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 Love is cocky

you read every inch of her skin

like it’s your favourite book

you learn which words will make her yours

and a whole paragraph will make you

beg to take a break

and safe words

have no meaning because it’s not love

if it’s not rough,


love is picky

like letting her choose which days

you’re allowed to touch her

and which days you stay away

out of fear of somebody watching

you don’t even look at her.

you don’t need to look at her


love is blind

you can tell what she’s thinking

from miles away which is why

you believe her when she tells you

she wants “only you”

but the hellfire in her eyes tells you

she’ll take any boy with a tongue

as crafty as yours

love is bitter

like trying to forget her name

but remembering the way

she looked at you

when you reeked of cigarettes

and her best friends perfume

thinking of a hundred and one things

the next girl could do so much better

and instead of being toxic,

fueling your bad habits and having

the audacity to call you an addict

telling you

“i hope you fucking choke on it”

love is evil

and if you spell it backwards

i’ll show you that the E

stands for

    Every day i counted the minutes

until i could see you only to be pushed away

more often than you held me, you put

Very little effort into even talking to me and

    Oh my god, some days i can’t get enough of you

and other days i wish you would just


love is a mix of 808s and heartbreaks

and poems inspired by the radio,

it’s smoky skies and sunshine

falling in and out like regaining

consciousness after a night of drinking

love is the thunderstorms

you swore to protect me from

until you left in a flash,

i’m counting the seconds until the

booming noise hits, leaving me deaf,

i don’t even want to hear your name

let alone face what comes with it

love is forgiving

and even though we know

this time will be worse than

the time before

we still inexplicably choose

to fall in love because

love is inexplicable

like a…

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