Here We Lie


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here we lie

as acquaintances.


 tentative touches 

littered between ambivalent smiles. 


what was this feeling?


the fond newness,


yet, not troubling.


people come and go

in the circle of life

but this newness 


has thrown itself at you. 

without any word of warning. 


will you cope with this, as you lie with her 


on the cold, hard ground? 


will you fight off the aching unease 

to crack open a treasure chest of gold?




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 here we lie

as friends. 


nothing but friends. 

everything but friends. 


friends who console

after a lost loved one

or a brazen change

or a rainy day. 


friends who kiss things better


metaphorically, of course. 


friends who have never been allowed anything more. 


friends who trace freckles


they're faded now. 


friends that lie

in every sense of the word


lying to each other. 

lying to themselves, 

lying on the ground. 


although they are far from grounded. 

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 here we lie

as lovers. 


suddenly, but still so agonisingly slowly, 

you found your way. 


those quick glances 

unspoken words

charming giggles


all form your new freckles. 


newness, you'll find, is not always bad. 

the freckles that make up your constellations


and the constellations that make up your galaxy. 


neptune, venus, mars and mercury 


dancing around in victory. 


you two may think that you are irrelevant in this universe. 


but how can you be, when your love has mapped life itself on damaged, pale skin? 


do not doubt the power of love. 

for if you do, you may find yourself as a lonely astronaut

roaming into space 


amongst the dust, for infinity. 


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