Secretly Married to a Prince


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"And whenever the Prime Minister- Princess? PRINCESS AYNIE!" A very loud voice interrupted my beauty sleep. I opened one eye as and looked up at Madam Moiselle, giving her a tiny smile. You could see her anger boil upto her face, since it turned beet red. And A red Madam Moiselle isn't the best sight. Children would think she's a mean old woman with her wrinkled forehead, light green orbs, hair tighly tied in a bun, and glasses so thick that a horse can't break it.

"Princess, have you been sleeping while I was talking? I taught you manners for godsake!" She said and I stopped myself from closing my eyes again. If I can't close my eyes, might as well close my ears.

"I'm so sorry madam. I didn't get enough sleep last night because of that book you let me read (partly true. I stared at it for an hour before I started to flip the cover)." I explained.

She took a deep breath, and closed the rather thick book she was holding.

"Very well then princess, that's all for today. Queen Patriz asked me to end the class early due to a planned dinner with Princess Maurice and Princess Saphire." She said and I mentally yelped with happiness. Not because of the dinner, but because of the early dismissal. Besides, I haven't seen them in quite some time. Both of them are daughters of my husband's older cousin, King Geoff of Norway. Both are powerful royal families. 

"Thanks Madam! See you tomorrow!" I said as I walk fast out of the door.

"Princess! No running on the corridor!" She said but as usual, I ignored her.

Oh. Where are my manners?? I think I left them inside the room! Sorry bout that. My real name's Briseis, but everyone here calls me Aynie (pronounced as Ay-nie not Ey-nie but whatever floats your boat), or Princess Aynie to be proper. Would you believe me if I tell you I'm a Princess? Well, believe it. I'm not a princess by blood, but because I married Prince Harry of the UK. And no I don't love him, I don't even like him in the first place. Our fathers made a stupid pact in high school that they would let their children marry. Ugh. I know. Totally Cliche. 

I'm half Filipina, half Bristish. My dad's the British one. I was born here in England, but I grew up in the Philippines. I originally have black hair, but because I like to dye it a lot, its color now is unrecognizable. I have brown orbs and fair skin. I'm actually dark-skinned but when we moved here 6 years ago, I eventually had fairer skin because of the snow and the cold. Unfortunately for me, I don't speak British. That is mainly the reason why I narrate my story in a non-English way. 

The Queen forced me to take princess lessons with Madam Moiselle. Grandmere is actually my real teacher, but she became so busy when the King got ill. Madam is a good teacher, but really boring.

About Harry, even though we live under the same roof, we don't speak with each other. I can't even stand him. He is handsome with a billion dollar dimple, but he's so arrogant! He's the complete opposite of our imaginary prince's. He's a womanizer and probably a sadist! I haven't seen him smile like he really meant it. A lot of girls like him, because of his looks, because he's a prince, and he plays basketball, football, chess, and etc. We only talk whenever we're in front of the King and Grandmere.

They expect us to be "lovers" but we cleared it off and told them we are good friends. Basically, Harry and I got married when I was 13. 13 for heaven's sake! We had a little wedding when I was 13, but when I turned 18, we got married again but legally if you know what i mean. And when I turn 21 which is unfortunately and horribly a year from now, we will officially get married. i know. my life sucks. It's a wonder how they allow very young people to get married. But this was passed from generation to generation so it wasn't a shock to the Royal Court.

 I should be going to parties with my friends, have a boyfriend, get decent grades. But I'm here, stuck with this dilemma. Nobody knew about it, not even the press. We kept it private not because they don't want the people to know, but because Harry insisted it. He threatened to give up his crown if anyone would know about it. So we held a private wedding and only our very close friends and family who swore to secrecy were allowed to attend. Of course I invited my best friends for life and cousins at the same time, Francesca and Clarisse along with Francesca's boyfriend Sam. We were friends since High school and they said they had a blood pact so secure the secret. Ha-ha

As of now, I'm a sophomore in Uni. Francesca, Clarisse, and I took the same course- Fashion Marketing. Since there's no How to Be a Princess 101, they let me take any course I want. I can't really be a princess if I know nothing. Harry and I agreed to NEVER talk in public, especially in our school. For me, I don't want haters. I don't want anybody to know that I know him because gossip runs fast like light. And for him, he's way embarrassed to be seen with me because he doesn't want the girls to think he has ME as a girlfriend, even though he's always in the news and tabloids almost every week, with different girls.

