie audition for a reality dance competition in hopes of getting their names out into...