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I wanna leave this sunshine town 

To enter a new rainy town

I wanna be bowled down, down, down 

and lie in the floods that surround, all around 

it takes a great deal of confidence 

to leave your sunshine town

but when you gain that confidence 

your next challenge is trying not to drown

everything is clear 

everything is crystal clear

Clarity is near 

Clarity is almost here 

I can feel the rain

Forming droplets on the glass

I can hear the rain 

Escape with me, and make it fast 

Let's go, go, go 

Into the sea 

Leave this sunshine town with me 

Take my hand and fly up high

the rain around us multiplies 

Drive us into the floor

Scale the clouds, unlock the doors 

Drive us six feet under, 

I wanna hear your stupid thunder 

Take my mind as I self destruct 

Wipe away my tear ducts 

Take me to the rainy town

Promise me that I won't drown 

Cuz even though I left it behind 

The sunshine town will stay with me

I'm just bobbing along on the rainiest days 

Bobbing along in the sea 

Change like this is healthy 

Bobbing along in the sea

One day, you'll get it too

Until now, here's an umbrella for you. 

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Recently, another one of my beautiful best friends was explaining how she didn't want to (and didn't feel the need to) restrict herself to one path in life and one identity. She explained how she'd much rather 'go with the flow' of life and grab opportunities as they come, and I like her way of thinking. There's a lot to be said for that, and I think more of us should start to see that we don't have to 'be' anything, you don't have to fit into any box. Living your life without any labels seems like a fantasy for most people nowadays, so, go and do it! Labels only waste trees, anyway. I hope you enjoyed this piece, which is (seemingly) about moving, but is more about exploring my friend's philosophy of not complying to one certain lifestyle. Or in this case, staying in one town for forever. As always, thank you reader! You are destined for whatever town you like. 

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