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'Write your own back-story', the order was scrawled on the whiteboard of Jake's third block English class. 

Jake hated English. Actually Jake was indifferent to English but in fact hated English teachers that thought that just because some bloke fifty years ago wrote about a raven cawing once in the whole entire 'classical' book that they are trying to shove down students throat in the hopes that it sinks into their brains, that it means that the whole book is about death and despair and their word is law. If Jake had never heard a raven or even seen a raven and went outside right now, past all the other students, through the 'language' hall designated by the school, past the library and down the sterile white walled stairs, out into the foyer then out of the double doored entrance to hear a raven caw it wouldn't mean he was about to going to die. What it probably meant that he just walked out of his English class of a high-school that is past the suburban limits of the nearest city, or a high-school near the coast, that is in a country that is part of the northern hemisphere, as that is the general habitat range of ravens. It didn't mean he was going to die it would however mean that if he had walked outside he would have to have a very good explanation for doing so. 

The raven however only cawed once in the

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Chapter 1

 'classical' book. If it however a raven went about showing up near Jake and gaining attention by cawing, that would be a connotation of death as you will see later. 

If it went however cawed and picked up a sign from the ground that read "You are going to die in a month." It would be called a warning. Unbeknownst to that imaginary raven that picked up the oddly suspicious and coincidently placed sign, it would in fact that would be a highly accurate approximatie estimation of Jake's death, which is also known as a forewarning

Jake couldn't argue with the Biology teacher however when she said that humans are technically all dying- just very slowly. That is a fact. Connotations however, are not facts, To anyone who doesn't know the word I'll save you the hassle of looking up.

connotation (plural connotations)

  1. meaning of a word or phrase that is suggested or implied, as opposed to a denotation, or literal meaning. A characteristic of words or phrases, or of the contexts that words and phrases are used in.

    The connotations of the phrase "you are a dog" are that you are physically unattractive or morally reprehensible, not that you are a canine.

In layman's terms it is how you as a person connect one word to the rest of the word. For instance lets take the word 'Sun'. The word sun might make you think of warmth, yellow, brightness, and happiness. When the sun is out it is warm and bright and normally drawn yellow, and if you have memories of being out in the sun and being happy you would make all those connotations to the word 'Sun'.
This is how English teachers like to teach the word 'connotation' The problem with that is connotations is that some people don't link the same words the same way that others do. 
Jakes best friend hates the word divorce. He would link the connotations of 'divorce' as separation, neglect, anger, and ignoring. I be you can tell why. Jake on the other hand had no major opinions on it. As he could see the pro's and con's of the act itself. This was the problem Jake had with the concept of connotations. what one person  think are connotations of a word isn't what others would, and in Jakes opinion when authors write a book they are probably just picking a random animal to tell the location of where the character is, rather than picking a morbid theme like death.

However much Jake liked to argue the fact his teacher Mr, Prese would push the concept of connotations like a bad watch salesman

In response to Mr. Prese's love of connotations Jake found a equally annoying word to love to spite him. Apophenia. 

Apophenia (plural apophenias)

  1. (psychology) The perception of or belief in connectedness among unrelated phenomena.
In layman's terms it mean that people try to connect things when there is no link to be made, or that there is a link but it is not conducive to the subject.
Jake had tried to push the word 'apopenias' on Mr. Prese once. He stating that just because he thought Jake's interpretation of the connotations of a poem were wrong didn't mean Jake's assumption that Mr. Prese must have apopenia fever as also wrong. Doing so in front of the class though had earned Jake a kindly letter to Jake's Mother 'utter disrespect' and 'undermining authority'.
Jake was part of a high-school that was just past the suburban limits of the nearest city, leading onto the countryside in fact. He was also in a country that was  part of the northern hemisphere. But, no amount of daydreaming at the outside through the windows of the English class would help him.figure out what his back-story was. Jake was, in his opinion, boring. Most people think they are, even, as Jake had found, the ones who think the world revolves around themselves. Jakes brother was one of these people. Aiden was two years older than Jake, he was aparently hansome, although Jake couldn't see it, part of the local football juniors club, had a girlfriend who he had been out with for years, was popular with almost everyone, including the teachers, who gave him good grades and because of his popular lifestyle he expected people to bow down to him, or at the least plan their plans around him. Jake knew though that Aiden thought of himself as a boring person too. Although Aiden was busy constantly with football or friends or Pamela (Aiden's girlfriend), he did,'t now have any hobbies or interests. He had heard his Dad argue with Aiden, when Jake's Dad had had enough of Aiden's demands say "what are you without your football, for Aiden to sulk away as he actually didn't know. Jake had earned himself a death threat from his brother for pointing out how little Aiden actually did. After Aiden had barged him out of the way so he could get into the toilet before him Jake's anger took the better of him and he yelled through the door ,"Oh Mr. High-and-Mighty, thinks just because he played football he can have the toilet whenever he wants! What else do you do Aid? Collect stamps? Magazines? Play chess? You don't even go to actual football games, you just watch them with Dad and copy someone else that's better than you! At least I know stuff outside of one sport. I build computers and have pets and have a pretty good music collection. What is your room like? Oh yea, a tip with white walls!" This is the point that Aiden came out grabbed Jake by the throat and dared him to say one more thing, because if he did, he would be dead. IT was also the point that both boys mother came up the stairs to hear the shouting and see what was going on. Jake was grounded for goading and teasing, and Aiden was given a slap on the wrist for his anger getting the better of him. Which he thought was justly unfair, and had argued the fact on the way to school as their mother drove them both.
Jake didn't class building computers, having pets or listening to music a back-story. Back-stories were for heroes they came in the form of ' he was the last species of his kind', or ' she didn't know he was special, but weird things keep happening', and 'they were twins of a king who was dying, they both always wanted to be king'. 
If Jake could see his life pan out however, he would have probably put this. "Being a younger brother made me stick up for himself again the older brother. Standing up for myself helped me in a lot of ways, it made me argumentative which let me meet my best friend, it made me compassionate out of spite which made me want pets, but most of all it made me stubborn, which lead to my death. 
Jake would, if he could read this book about himself, point out that there are now two mentions of his death, with no recurring connotationary words. Jake would have liked this book about him as it proved his point. Just because a raven cawed once, even if it was imaginary, didn't mean it was a connotation of death, it takes at least two to make it a connotaion. 
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