The House Of Horror.


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Your So Mean

 One night on a winters day Two sisters named Emily and Kate wanted to go to McDonalds but their mum went out on that night with their dad and they put the oldest Luna in charge. 

Luna said that they were not allowed to go anywhere without mum or dad. 

"For dinner is a salad tonight." Said Luna.

"Salad, we don't want salad we want McDonalds" replied Emily and Kate.

" Well you can't have McDonalds so get over it"

" YOUR SO MEAN YOUR SO MEAN! " Shouted Emily and Kate.

Kate had an idea to sneak out with Emily to McDonalds. At first Emily wasn't so sure but Kate kept encouraging her until she said yes.

Emily and Kate's room was downstairs at the back of the house and it had a door which went out to the driveway of the house. So they both sneaked out one at a time.

If only Emily and Kate knew that Luna heard their conversation.

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The House

 When Emily and Kate were walking to McDonald's they stumbled across a house. It looked as if no one was living like it was abandoned. 

" Should we go in? " Asked Kate

" Maybe not " replied Emily nervously.

"Oh come on don't be such a scardey cat"

" Fine I'm doing this just for you "

" Let's go"

Meanwhile The girls were walking up the path to the house, Luna dressed as a clown and followed them in to scare them.

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The Scare

 As the girls stepped inside, Emily started to shake.

" Please can we go now, we have seen enough?" Cried Emily.

" Oh my no one is here" said Kate.

When the coast was clear, Luna stepped in. Emily and Kate turned the handle of the door and went into the bedroom. Luna followed. When the girls reached in, Luna slammed the door behind them.

" Ummmm What was that?" Cried Emily

" What was what?" Replied Kate sarcastically.

Luna opened the door slowly.

"Hello girls, nice to meet you. " said Luna creepily

"SURPRISE " shouted Luna " It's just me. This is payback for leaving the house without my permission."

" Oh my phew it's just you " said Kate and Emily.

" As soon as we are here we should explore. It's not haunted at all"

"Let's do it " replied Emily safely.


                    By Isla Terry

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