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 Hi, I'm jack, jack the wolf, you are probably wondering who the f*ck I am, well, I'm no one really important and I hope I can I at least write some decent stories, I used to have a wattpad and Quotev account,

Quotev: Kensiexe2017 (its disabled now)

Wattpad: _Glitchiplier_ (its disabled too) 

I don't know why, I am trying to get back my account but I can't :( but oh well, I wasn't very good at writing good stories on Wattpad or Quotev. Hopefully I can do better here, well anyways my oc is a Septiceye so it looks like one of them but a child.

Oc name: Sweetsepticeye or Sweet (don't judge, its my oc)

Hair color: Pastel Pink (just the same haircut jack has, but dyed pink instead of green, And sweet is a child btw) 

Age: 9 (same age as Jack Glitch, and Sweet and JG are the youngest out of the Septiceyes other then sam, he is 7)

Siblings: JG, Anti, Sam, Bing, (just all septiceyes, I can't name them all XD)

Bio: Sweet is a nine year old septiceye that lives with his brothers in Raspy Hill, it can get rather lonely there, Sweet, Sam and JG, Sweet, Sam and JG have not learned how to use their powers to defend themselves correctly, not yet anyways, they know easy powers like flying, teleporting and telepathically speaking.

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What a strange world..

3rd person p.o.v

Y/n sat in the kitchen drawing pictures, one was of a boy with pastel pink hair, a white shirt, jeans and black and white converse, she smiled at the picture and did her name at the bottom as best as she could, (your 7 in this story, and can't write very well because your parents don't really care about you or really ever taught you how to write your name or read correctly) she looked at her drawing proudly and got up to show her parents her artwork she did, she walked upstairs to their room, and peeked through the half opened door and you saw your mom and dad arguing again, you then saw your dad gaze at you with a scowl and it sent shivers down your spine, you rain down the stairs dropping your drawing and falling onto the ground below the stairwell your nose bled and you tried getting up by your shins and legs ached from the hard fall, you tried crawling away from your father but he pulled you back and grabbed you by the throat lifting you up off the ground force fully, you gasped for air and coughed trying to pry his hand off of your throat, but you grew weak and felt darkness overcome you, and you blacked out.. 

*Time skip brought to you by Anti's love for cake*

'Your worthless!' 'Go die!!' 'Your nothing but a mistake and a bitch!' Those words any many others echoed through Y/n's head, and it hurt.. A lot.. She woke up outside in the cold snow in a puddle of blood and noticed she was in the middle of a forest, she looked down at her clothes and they were old and tattered, she sighed and shivered and started walking away from the puddle of blood and outline of where she was laying, she walked for hours in the harsh cold weather and snow and finally her body started freezing up, she fell on her side and passed out.

??? P.o.v

I played in the snow, throwing it up in the air and kicking it around, I got hit in the head bye a snowball and looked at the boy that threw it, he had totally green hair a green and blue knitted sweater and black jeans with green shoes, and his eyes where green and bkue and his pupils where black, (sam) I threw a snowball back at him, it collided into his face sending him falling backwards into the snow, Me and another boy with forest green hair, one green eye, one blue eye, glitch marks on him and he had black irisis (Jack Glitch) he wore jeans, black skater shoes and a shirt that said bossness o.d (Over Dose) sam got up chasing me through the forest, I giggled and dove  behind a bush, seeing him walk by it, then I looked behind me hearing a thud and saw a girl around sam's age on the ground in the snow out cold, (see what I did there? XD) I called over sam and jack glitch and they loomed over her and sam tilted his head to the side, " what is it Sweet?.. " he said looking at the girl and back at me, " it appears to be a human girl, from the over world.. " I said looking at sam, confused in how she got here and why, " we have to tell anti. " Jack Glitch said starting to walk back to the mansion but I pulled him back, " Jack glitch we can't do that! Remember what happened when a human child first came here and we told Anti?!.... " I said frowning looks at him with sorrow in my eyes, " yes.. I do remember.. " he said looking down at the ground in sadness, " fine, I won't tell Anti, but he has to kniw sooner or later.. " he said in defeat looking at the girl, he picked her up and we walked back and saw Anti wasn't home from his killing spree, so we rushed inside and layed her on my bed and JG came in with a warm washcloth and put it on her forehead, and I covered her up in my pink and white comforter, " well, now what do we do? " sam said looking at me and Jg, " we have to tell someone we can trust about her, someone like... Light! " I said almost shouting, " really? Lightiplier? Why him?.. " Jg said crossing his arms looking at me raising an eyebrow at me, " for one, because he is the nicest guy here in raspy hill, two, he is an angel and he wouldn't want to hurt her, so he is our best option! " I said looking at him knitting my eyesbrows together and he scoffed, " fine, but how are we gonna get her there without dark, google or wilford trying to kill her or us?.. And after that long walk I can't fly or teleport.. " he said sounding a bit annoyed and scared at the same time, " besides, why are we even helping another human.. We almost got killed last time, I say we should just let Anti kill her like he did the last one " he said scoffing and then walking out of the room. " Jack glitch! Wait! " sam said shouting and following after him, I looked at the human girl and frowning, afraid that she might not make it and she might die here.. Suddenly her eyes fluttered open, they were e/c and she sat up in the bed wincing and holding her side, " careful, and take it easy, your hurt badly, " I said calmy and sweetly looking at her, " w-where am I?... " she said scared and her skin turned pale and she looked like she could die any second, I knew I shouldn't but I put my hand on her neck making her fall asleep again, it was for her own good and it would help her heal. 

If you want to know what happens next, let me know.

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 Hi, jack here, I made a Instagram account so yay! You don't have to go to it and follow me if you don't want to its just a suggestion, And also, I may not update for a bit because I have a broken  hand, I got into a fight at school with a bully but I kicked her a*s good, she was picking on my friend Mark *Markus* and I did what was right and at least he doesn't have a broken hand XD well anyways I am probably boring you guys by ranting on about stupid things in my life and my hand is healing so thats good.

Instagram: @jack_the_wolf_1

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*Chapter Two* what a strange world.. Pt.2

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What is this? (Part 1?)

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Neko anime logic ^°//U//°^

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Fuck my life

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