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Chapter 2


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Chapter 1

 Celia pov: 

Day 3

The currents clashed with the rocks as if they were having a heated discussion. I can smell the air as much as I can taste that speck of sea salt on the bottom of my lip. I lick my lips and gently sway my fin. I make my way to launch out the water and dive right in head first. The deeper I go the darker it gets. The water is fairly warm and misguiding, be careful how far you swim.. things that are lurking in the dark, don't come to light. 

I felt a hand tug my arm, not noticing how far I've swam. 

"Celia, you know you can't swim that far. You are to abide those rules that are given to you from the queen herself, as for you will be queen one day"  my guardian spoke ever so kindly

"I don't need a baby sitter Diane" I mumbled

"Your aunt wants your presence in the water cave." 

I looked at her but haven't made my move to talk. I rolled my eye As I crossed my arms gesturing for her to continue.... 

"She wants to talk to you about this years willows peak" 

"I can't go, she already told me" I gritted my teeth and swam towards the direction of my aunt

You see willows peak is a yearly thing, every year every siren gets to walk on land for 24 hours which is a full day. After that 24 hours, you have to return to the sea or you'll be stuck in that human form forever. I don't know about anybody else but i would love to walk on land, get some air, be by myself. I was never allowed to leave the sea. I tried on my 14th birthday and she locked me in a sunken ship at the bottom of the sea. That's what this long scar across my back is from. 

Something was lurking in the dark and it almost got me, the first time I actually feared for my life. 

My aunt  had her back pressed against the wet rock as her fin gently caressed the water. She hums a melody with incoherent words, something she does very often. See, my aunt was a dark and twisted figure, of course she's nothing like my mother. She took me in the night my mother vanished. It was the night of the willows peak and I've heard many stories. To many to the point where every single story has a different reason to why she left me. 

1. She got lost on the land and couldn't find her way back 

2. She lost her guardian and went out looking for her 

3. She was in love with a man on the land 

My father 

You see, I'm not just some regular siren, I carry some characteristics that other sirens lack. 

I'm a freak, my mother fell in love with a werewolf and I was the outcome of her love mistake. 

I was the mistake, if I wasn't a mistake she'd  still be here. She would of came back for me, she should of came back. All I have is this stupid necklace she made me before she left 

Before she abandoned me

Her last words were  "Celia, the water is your home but the land is where you belong. I never knew what she meant by that, I was only 6. 

But now I see, she should of came back for me. She should of been there 

"You asked for my presence" I spoke lowly 

"As you know, the willows peek is in 3 days, you are not to leave the sea. You are not to even think about going. Matter fact, your not allowed to ever leave the sea." 


"Do you want a repeat of what happens when you disobey me. Next time I'll have you sleeping with the eels" her voice was laced with venom 

"That is all, I'm sure you have chores to do and suppers to make" she waved her hands in the air gesturing me to leave

"YOu ArE TO NoT LEaVe ThE sEa" I rolled my eyes and mimicked her voice 

I screamed in frustration, my heated glare burned holes at the back of Diane's head 

"Please, let me go this one time... You can even come with me, I promise I'll be back before the last minute" those words spit out like the letters in the alphabet

Uh-Uh-Nope- I cut her off by wrapping my hand around her mouth as I whispered 

"I'm the princess after all right, you have to listen to me. I'm gone to be queen in a few months. Which means, I'm a higher order then you.... so Diane as your queen, you will

 let-Me-Go" I hesitated with those last 3 words.

Fine but I'm coming with- 

I held her in a bone crushing hug 

"That's why you're my bestie" I stuck my tongue out as she scolded 

See Diane's been my best friend since we were babies. Her mother basically took care of me while my mother vanished. Her mother and my mom were close. Way to close to the point that she was hiding something from me. Every time I asked about my mother, she'd give me this off edge look and change the subject. 

I tucked the loose red strand of hair behind the back of my ear. I glanced in the mirror ahead of me. I wonder how I'd look human, will my legs be soft? Will they be that milky white with a dash of hazelnut ? Will my hair still be that scarlet red or will my eyes still be that icy grey ?  Will the little dots on my cheeks disappear and will this scar no longer be wrapped around my back like tape around someone's finger ? Will my touch be as soothing ? And will my voice be as beautiful ? 

Only time will tell .........

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