You Know I Need Someone


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 A story about humans and the meaning of life and everything else. (Blah blah blah) 

Only short, but hopefully enjoyable nonetheless. 

Title is taken from The Beatles' song "Help!"

Thank you for reading, as always. 

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Natural disaster

 Help comes when you don't ask for it. 

I'm sure that you're able to pinpoint many occasions when all you wanted was a hand, a voice. 

But they never came. 

No, those soft touches and whispered promises, uttered oh-so fondly, are thrown at you when you want to be alone. 

When you can physically feel your energy drip from your head to your toes, and you're going to let it. 

You've put your bucket out already, so you can melt away safely and then slowly freeze your brain back up to normal. 

Basking in the heat of trauma. 

She's in my doorway now

Casting her shadow

And casting aspersions

But I don't want her help. 

There are days I wish I wasn't put in this realm 

Days I wish I didn't have to face my reality 

We all have these days. 

Days where you're choking and gasping and spluttering for air 

When you were never really drowning in the first place. 

Wishing you were in a different body

A different mindset

A different family 

A different life. 

It's not beyond anyone's horizons to have these thoughts, because of course it's not. 

We're all humans with buckets, all ready to repeat the never-ending cycle of some days being alright, and some not-alright. 

It's just human nature. 

Nature has always seemed a funny word to use, in this context. 

Is it because some days you can feel the blazing sun, growing flowers in your mid and keeping you sane?

Some days you feel the chill, the ice-cold adrenaline that makes you wonder why you ever bought a bucket in the first place? 

Is it because other days you feel a serene forest, wilting slowly as you're captivated by nostalgia;

Or is it because the rain comes hurling down, clinging to you and ridding you of any rational state? 

It's then that you see the correlation. 

Help comes in the form of the planets, the clouds, the snowflakes. 

Sometimes, when you plan a beach holiday, filled with clear blue skies and ice cream haze, all that you see are the clouds. 

Dull, heavy clouds that are your saving graces, masked as nuisances. 

When you're planning to go out and fashion a pretentious yet friendly snowman, sometimes all you get is the inevitably slushy sleet. 

It's then that you learn to appreciate the sun and stars when they're present. 

Why wish away your sunny days, when they're right outside your goddamn window for the taking?

Human nature is a funny thing, with funny ways of making you break yourself, just so you can learn how to put yourself together again. 

It's a cycle, yes, a tiring one at that, but it's how you think up new ways to combat the darkness that matters. 

Take away your bucket and swap it for that helping hand. 

It'll be made out of leaves and stars, so it'll be hard to forget. 

Good luck on your repair job, remember, you're doing fine I'll bet. 

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Robyn Louise

I kept reading your pieces today as they seem to be about feelings that many people go through in their lives. Your writing is powerful Izzy so my encouragement is to keep writing and see how it evolves. Happy feelings are also powerful. I'd love to read something about life that you love to do. Looking forward to your next piece! Robyn

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I'm really glad that you're enjoying my writing!! I appreciate all the feedback, and I have a few more positive pieces up that I published earlier on. But as always, thank you so so so much for reading.

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