A Confused Life


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Chapter 1

  Perviously on The Long Lost Love...... Teresa got into a car accident, and was sent into a coma. 

Everyone visit Teresa, Korrie, Ty and Natelie sat in the room. Natelie grab her auntie hand and play with them. "Oh no Natelie". Korrie pulled the 2 months year old baby from the bed. "Hey Teresa how are u feeling, this is Ty". "Ty baby she knows it u". They left the hospital. Lavon was helping out his father moved his bed. "Lavon can u come in here for a minute". Lavon walked into the room. "What is it......". "Hi Lavon". "Bree what are u doing here". "I came to see u". Mrs. Hayes walked out the living room with her coffee. "Um Bree this isn't a good time". "I know but here me out". Bree stood up and walked over to him. "I'm sorry for cheating on u and I didn't mean to". Bree wrap her arms around his stomach. He took her hands from around his waist. "Bree u need to leave I see u tomorrow". "Yeah see u tomorrow". Bree grab her jacket and left. Mrs. Hayes walked in. "Now Lavon". "Ma don't even start". "Dad I'm going to the hospital do u want to come"! "Yeah I'm coming"! Mrs. Hayes just rolled her eyes. " Harold u should stay here"! "No women, I'm visiting my daughter who I loved, and did not treat badly"! Mr.Hayes came downstairs. Lavon and his father walked out the house. 

Lavon walked next to his sister bedroom. Teresa spirit watched her brother and father. "Talk to her father". Teresa touch her father shoulder. "Son can u tell the nurse to turn the air off". "Father its not cold". "Something just touch me". "Dad it must be Teresa saying hello". Teresa opened her eyes. "Teresa". She looked at her brother. The nurse ran in. The nurse took the IVS out of Teresa arms. "Welcome back daughter". "Dad, Lavon". "Hey". 

Mrs. Hayes walked into the ICU. "Hi Teresa". Teresa looked at her brother. "Ma she doesn't want u here".  "But I do". Teresa press the nurse button. "Yes Teresa". "Can u take her out of here". Lavon looked at his mother. Mr. Hayes looked at his wife". "Miss can u come with me". "No". 

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Chapter 2

  Months later Teresa went back to work. "Hey Wade". Wade ran to Teresa and hug her. "Easy Wade". "Sorry". "It's fine". Teresa walked to the back and grab her apron. "Welcome to the Rammer Jammer, how may I help u". "I would like a steak, green beans and a bowl of sliced bananas, and a high chair". "Ok". Teresa went to the kitchen. "Steak, green beans and a bowl of sliced bananas at table 5". Teresa grab a high chair. Wade was serving Teresa brother. "Hey Lavon how was Florida". "It was cool meet 1 hot chic". "So how was the sex". "Wade can u shut up". "I'm just asking sweetheart". Lavon saw wade flirting with his sister. "Here is your steak, green beans and a bowl of sliced bananas ". "Thanks". "How old is she". "She 5 months". Teresa smiled and went to a different table. Wade eyes followed Teresa. "Bro do u have a thing for my sister". "What Teresa, no I don't". "Yeah right". Lavon laughed and drank his drink. 

Later that afternoon Teresa washed down the three high chairs. Lavon was still there keeping an eye on her. Wade past out food to tables 14,7,6 & 20. Teresa was serving at the bar. "Hey sis can I have a refill of tequila". "Yea". Teresa pour her brother tequila. "Here u go". Wade walked bac of the bar. "Hey its your turn to entertain them". "What"? Teresa saw there wasn't know else to sing at the Rammer Jammer. "Um wade that a bad idea". "Come on please". "Sis give it a try, just sing anything when mother always hurt u". Teresa eyes fell into her hands. "Fine". Wade ran to the mic. "Ladies and gentlemen we have another singer and she one of your own Teresa Hayes". Everyone clap. Teresa walked to the stage. An hour later the Rammer Jammer was packed and everyone was clapping. Teresa got off the stage and walked back to the bar. "Teresa that was amazing". "Thanks". Teresa walked over table 15. "Hi welcome to the Rammer Jammer how may I help u". "Yes I would like ribs covered with extra barbecue sauce  and mash potatoes". "And miss u did a good job up there". "Thanks". Teresa went to the kitchen. "Ribs covered with extra barbecue sauce and mash potatoes at table 15". Someone walked in. "Hi is wade here". "Right over there". This man walked over to the bar. "Hey wade". "George u back". "Yeah came from New York, man I miss home. "Here is your ribs covered with extra barbecue sauce and mash potatoes". "Thank u". Teresa went back on the stage and sing again. "What a minute I know that voice". George turn around. An hour later people clapped. Teresa walked over to the bar. "Wade hit me". "Hey Teresa". Teresa looked at the man. She left the restaurant and sat on the bench. "Teresa what just happened". "Nothing Lavon I promise". "It didn't look like nothing". Teresa was silent. Wade just looked at George. "Ok what did u do". "Nothing". "Teresa tell me what happened". "I'm fine I promise". Teresa walked back in. Teresa grab her lunch that she ordered. George sat next to Teresa. "Hey". "Hi George". "So u remember me". "Yes ok". He smiled. "U still have a beautiful voice, ever since we met". Teresa grab her drink. "Wade can we talk right now". Teresa and wade walked outside. "So what do......". Teresa kiss him. "Teresa". She walked away.

