The 13th Ammendment


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The 13th Ammendment

                 The Story of a SlaveImage result for slave

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Already Pain

"This next family is from North Africa,they are the Igbos. They are very hard workers but this is there first time being a slave. The youngest who is twelve is named Jacob Igbo. The sister of Jacob Igbo is named Dinah Igbo. She is fifteen years old. The mom, Miawaga (Mia for short) is thirty-four years old. The dad, Toby is thirty-two years old.” “5,500 dollars!” “5,500 going once, going twice, sold for 5,500." 


 1861 The owner is very rich. He lives in a huge mansion and has about 30 slaves. Mom, are we gonna die?” Jacob asked. 

Hey! Are you talking? The owner said.

“No, no sir.” Jacob said.

“Talk again and see what happens!

The Igbo's were silent the rest of the day. They worked hard, very hard.

WEEK TWO March 29th, 1861

Jacob was sent to “talk” to the owner, so was about five other kids "You work for me! You are my property. You will be beaten and bashed if you disobey MY rules. But I'm gonna start with someone to show you what will happen if you disobey my rules. Jacob get up here. 

"Please don't hurt me!" Jacob said.  "Shut up and put your arms in the cuffs

The owner whipped Jacob multiple times. He screamed of fear and pain. The kids cried by just watching it.

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WEEK THREE April 5th, 1861

The Igbo’s were split up. They were told to work different jobs at the plantation. Jacob still recovering, was told to work at the woods. He was to hunt and defend the plantation. He worked there with a different kid his age  his name was Martin. There was also an adult in the late 20’s, his name was Jackson. They were given daggers and a pistol. Mia was told to pick cotton. Toby was told to be a sugar boiler. If he messed up, he would get whipped twice. Dinah was told to do housework.

WEEK 4 April 12th, 1861

 Jacob, Martin, and Jackson were told to work night. Jackson and Martin fell asleep on the ground but Jacob was wide awake. Eventually he got bored and started roaming around the woods. When he got about three-2,000feet in, he saw a camp. He could see a fire, he quickly ran back to his plantation. When he got there he woke up Martin and Jackson. He told them about what he say and told them to come into the woods. They agreed to go with Jacob. It took them about ten minutes to find the camp but they eventually did. They walked up to the camp ducking. They saw some tents with guns by them. They walked up the tent, when they got to the tent, they opened it. Someone in the tent immediately jumped up. “It’s a soldier!” Jackson said. “Who are you!?” Jacob asked. “A Union soldier. “What’s that?” Jacob asked. “We are a group of soldiers who fight to free slaves and make sure this nation does not split. We fight The Confederate. “You want to free slaves?” Jackson asked. “Yes.” The soldier said. “We are slaves!” Jackson said. “I’d get out of here if I were you, there is going to be a huge battle here.” The soldier said. “Can you help us please?” Martin asked. “You can stay with us for the night but you’re going to have leave tomorrow morning.” The soldier said. “Our plantation we work at is like three-hundred feet from here!” Jacob said. “I know, we are taking it over soon.” The soldier said. “Can we fight with you” Jackson asked. “WHAT!?” Martin said. “I can’t fight with them.” Martin said. “I am!” Jackson said. “Well, I’m afraid none of you can’t fight with us.” The soldier said. “Why?” Jackson said. “I don’t wanna say it in front of these children. Go to sleep in the left over tent I’ll see you in the morning.” The soldier said.


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A New Beginning


“WAKE UP!” The soldier said.

“What?!” Jackson said.

“The battle is starting, get out of here!”

“I’m not going back to the plantation!” Jacob said.

“You have to! Get out now!”

“Come on Jacob we have to go!” Jackson said.

“I’m not going!” Jacob said.

“AHH!” Jackson yelled.

“JACKSON!!!!” Jacob yelled.

“NO!” Martin yelled.

“He just got shot.” The soldier said.

“Can you heal hi-“

“MARTIN!” Jacob yelled.

“He just got shot to...” The soldier said.

"Free the other slaves, please." Martin said. 

"I will." The soldier said. 

"This was my fault." Jacob said. 

"Just forget about it. We will have our doctors try to heal him. Get out of here."

"I can't, they will beat me." Jacob said

"Fine, I'll go with you." The soldier said. 

"Thank you!" Jacob said. 

"It's like three-hundred feet."Jacob said


"Hide next to the bushes." Jacob said. 

"I think they are talking about you." The soldier said.

"Look they're whipping someone!" The soldier said 

"THAT"S MY MOTHER!" Jacob yelled. 

"Shh!" The soldier said. 

Jacob grabs his pistol and aims it the owner.

"Where did you get that?" The soldier asked.

"I't don't matter, I'm killing him." Jacob said. 
"No, don't!" The soldier said.

"Why? He's beating my mother. She's gonna die." Jacob said.

"You're going to miss and if you do miss, all of us will die."

"Close your eyes. I will shoot him." The soldier said.

"3...2...1." The soldier said."

The soldier shot his leg, the owner will be disabled but not dead.

The soldier runs in to fight the other owners of the house. He makes sure to shoot their foot or leg. He only shoots the ones that do harm to the slaves or  the ones that attack him. While he is doing that, Jacob helps his mother. Eventually, the soldier is swarmed by the plantation owners. Apparently, the owner had body guards to make sure slaves didn't escape. So the body guards attacked the soldier. One of the body guards had a revolver. He was behind the soldier, aiming directly at his head, smiling as he was getting ready to pull the trigger. Jacob sees him.  He grabs his gun and aims it at the guard's head. Jacob pulls the trigger. 


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