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Being single in New York City has it's problems, and it has it's upsides. For Kip and Derek it is the helping hand to push over their lives. Derek is a DJ for gay club called The Pulse, and works at night for a living, he loves his job and can't see it changing. Kip is a photographer for Out! Magazine in NYC, he was sent to The Pulse...

Man Of The Hour

Michael, Asif, Em and Johnny share a love for art, music and drugs, they embark on a week long drugs binge full of sex, lies and debauchery. While they each have their own reasons for escaping their respective realities all soon find that the world around them is unavoidable.

Descendant of Aphrodite

Carina has lived behind the walls of Morus Academy, being protected by the teachers and the school itself because of her ancestry. Being a Descendant of the Greek Gods has put Carina and her friends in grave danger in the outside world. However, the darkness that once dwells behind the walls of the Academy soon enter the golden halls...

To Be Loved

Erin grew up being the bulls eye of every bully in her school. The mere fact of her being just average made her an easy target. Pranks, Slushies, toads, humiliations-- everything. Then came that afternoon, where the highlight of her bullying life began. Good thing that Emerson, her older and only brother, was there to play the part of...