During the night Teresa & Wade went to this club. "Hey u KJ's girl aren't u". Teresa walked away. "Hey Teresa wait up". "I knew I shouldn't have come, it brings too much memories". Wade looked away. "I don't think we ready to date Teresa". "Hey, yes we are ok". Wade took Teresa hands off his face and placed them in his hands. "Sorry Teresa I just can't". Wade walked away from Teresa. She looked at Wade walk away. Teresa felt a rain drop on her shoulder. She turned around and walked, the rain was coming down hard. She wrap her arms around her shoulders. Teresa saw police cars racing down the street. As she walk her phone rings. She answered it. "Hello". "Teresa where are u". "I'm walking down 56th street". "In the rain". "Lavon I have to go". Teresa hung up and put her phone in her pants pocket. Her hair was wet and her clothes. Her house was 12 blocks away. A car pulled up by the curb. The window rolled down. "Teresa". "Bree what r u doing here". "I came to see your brother". Teresa half smiled. "Hey do u need a ride". "No I'm good my house is the next block". "U sure". Teresa nod. She walked away. 

At 11:30pm Teresa walked up to the door and unlocked it. Korrie was in the kitchen holding Natelie. "Korrie". "Oh hey......". Korrie went to the extra room and put Natelie in the bed. She closed the door. "What happened, u are soaking wet". "Um...I don't feel like talking ok". Korrie grab a towel and wrap it around Teresa. Teresa walked to the bathroom and took off her wet clothes and put on a shirt. She dried her hair and went to sleep. 

The next day Teresa went to work. She walked in. Wade looked up and wave. Teresa went to get her apron. Later that morning Korrie and Ty went to drop off Natelie at his mother house. Ty put a cigarette in his mouth. "Damn Ty can u put that out". "Korrie I'm not so u can stop being an ass". "I'm not an ass ok". Korrie stared him down, she snatch cigarette out his mouth and throw it out the window. "What the fuck is wrong with u Korrie". "I said to put it out Ty".

"Welcome to the Rammer Jammer how may I help u". "Can I get bacon and grits with orange juice". "Sure thing". Teresa walked to the kitchen. "Bacon, grits with an orange juice at table 14". Lavon, Mr. Hayes & Mrs. Hayes walked in the rammer jammer. "Here is your bacon, grits and orange juice ". "Thank you ". Teresa walked to table 3. "Welcome to the Rammer Jammer how may I help u". "Yeah I like steak and eggs sis, I'll take eggs and ham princess". "Sure thing Lavon and dad". "Hey slut u forgot someone". Teresa walked back to the table. "Yes". "I'll take a cup of tequila". Teresa walked to the kitchen. "Steak and eggs, eggs and ham at table 3". Teresa walked to the bar. "Wade can I have a glass of tequila". "Sure". Teresa took the glass and walked away. "Here is your fucking glass mother". Teresa grab the food. "Steak & eggs and eggs & ham". "Enjoy Lavon and dad". Teresa sat at the bar. "Hey what got u upset". "It nothing George, Wade". Teresa drank a glass of tequila. "Wow slow down". Teresa mother stood behind her. "Hey bitch can I get another. "Hey don't talk to her like that". "George, Wade I got this". "Mother u have treated me with disrespect and u hated me ever since I was born". "Well I didn't even care about u". The restaurant was silent. "Do u even understand how hurt I was". "U packed my bags and threw me into the car and drove to Florida and dump me on the ocean". "Teresa u were a spoil little bitch and yes I beated u and hurt u because you always gave me a hard time". Teresa stood up and got in her face. "Teresa u better get out of my fucking face before you get hurt". "No heffa". Mrs. Hayes grab her throat. Wade and Lavon tried to pull them apart. Mrs. Hayes let go. "U are dead to me Teresa". Teresa coughed. "I hate u, u never love me". "U always be a bitch, heffa and u will stay that way". Teresa looked at her. Mrs. Hayes walked away. "And mother u should rot in HELL". Mrs. Hayes turn around and grab a bottle and hit Teresa on the head. "BARBARA NO". Teresa fell and wade caught Teresa. George grab a cold towel and wet it. Lavon and his father took Mrs. Hayes out of the restaurant. "Hey called the ambulance". "Teresa u going to be ok". Wade brush his hand on Teresa cheek. 