But sometimes I wonder why he doesn't want to be seen with me. It's more than okay with our folks, but why is he so embarrassed? Is it the fact that I'd rather wear gigantic hoodies and dorky glasses that tight dresses like all those girls he dated? I love making and learning about clothes, but I don't like wearing them. Weird. I know. 

If that's the case why he's so embarrassed of me, that's totally fashion racism.

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Chapter 1: Orange is the new Pink



"IM LIKE OMYGOSH! Prince Harry dumped Camilia, finally! Now I totally have the chance!"


"Good thing Prince Harry dumped that bitch! I tots deserve him!"




Those are just maybe 1/100 squeals I've heard the moment I entered the school. It's even trending ON Twitter, of course here in school is no exception. Well, it's not a shock to me about Harry breaking up with another Bimbo. It happens ALMOST every week. New girl, new break ups, and new gossips. I always wonder how there are still enough women left who haven't been touched by Harry.  Now I wonder how Grandmere would react. *evil laugh*

"Ugh your husband's the number 1 womanizer. Yet a lot of girls still like him." Francesca suddenly appeared beside me and I just laughed. She's right. Good thing I pledged on the day of our wedding that I would never fall for a jerk like him.

"U-huh. And you know, you two should just tell the public that you two are already married so Harry would not be bombarded with gossips." Clarisse said. One thing I like about my best friends is that hey treat Harry as a normal guy. When they visit me at the palace, they don't address him as "Prince Harry" or "Your Majestly". Not that they don't respect him or anything, but as my friends and cousins, they are totally used to him. Well, they're pretty much used to the part where he always ignores them.

"And have my head cut off? No thanks." I replied, taking my books from my locker. 

"Has Harry brought Camilia to the Palace?" Grace asked, as we make our way to our next class, Biology, which I really don't know the relevance to our course. We won't dissect frogs while making, selling and buying clothes you know.

"Nah. Grandmere will kill him. And you know our place is filled with wedding pictures." Grandmere insisted. (A/N they live in the palace, but they have their own..uhm.. part of the palace where their rooms are.)

 "I really don't get why we have to take this stupid subject." Anne complained as our teacher, Mr. Fitz (A/N yes Mr. Fitz in Pretty Little Liars. bite me but he's hot!), the most handsome and sought after teacher in the school, walked with poise and grace. "But luckily, we have a handsome teacher talking about women parts". 

Only Clarisse.


*school bell rings*

"Finally! Time to go home. Hey Aynie, lets go to our house today. Mom's out so we could watch some DVD's." Grace said as we make our way out of the room.

"I would love to, but I promised to cook something for Grandmere." I apologized. I hate doing this to my friends. Maybe if I don't have princess duties, I would spend more time with them. I have an obsession with cutting things and chucking them into a pan.

"Nah it's okay! But be prepared because we might get bored and stop by at your place!" Grace said and I chuckled.

"Sure! But don't forget the pizza." I warned and said goodbye. I whisked out my phone and texted Grandmere that I'm on my way back (Yes she has a phone. A Samsung Galaxy Note 2 that Harry and I got here for her 60th birthday) then something hit me really hard. On my boob. 

"Smurfin food! That freakin hurts! Watch where you're going--" I suddenly stopped as I noticed people were shocked, stunned, and their emotions tell me they are beyond terrified. WHAAAT? Is Angelina Jolie standing behind me?

I turned around to find who bumped me and of course, my dear old husband. 

My other half tells me to apologize, and my other half tells me that I should just glare at him and go.

"Watch where you're going!" He half screamed at me. 



He hit me. on the boob.

and he's being rude.

now the evil minion will appear.

"EXCUSE me?! Watch where YOU'RE going! Not because you're a prince doesn't mean you can treat me like this!" 

I think I saw all mouth drop the moment I said those words. It’s like, I just said Orange is the new Pink, which is like announcing war with the fashion gods. After a few seconds of shock, I heard numerous mouths talk like crazy. UGH.

“Sorry? Did you just yell at me?” He said, looking at me with fierce eyes like he’s about to eat me alive. OOPS. Nonetheless, I still have my pride with me so I just decided to end my life early.

“Yes I did. Got a problem with that? Not because you’re a prince (A/N imagine Harry as the most handsome guy who have ever seen)doesn’t mean you can’t be at fault!” I see frustration in his eyes, and before I could react, he was dragging me by the hand to God knows where.

“Where the hell are you taking me?” I said, as I try to get my hands free from his grip.

