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Rush hour

 Sometimes, you feel as though your brain is a little like a traffic jam. A million and one things, rushing around, trying to put themselves in place. What happens, though, when there's a crash on the motorway?

I suppose, what I'm trying to say, is that not everything can always find itself where it needs to be. Your little commuters and mothers-on-errands can't always reach their offices or shops. And yes, this is an inconvenience. Of course it is, your shoppers need their milk and bread, dammit! 


This motorway crash, this inconvenience, is just your way of killing off the irrelevance in your head at the moment. Because yes, people die in crashes. Your people can't always get their milk and bread. 

A morbid analogy, but here we are. 

Then again, your brain does have the ambulances on standby to save them. Ambulances in the form of help, and the people actually around you. The irrelevant things your crash was trying to get rid of, may ironically become relevant once more. 

I've talked before about gaining keys to try and help you figure out some little things in your head. I'm not sure if that worked for you at all, but let's try a different approach. 

Your people in these motorway crashes need saving! 

They can't stay in pieces like that forever, you know, no matter how irrelevant. They're of no use to you dead. 

So, go save them! 

This seems a lot like I'm telling you to hold onto the negatives in your brain, the things that don't matter. And that's exactly what I'm doing!

Sometimes, to understand what you've got, you need to save your dying commuters. 

You need to think about the bad stuff without instantly killing it in a freak accident on the M4. 

It goes against everything I've ever written about positivity and letting go of shitty thoughts. 

But, we live and learn, I suppose. 

You need to get your ambulances in sometimes, and allow the negativities to remain. 

Positives seem a lot nicer with negatives to contrast them. 

So to sum up this random, irrelevant commuter of a story, you can afford to dial 999 from time to time. Thinking about the bad stuff isn't always bad, it can just be your way of making the good stuff seem better. 

Maybe, there will be milk and bread for everyone, after all. 

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