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{Note: I still am really wondering if I should keep continuing the ipliers/septiceyes child oc x child reader... I dunno its still pretty crappy, and I am pulling some of the chapters out of my arse (not literally you idiot) they are just out rightly bad. Idk what to do and I am kinda stressed out about it and stuff because I don't like failing and making flaws with things that can be so simple and that I can make really good.. Well I will stop ranting about this, you can continue forward reader chan! <3}

Y/n's p.o.v

I walked down the sidewalk of the park, it was a beautiful bay, the birds were singing, the bees were buzzing flowers were blooming (on days like this kids like you.. SHOULD BE BURNING IN HELL!!)

It was just outright beautiful! Other then it being extremely hot out, which was a major disadvantage and negative part if the day so far, I was listening to Believer-Imagine Dragons, (if you don't like Imagine Dragons, just pick a different band/song) I skipped along the sidewalk happy as can be until I bumped into someone and landed on my butt, "oh, I'm sorry are you okay lass?" A man turned around he had light brown hair a portion of it was electric green, he had blueish green eyes, a red shirt on, jeans and red converse, he reached out a hand to me but I swatted it away, "I'm quite alright really" I got up dusting myself off, I smiled at him and thanked him for being concerned of me, "so what's your name?" He asked me smiling a bit, "My name is Y/n, Y/n L/n" I said, "Well nice to meet you I'm Jack! My real name my Seàn though but you can call me just Jack" he said smiling, wow I have another friend named jack (HUE HUE HUE HUE!!!!! Also slanted text are your thoughts) "well, I better get going, It was nice talking to you Jack" I said starting to walk away, "Wait!" He said grabbing my arm and handing me a small piece of paper with his number on it, "Call me" he said smiling a little and let go of my arm, "ok I will make sure to call you when I get home" I started walking away again and walked home.

(Irish) *Téigh go dtí do theach agus fós do p.o.v*

(English) *Time skip to your house and still your p.o.v*

I unlocked the front door and closed it behing me locking it, I threw my keys and backpack onto the counter and went to my room, I kicked off my converse and flopped on my back onto my bed, I typed in Jack's number and called him (slanted is you and bold)



Oh hey, I thought you weren't gonna answer for a minute

Oh sorry, I was dealing with uh.. Something.. 

You heard a crash in the background of Jack's call

Um, I'm gonna have to... Call you back...

You heard Jack scream and then static, you looked at the phone and saw he hung up, you sighed and hoped Jack was okay, you pulled out your drawing tablet and drew for a bit, until your phone went off and you answered it, It was Jack, 

Are you okay Jack?! You hung up before I could say anything


Jack?... Are you there?...

Jack please, answer me.. Your making me worry..

This isn't funny anymore.. Jack?!...


Jack can't talk to you right now sweetheart, he is dead~

The voice sounded like jacks but glitched and disorientated..

What do mean he is dead?! Who is this?!..

Your worst nightmare!

You felt something coming out from the phone and you looked and threw it, black stuff was spewing out of it, and a figure that resembled Jack crawled out of the screen and stood up, he looked at you and cocked his head to the side, his hair was a darker green, his eyes were black like really black and lifeless, and his clothes were slightly ripped, "what's wrong doll face? You seem to be a bit.. Scared"  he said taunting you and getting closer to you, "what did you do with Jack?! Where is he!?" You shouted but he covered your mouth with his cold icy hand, "shhh... All in good time sweetheart.. All in good time.." He hissed and wrapped a arm around your waist and stood behind you, holding his hand over your mouth so you couldn't scream, he brought his lips to your neck and bit down on it, causing you to screech out in pain under his hand, you struggled but he threw you onto your bed and pinned you down continuing to place love bites down your neck, he made it back up to your lips and kissed you, his lips were rough and cold, and he bit down on your lower lip causing you to yelp you out your hands on his chest trying to pry him off of you, but he just ignored it, you growled and kicked him in the balls, he fell on his side onto the floor, you were left with bruises up your neck and blood dripping from your mouth, you wiped he blood off your mouth with your arm, he got back up and growled at you, "don't fight me, unless you want to be injuried badly and I was just getting started  sweetheart~" he said grinning, and his fangy grin sent shivers up your spine, he lunged towards you and pushed you against the wall forcefully, "w-what do you want from me?" You said, only inches away from his face, and dare looked into his cold black eyes.. "You.." He said sharply and crashed his lips into yours, you tryed getting him away but he was stronger then you, you finally kissed back, but only so he would stop, "good kitten," he said grinning evily and chuckling, tears rolled down your cheeks and he pulled away from you, and stood back, you slid down to the floor and hugged your knees and sobbed, you heard metal scrape across something and you looked up seeing he had a knife.. You backed away from him but the wall stopped you, he grab you and put the knife to your neck and pressed down really hard, blood trickled down your neck and you gritted your teeth trying not to yell in agony, but it hurt so bad.. He stopped and licked the blood off the knife and your neck, what a sick minded being.... 