“Shut up Aynie.” He said and we entered a laboratory room with science geniuses doing an experiment.

“Out.” He told them and they scurried away. I scoffed.

“What was that Aynie! Do you want the other students to hate you? You know that they would, to anyone who talks back to me!” Harry told me as he let go of my throbbing hand.

“Fine I’m sorry! But I still need an apology from you. My boob freakin’ hurts!” He chuckled and shook his head.

“Ok. I’m sorry, your majesty. He grinned and smoothed his curly hair. “I really didn’t mean to… uhm.. hit your boob.”

“UGH.Come on! Atleast say it like you mean it!” I retorted angrily. HE’S GETTING ON MY NERVES.

He better run before I kill him with A FREAKIN’ TISSUE PAPER!

“I have never said sorry to anyone in my life, princess. “

“You… you… jerk!”

“A handsome jerk maybe.”

“Handsome? Really? That’s the best you got? I’m disappointed.”

“Well, how about, a jerk who millions of girls adore?”

Seriously. He needs to see a doctor. A shrink is totally recommended.

“I don’t know why I ever agreed to marry you.”

“Well, don’t you feel lucky to have ME as your husband, princess?”  There he goes with his “princess” again. Someday Harry. Someday….

“Yep I feel soooo happy. Now if you would excuse me. I have better things to do than to breathe the same air as you.” I said and started to walk away when he suddenly grabbed my wrist.

“Be careful of that mouth of yours princess. You don’t want to mess with me.” He said in a warning tone.

“ I think I was born to mess with you.”

And with that, I walked with nothing but confidence.



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Chapter 2: Rumors



“Are you and Harry together now, Aynie?” Grandmere suddenly asked me after she took a bite out of the cookie muffin I baked for her. Typical question I'm fighting the urge to reply with a line like "duh Grandmere we're already married". We’re in the middle of our princess lessons, and I’m struggling to put pepper on my salad because of a silly handkerchief that is holding my body back.

“Grandmere, I don’t think that would happen.”  I answered as I catch my breath when I finally got hold of the pepper. Phew.

But Aynie, it’s been what, 6 years? I should have atleast a grandchild by now” She said shaking her head  in disbelief. And with that I nearly choked. "Not that I expect you to give birth at 13"

“That’s Bull….. dog Grandmere! I’m only 19 and Harry is what, 20?” I said

“But honey, it doesn’t matter. I was 18 when I gave birth to Harry’s dad. The Queen was 20 when she gave birth to Harry”

“Grandmere, you know I really do love you, but having a kid with Harry is just impossible.”

“Honey, I’m not young anymore. I’m 55 years old. I need to see my grandchildren.” She smiled and looked at me with twinkling eyes. Oh no. My eyes widened. Grandmere’s twinkling eyes only means one thing. She has a plan. And it ain’t good.

“Please don’t tell me your planning something Grandmere.” I silently prayed that it’s not ANOTHER set up. You know, a few months ago,  she TRIED to set Harry and I up. She only tried though because the Queen begged her not to. She planned to lock us up in a room that is extremely hot so a miracle would happen. Even though Grandmere is 55, she is very cheeky.

“Oh dear, I’m not. I’m too old for that thing.” She lied as she took a sip from her tea.  “Oh and you can go now.”

“Thank food.” I muttered under my breath. I slipped under the handkerchief and bolted out of the door. I have bigger problems that Grandmere’s plan… HOMEWORKS.

I was half walking, half running when I ran into a wall. No wait. A person. HARRY.

“Ow!” I wailed in pain and when I looked up at Harry, he was smirking.

“Oh sorry. I missed. Should’ve hit your boob.” He said and I swear on rainbows he’s gonna get it someday.

“I would love to chat with you but I have things to finish.” I passed by him and I saw him shake his head on the corner of my eye.

I ran a marathon just to get to my room which is on the other side of the building.  I should’ve joined the Olympics. The moment I arrived in my room, I was panting so I took some juice out of my fridge (Yep.-perks of being a princess. I have my own fridge, BE JEALOUS) and chugged it down, the ice burning down my throat.

Maybe it's the way she walked,

straight into my heart and stole it
Through the doors and past the guards,

just like she already own it

I said can you give it back to me,

she said never in your wildest dreams


My phone rang. You might ask what that song is, it’s Best Song Ever by One Direction. They are my favorite band! I sometimes wonder if I could use my “princess card” to see them.  *Evil laugh*

“Yellow” I answered, as I opened my Biology book.
“Hey chika! How you doin’ with Biology?” Grace asked.

