She Will Get Better


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In my favourite little coffee shop,

There is a girl who sits, unnoticed. 


Or so she thinks.


I look at her and smile, for

She looks so terribly sad.


I've learnt now that it's always good to restore some balance.


She sits with preposterous posture

And hides her face behind wings, so long



I have a feeling that her black attire  

Is just a tiny piece of her unsolvable puzzle. 



She sits, and sits, and sits


Nothing, no sound, no voice


She seems to be waiting for something.


Something I fear she won't be getting at all.


She glances hesitantly at the people around her

Until she fixates her eyes on me. 



It's piercing, but not just enough

To hurt me, or cast any spells


She pours her heart into me and wishes

For just a single drop of my time.


Just one split second, I'm hooked.


I want to protect her, but from what I'm unsure


It feels foggy, but


I know this face. 

I know how this story ends, where the path leads.


I refuse to go down it for good.




I'm pulling my scorched hand from her,

Faster than the speed of light.


I am no longer her but she will always be me,

It's evolving, it's living, it's bright. 




For she was so terribly sad, I suppose

And still, sometimes, terribly is. 


She wanted to be gone, to disappear


To live just one day not controlled by fear.




She's holding on for something that's waiting for her.

She must know that this doesn't have to be the end. 


It will wait for her until she is ready.


And so very deep down, she knows that.



Sometimes she loses her grasp and slips away,

And she dreams of vanishing for good. 



But other times she gets visions



Of a future where

She can sit 

Happily in her favourite coffee shop

Surrounded by people who love her. 









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Thank you for reading my little poem. It would mean a lot for you to share your feedback on any form of social media you choose :) 


I was inspired to write this after a conversation I had with two friends about how different my current mindset is from my previous one (and after reading something super cool written by one of them)! Having this account online works as a diary; I can look back on how I used to write and how it has evolved, hopefully into something less bleak! :) 


Thanks again for reading. x

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