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How to Maintain Your Writing Creativity

Creativity can be likened to a muscle; the more you stretch and challenge it, the better it becomes. As a writer, you understand that creativity is a way of life. Unfortunately, the current pressure environment does not make creativity any easier. So, how can you get your creative juices flowing? Here are some great tips for every writer that wishes to get self-published.

1.    Take notes

You never know when your creativity and innovation will catch up with you. Now that you do not know when the ideas will come up, you should be prepared to capture the ideas when they come out.

Get a notebook and a pen and keep them close to you. Carry them in your bag and place them in your bedroom. That way, you can write down anything that crosses your mind wherever you are. Once you are in a quiet place, you can recollect your ideas and recreate them in an organized manner.

2.    Have a grateful attitude

Creativity is often blocked when you are anxious and cranky. The world is filled with muses that seem to conspire against you every time. Rather than keeping a “poor me” attitude, make a habit of writing the things you are grateful for every day. Expressing gratitude maintains a positive flow of energy.

3.    Find a place and time to write

Your comfort during those creative times is important. Before trying to write a story, ensure that your environment allows it. Set yourself up for success by creating a comfortable working place by using a seat cushion to support your tailbone, lower back and a comfortable working desk. Also, schedule a time to write every day in a quiet, comfortable place. Looking for a comfortable seat cushion? Find a cushion for you on Amazon.

4.    Copy the greats

Although this might seem misplaced now that we are talking about how to be original, learning from the best in the industry gives you a better chance to be great. Find a successful writer whose style resonates with yours. Study their books and understand their style. Once you do, emulate what they do best.

5.    Remember your dreams

Is there a better place to find inspiration more than dreamland? I bet there isn’t. Keep a notebook next to your bed and write what you dreamt of the moment you get up. It’s fun to read about your dreams after you are conscious. Doing this will spark your creativity.

6.    Write like it’s your job

If you want to do well at something, you should practice hard, and writing is not an exception. No shortcut can make you an amazing writer overnight. Even the bestselling authors learned their craft over several years. Writing frequently will not just help you get over the fear of a blinking cursor, but it will help you develop a unique style. Remember that however much it is a cliché, practice makes perfect.

Applied creativity will bring you a step closer to better time management, better writing, better business success and better organization. It is everything you need to become a renowned self-published writer and more. These tips offer a starting point to becoming a creative and productive writer. 

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