Fright Night


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I'm writing this because I'm annoyed. I'm annoyed that I had to write it in the first place.  Either way works fine, I just wish I didn't have the inspiration I had for this one. 

It's only short, but please enjoy it nonetheless. Xx


(I know the first bit of this made no sense, but I can't explain how I feel  properly. I hope the story ahead allows you to comprehend it a bit better.) 

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Deceased victims

Shred it.  Take it off of me, and rip it to fucking shreds.  

   I don't want it anymore and I don't know how to kill it;  It's taking over me and you have to tear it away before I'm asphyxiated. 

It's like a clawing monster trying to terrorise a poor helpless village 

There's no justice and it's not fair. 

That ugly monster choosing such an innocent place to roam;

It's not fair and it's never going to be fair.  Please come in with your sterilising needles and your butterfly nets and just have done with it. 

It's not fair;

  The village doesn't have enough defence anymore. 

  It's wearing thin, the troops are dying and the canons have lost their ammo. 

I don't have enough defence anymore. 

Please take it away from me. 

Liberate the village and let the people rejoice in the streets. 

Please, just do it soon.  I'm asking for the help, can't you hear it over the tannoy? 

Wait. Even if you can hear it, why would you come? The voice will weaken eventually, and oh-so inevitably. 

With the final fire of a gun, the last man fallen, the village has surrendered. 

The monster is successful and there's nothing anyone can do about it.  

Being trapped in that fucking village. 

That's what it is, and it's never ever ever ever going to be fair. 

It's not a village anymore. It's a dictatorship, and the monster rules your life. 

Everything you do is watched over by it, you can't go anywhere and it's absolutely unshakeable. 

Now you're left with the casualties. 

You can't afford to repay the damage costs.  How could you, if only lives were damaged? The grounds are fine. The sky, clear as before. 

The battle, it seems, from the outside, was fine.  There's no blood, trickling through the streets. No thick fog, looming sinisterly.  Only the bodies, the people.  No evidence of battle anywhere else. 

Because no one can see the devastation, that way. You conceal the bodies and no one can tell that you've got a monster in your village.  Because the sky is clear and the floors aren't covered in matter. 

You're going to keep it that way, until you let the mayor of the next town over in to inspect the wreckage. 

Still, concealing those bodies sometimes seems less of a hassle than opening those gates to anyone, though. 

Your monster reigns on forever, oh-so inevitably. 

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