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Chapter 1❤️

 There once believed to be a high school called Juniour High. This school was believed to be haunted as students claimed to have heard scalreanung coming from the girls toilets and items being moved throughout the day. A cleaner named Julia Rose had claimed to have heard something in the school on the 12th July 2007. On her statement she had written:

“That night I was the only one at that school. On the floor below me I heard a window shut closed and I heard footsteps approaching the room I was currently cleaning. “Who’s there?” I demand as the unknown approached, a male voice mumbled as it drew close to the door way. 

And then out of nowhere the door that I stood in front of me creaked slowly closed I screeched and panicked as I knew the history of the ghost that has been said to have haunt the school. It started when it was a lockdown of the school and a young boy named Liam had been killed that night. At this point my heard was pounding like a lion and my hands where shaking like a million thoughts where taking over my head.

I didn’t know what to do until I took one more look and in a flash it was all quiet until it all went dark. A tear danced down my face as I got scared like never before. Of course this was one of three statements. The next person we questioned was a little girl that used to go to the school her name was Sky Kane, we got in touch with her and her to write a statement on what had happened

On her statement she wrote: 

Well there was a big exam coming up so I asked my teacher Mr Davies if I can study after school in the library and he said “yes go ahead” and of course I always dreamed of having straight A’s, but in that day there was a rumour going around the school that in the library there is a ghost that haunts it and there used to be a girl that loved reading but died 

So apparently she is haunting her hobby but me I didn’t believe in ghosts or anything but what I witnessed was one of the most blood thirstiest thing ever. So at 3;00 pm I started making my way firm to the library but you have to go through the basement. So I start choosing some math and English books to study and beside me I heard a little voice that said: 

“GET OUT” but at first I ignored it because I don’t believe in ghosts so then I starts looking for a nice piece full place to start. I pulls out my phone and begins going over my questions until I heard a bang coming from the book shelf behind me. Immediately I jumped up to see what it was. I carefully crept up getting closer and closer. My eyes grew bigger and wider but I stayed calm. I peeked over the bookshelf and saw something. 

Later that day.... I was in question 10 when a piece of Lela Orr flew over to me that said ‘get out now’ it looked like it was for in blood. 

On that day I decided to get my stuff and leave but apparently a little girl named Angel was 12 years old and died on that day. I decided to never go back into the library gain. And the last person we tested was the head teacher called Mr Voice and so we also got in touch with them and asked him if he could write a statement and he said “yes”. On his statement he had written:

On the 13th July 2007 I had my cleaner Julie Rose come up to me and complain that there was someone or something following her when she cleaning whilst she was explaining it to me we both heard a bang downstairs and she started freaking out as she was shaking and crying so I walked her to the doors and I told her I would stay over night but of course we all make bad decisions. 

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