“I’m doing really good! I have actually memorized all the cell types, like in 5 minutes.” I “bragged”.

“Ah-huh. If that happens, I might throw a party.” She said and I laughed. My friends know I am totally clueless about Biology.

“You didn’t actually call me to ask how I’m doing in Biology, right?” I asked her and I heard her sigh. This might not be good.

“Actually chikka, there were rumors in the twitter world that Harry is already married and she’s attending our school.”  I nearly choked on my own saliva. WHAT?!

“What the actual food?!” I half yelled. No one is supposed to know! No rumors should’ve gone out.

“Yeah. I was actually surprised. And guess who started it.”



“That …that… SMURFS!”

“She said her uncle told her that and she.. well.. not so happily spread the rumour in twitter.”

“Thanks for telling me Grace.”

“You’re welcome Chika. Gudnyt. Oh and good luck in your Biology.” She said and we said goodbye. I immediately ran to my bed and covered my face with my pillow.


“Why the hell are you screaming at 10 in the evening?!” A male voice said and I nearly fell on the floor.

“Ugh. What do you want Harry?” And there is my beloved husband, dressed in pajamas, which he totally rocks. He’s holding a Ben n Jerry’s Pistachio flavoured ice-cream. Yummmm.

“Well, actually, I just thought of visiting my wife but then I found her screaming on her pillow.” He said, taking another bite of the yummy treat. I think he saw me looking at the cup with hungry eyes because he offered me some. Wait, he OFFERED me some? But being stubborn as I am, I shook my head even though I really want to run from the bed and get hold of the goody.

“What’s your problem anyway? Surely the pillow didn’t do anything to you.” He said and I shot him a look. “Or do you have your period?”

My hand moved on its own and threw a pillow at him. I expect him to just go away with a bad mood, but then he smiled. He actually smiled.



He has a killer smile.


No. No.. Erase. I did not just say that.

“Come on, you can tell your husband.” He cooed as he sat on my bed.

“I think I should call Cam (my personal helper) to get me a bucket cause I have to puke.”

“Ha-ha you are really funny, princess.” 

“You are too, prince. Go away.” I told him. I know I’m being pissy. But who wouldn’t? there’s a rumor that Harry is married, even though it is true. What if they found out that I’m his wife? His fans would totally kill me.

“What?! Who said that?!” I guess he heard me. Stupid mouth.

“Camilia.” I answered and he sighed. He ran his hand through his hair and I saw a teenie bit of muscle flex. O.O I think I forgot to tell you that he’s wearing a tight shirt. (A/N i am well aware that biceps & muscles & tights shirts & growing buldge & 6 packs & all those smurfs are cliche but come on. IT'S EVERY GIRLS' DREAM SO JUST... GO WITH THE FLO)

“How the hell did she find out?” He asked me and I shrugged.

He let out a groan and took his phone from his pajamas and dialled furiously.

“Jake, look for the bastard who knew about me Aynie and I. Look for him and make him promise that he should take it back and shut up. Got it?” He said to Jake, the head bodyguard.

“Yes sir” I heard him answer and Harry ended the call.

“This is why I don’t want the world to know” I heard Harry mumble but I can’t quite understand. I’ll just let it slip this time only.

“Heard you and Camilia broke up. Spread like wildfire at school today.” I said after a year of silence. Loljk.

uh… yeah..” He answered.

“Can I know why?” I hesitantly asked. Not that I really want to know. Well, a little.

“She’s just… Clingy.” I let out a laugh.

“Seriously Harry? All your girlfriends were clingy.” I blurted but I instantly regretted it.

“Yeah they were. I don’t like it one bit. That’s why I break up with them.” He said and my heart went boom boom boom. My ears couldn’t believe it, neither does my heart. Did he just….. open up to me? Is he on drugs? This is creepy. He’s usually rude, disrespectful—

“I know you think I am rude. But I’m not Aynie. You don’t know me.” He said and I slapped my mouth.

Damn. He’s gonna get angry.

I was hoping that he would say something bad, rude or something like that, but surprisingly, he just walked away. Just like that. And now I feel bad for the very first time.

You stupid mouth! Why the hell can’t you shut up?

Now he’s mad at me.

We were just beginning being friends.

Wait. What? We were?????


Nope. Impossible.



I’ll think about it later, but first, BIOLOGY.


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Chapter 3: James, Oliver James

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Chapter 4: The usual

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Chapter 5: New student

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