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Chapter 1

 “Forget it “. They told me ,”its just a dream.” 

~Sitting with a girl thats all he was doing , somehow even that broke me , and then i saw his hands going on a girl who was not me, on top of him leaning as if she wanted a kiss. He softly opened his mouth and leaned towards her and just kissed her the way he kissed me.

I could not breathe . I was surrounded by silence and a view i wanted to unsee. I was trying to scream but he could not hear me . I wanted to pull them away from each other and tell him i love him and i never want to give up on him but all i was able to do was cry and watch him kiss her.~

Imagine your biggest fear haunting you every time you sleep , there is nothing like it . You feel the hole in your heart expanding , falling into your stomach and a feeling inside you which makes you want to scream . 

All i want is to scream so that this feeling comes outside me , like vomit and i feel normal again

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