Cranium Complications


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Hurting forever

 Crying comes as naturally as breathing, whenever you're around

Left plummeting through the crimson haze, and waiting to hit the ground. 

No parachutes, no ex-machina 

To save me from this pain 

"Save myself" has been written too many times 

So from using it, I'll refrain 

Instead, I'll give you this;

It's ok, if you don't have it in you to even attempt a rescue mission right now. 

It's ok to let yourself fall. You've got this, I know it, somehow. 

You're never obliged to save yourself. 

And yet, you always do. 

But just this once, for your own sake, remove this from the shelf. 

Let your walls crumble, and the debris will light up the sky. 

The tissues are all gone today, and all your wasted knots untie. 

Your frame pieces are smashed, on the floor. Portraits of a girl that's lost. 

You've glued them together, time and time again, but at what futile cost? 

I promise, I swear, I promise. 

This whole wold is made of things falling apart. 

That's the glory, of all this worry, you will get your brand new start. 

Reach the finish line first, of this fragmental strife. 

It'll be over soon, you'll hit the ground, and be ready for new life. 

Because of course, it is ok to let yourself fall. 

You've just got to understand that they won't be like this, not all. 

Some will stay, and some will leave 

Some will abandon you, and of course, you'll grieve. 

But some will last, and then your past

Will be forgotten, you can finally breathe. 

That's a funny thing about falling, it's hard to fill up that chest. 

You want to reach this finish line, and do your bloody best. 

But I can tell you this for nothing, a message from yours truly. 

How I'll ever reach the ground at this rate, well, it's not guaranteed surely. 

For I have seemingly sealed my fate, 

Waiting for my inevitable place in the firing line. 

Wasted all my coins in that well of life

Wishing you'd be mine. 

This is where my lines are blurred. Finishing or firing? 

The wait's over, I'm electrocuted. Messing up my wiring. 

From afar, always admiring. 

I think maybe I've always accepted that in this race, I'm just a spectator. 

The great finish line for me, is to come much later. 

For now at least, maybe, being fired at will do. 

It lets my heart bleed out so 

in the future, there will be more room.  

You see, now I've got space to accommodate someone new. I really should offer my thanks, 

For the allowance that's long overdue. 

So I offer you not my heart anymore, but my utmost appreciation. 

All it's been so far is complication after complication. 

But now maybe the nails for my coffin have ran out, and it's sunny weather from this point on. 

I'll let you know when these stupid feelings have finally all gone. 

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