Catching Stars


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The Rules:

 Fetch me a star, 

But here's your catch;

You can only cast your reel

When the sun is out to match.

Be an example for others,

But you can't argue back

You're not allowed to have opinions; 

Stop the train on it's track.

You must try to deal with emotions, 

As every adult could

But have a colourful imagination!

As every child should!

I'm treating you how you like,

Because now you're a teen! 

So make sure your ducks are in a row,

Why don't you look more keen?

You must obey my orders 

And keep everything in place, 

But stop! Grow down! 

You're still a child, it's not a race! 

Look at your pretty face,

Shining with naive tears. 

How old are you again?

Only 16 years?

16 years to learn how to be an adult? 

You're still only so young, 

And it's not your fault. 

Let me reset my manual, 

I didn't realise 

That you are only still a baby 

With all the stars in your eyes. 

You want to be the tooth fairy? 

You can cry whenever you please?

My manual doesn't explain this much, 

You have how many scrapes on your knees? 

You fit my description perfectly, 

A teenager! That's what you shall be! 

You don't know what you want to do

But you crave an identity. 

It's ok that you still want to watch cartoons -

And it's ok that you want to drink endless booze. 

I promise, I still can't accept to lose. 

And I still complain in hour-long queues. 

You are a teenager! 

So don't you worry about my star. 

I'll contact you in ten years or so, 

When you're gone so far. 

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