Faking Up


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Separate ways

 Thought I'd learnt to be sweet

But turns out, I'm still 


Maybe it's me; maybe this time,  I'm the quitter. 

I wondered if my smile

Could last me for miles

But they're just as false

As they are fragile. 

Lace these solemn words into your chords 

Tangle them in your wires. 

Remember them and covet them, but then set them on fire. 

Cry about me, lie about me

Say it never meant a thing. 

Say I wasn't meant to be the queen to your king. 

Admit I'm more like a pawn

In a corrupt game of chess. 

No knight to protect me, 

A monochrome mess. 

So yes, I had thought I'd gotten over this; 

But you are no longer the you that I miss. 

Your smiles, just like mine 

Are nothing but artificial 

A one-way ticket to a place superficial. 

A crack in the sturdy wall you've been working on for so damn long

Your builders are dying 

What the fuck went wrong? 

A red light ran, a sign ignored 

One bad road taken and your plan is flawed. 

Will you come out of this, superior?

With your cracked up walls and your shitty interior? 

How is it that I'm the one who wanted to stay

So without going anywhere, I've lost my way?

Not anymore, not now, and not ever 

I wish you luck on your latest endeavour. 

Bitter sounds good if you drop the I for an E

That's how you should feel after a small detoxing spree. 

 Tell yourself that your own shitty interior will do. 

How you'll manage this the next time, I don't have a clue. 

Thought I'd learn to be sweet, and maybe I'm not bitter?

Maybe I'm the whole parade, but you're just some glitter. 

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