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*Chapter 1* memories


Y/n's p.o.v

My alarm went out loudly and I smashed my fist into it causing it to shut off, I sat up in my bed and rubbed my tired drowsy eyes and stretched, I only got a few hours of sleep so I was still exhausted, I slumped out of bed lazily and changed into some jeans, a black shirt and black and white converse, then I ate f/b and cleaned the dishes left over from breakfast and put on my f/c sweater and opened the front door to go to work, I locked the door behind me and walked to my car and drove to work, (you work at star bucks btw) you parked your car in the parking lot rushed inside and put on apron to start working " oh hey y/n! " your friend Jessica said waving to you from the back, she was making some lattes and cappuccinos, you waved back at her and then began working 

*Time Skip because I am lazy*

You were cleaning up from after a long day of customers, it was really tiring havung to rush around serving people coffee and stuff and also make sure you keep a smile on your face and keep them happy, you finished cleaning up and hung up your apron and opened the door to the coffee shop locking it behind you and walked to your car, you saw a white van next to your car and you hesitantly walked over to yours jumping inside it, locking the doors and windows and strapping in your seat belt and looked over at the van, it had a red substance on the door you glanced at it for a few seconds and then heard a thud on the top of your car and the roof of your car almost caved in, you unhooked your seatbelt and dove out of your car, and saw a man on the top of your car, another man appeared at the back of your car looking at him, they saw you and one of them walked towards you, he wore khakis pants, pink overall straps and a tan button up and dress shoes and he had a pink moustache and hair, he had a golden pistol in his hand and started chasing me and I started running away, I screeched in fear I didn't like the feeling of being chased at all, I started running at inhuman speed and hid behind a trash can in a alley not far from the parking lot and tried keeping as quiet as possible, I saw him pass by the trash can, I crawled out looking behind me not seeing him but ran into someone, and I saw it was him " well that was a fun game of chase and hide and seek! Too bad it needs to end " the man with the gun said holding it to my head, I winced and closed my eyes ready for the sudden pain then death, " WILFORD!! LEAVE THE HUMAN GIRL ALONE!! " someone behind me and the person supposedly named 'Wilford'. I saw a man that looked like Wilford, like the face and body structure (idk XD that sounded weird) he had dark brown/black hair, light grey skin, he was wearing a suit with a red tie, eye liner and dress shoes and pants, " oh come on dark! Let me have a little fun kill someone for once and without you ruining it! " he said pouting hold the gun facing 'Dark', " how is killing people fun for you? Actually I don't even want to know, human are you okay? " Dark said the last part looking at me, I nodded nervously, " my apologies for Wilford almost killing you, I will make sure IT NEVER HAPPENS. AGAIN.. " his voice glitched glaring at wilford growling, Wilford gulped and put away his gun, " okay okay! Dark I won't kill the human geez! No need to get your hair in a bunch darkipoo " he said 'darkipoo' childishly and dark put his thumb and index finger on the bridge of his nose sighing looking down at the ground, " don't call me darkipoo again, you know I hate being called that " he said sounding angry and glitched, " whatever you say Darkimoo! " wilford said grinning and walking off into the parking lot, " oh by the way, what are we gonna do with the de-.. " Wilford was cut off by dark making a cutting gesture across his neck and shaking his head, wilford nodded and continued walking to the van, " anyways, what is your name? " Dark said turning to me, " oh um, my name is y/n, y/n l/n " I said nervously and smiling a little, " thats a lovely name, y/n, well I hope to see you again soon, me and wilford need to go home its very late " he said, " Oh ok, I should be getting home to, and thanks for making wilford not kill me " I smiled and he smiled back and gave me a piece of paper with a phone number on it, " if you ever need me or want to talk just call " he said then turned away and disappeared into the parking lot and I walked to my car noticing they were already gone, that was pretty fast, I jumped in my car and drove home, I locked my car and unlocked my door to the house and locked it behind me, I had a quick dinner, showered and went to bed,


You were in an alley way in a unfamiliar place, you had wings, claws and sharp canines, you were backed up against the brick wall by a demon hunter.. Wait.. You were a demon?!?... You growled looking at the man in front of you and your e/c changed into f/c and you lunged at him biting into his neck causing him to drop down dead, blood dripped from the corner of your mouth you smirked down at the corpse and your eyes turned black and bared your canines seeing  a figure with green hair, white skin, black eyes and he had a slit on his throat and he grinned at you, you lunged at him and he teleported behind you, you spun around towards him and jumped on him causing him to go plummeting to the ground onto his back, you raised a hand and claws Unsheathed from your fingers but he stopped you, " don't you remember me sweet heart?~ "


You shot up in your bed in a cold sweat and breathing heavily, " w-who was he?!? And.. I'm a demon?!.. "

Hope you enjoyed this first chapter sorry if it was crappy I am trying and I am still really sick so I am slow and writing and uploading stories and chapters, seeya next chapter you beautiful amazing people! <3 

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