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 I don't want your toxic love 

I just want your unscathed heart 

I'm strong enough without it 

And the poison is dripping from your teeth 

I'm strong enough without it

I don't need your toxic love 

Just your desire and passion 

Tumbling down, down, down

Into the magical land of french whispers and soft cries 

The language of love 

Sauntering through my bones 

Creeping down, down, down

Into my bloodstream

My toxic bloodstream

Dripping from your teeth 


Inside outside everywhere 


Up down around 


All ways, anytime, everyday. 

What is this toxicity 

My bloodstream?

Your unscathed heart?

I am strong enough without it

Without you

Without your canines

Without your mulched feelings 


We're spilling

But I'm strong enough without it 

I can cope 

I will cope. 

Coping is blood 

Running from our teeth 

Poisoned coping; 

Coping that has been corrupted 

Turning? Spinning? Whirring?

Head; messy

Feelings; messier 

Heart; messiest. 

Will I get through this?

Will I be able to change the blood filling me, the same blood dripping from our teeth?

This toxic blood

It's gone past eleven 

We're in vampire heaven 

Will it ever become pure?

I DON'T need your unscathed heart or your desire and passion 

I don't need you 

I am strong enough without it 

Decant the blood 

Take it from me 

Remove the toxicity 

And be gone. 

Just like that, wham bam bam

And it's gone 

Free the vampires in your life 

Send them away 

Turn your blood happy 

It'll thank you soon enough. 

You are strong 

You can do this

You can cope

Coping is blood 

And we need our blood to remain intact

No more vampire infections 

Vampires begone 

Happiness, stay

You'll get a stake through any vampire's heart when you put your mind to it 

And you'll cope with any problems you have if you believe in yourself

And your blood. 

Good luck 

This vampire believes in you. 

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This was a little dark and weird, I don't really know how I wrote it. I'm a bit tired and moody and I was feeling inspired by one of my beautiful friends who shall remain anonymous for the "purpose of keeping the mystery of writing alive." Or some other, much more believable, bullshit reason. She is a strong person, capable of fending off the vampires, and she's been through a lot in such a short period of time. I wanted to capture some of her strength in this crappy piece, so I hope she liked it. 

Nevertheless, thank you, reader, once again for taking your time to read my mediocre junk. You are not vampires at all. :) 

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