  The ambulance came, Wade sat in the back of the truck. Wade hold her hand. A few minutes Teresa opened her eyes. "Wade". "Hey". "Where are..........". She closed her eyes. "Hey what happening". "She going into shock". The nurse rip open her shirt and shock her chest. Nothing. Again. Nothing. The nurse shock her chest again. The monitor beep. "We got a heart beat". Wade let out a sigh.

Meanwhile Mrs. Hayes sat on the couch watching L.A. Basketball wives. "Mother what the hell is wrong with u". She didn't say anything. Lavon called Bree and also called Wade.

Teresa went into surgery to get the broken glass out of her head.

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Chapter 3

    Bree and Lavon rushed to the hospital. Wade sat in the hallway with his hands on his head with his head down. "Hey wade what going on". "Teresa is in surgery". Bree covered her mouth. An hour later Teresa was in her room asleep. Wade, Bree and Lavon sat in the room. Teresa slowly opened her eyes. "Hey". Teresa start crying. "I hate her so much". "I know". "Wade". Lavon and Bree walked out the room. "Thanks u". "No problem, George is at the rammer jammer while I'm here". Wade brush her hair back. "Hey Lavon can we just talk". "Bree". "Just listen...... I want to say sorry ok. You mean a lot to me ever since my break up, u have been their for me through my darkest days like Teresa". Lavon stared at Bree. "If u not ready to get back together, I understand and I can wait all I want u to know that I love u.....ok, be strong for me when I leave". Bree gave Lavon a kiss on the lips. "Goodbye Lavon". Bree walked away. "Bree wait". Bree had turned the corner. Lavon went back in the room.

"Hey where is Bree". "She left".  The nurse came in. "Ok Teresa u will be discharged tomorrow night and you are healing every quickly". She smiled. Wade and Lavon left. They went to the Rammer Jammer. George was on stage singing. 

The next day Korrie and Ty woke up in the bed with the baby. "Hi Natelie". Ty picked up the baby and went to the kitchen to fix her food. Korrie got a phone call from her boss. "Damn it". "Hello". "Korrie where the fuck are u, you are 15 mins late". "Sorry Mr. King I was up all night with the baby". "Oh I forgot u have a child, but this is the Third Day this week, if u are late again u will be FIRED, get here in 45 mins". "Ok". Korrie hung up, jump out of bed and took a shower, got dress and did her hair. She grab her flats and her backpack. "Bye Ty, bye Natelie". She made it in time. She stood behind the counter. "Korrie where can I find nail polish and hair colors". "In isle 3 Joni". "Thanks". She ran back up to the front. "So what is the special occasion". "Oh me and hottie are going out". "Cool". "Korrie we miss u and your sister y'all should come back to the "GHETTO BLACK GIRLS CLUB". "Ok Joni, I have to get Ty to watch Natelie". "U have a child with Ty". "Yeah". "U go girl". "Teresa been through enough with KJ death so I think she will come". "Ok". "That will be $6.57". "Damn that is high, my job doesn't even pay that much". "It my boss, he loves his money". "Fuck I don't even have enough". Korrie looked in the back of the store. "Here it ok". "Thanks girl, see u later". "Bye". 

In the hospital Teresa was eating her breakfast. Wade came in. "Hey". "Hey". There was silent. "Teresa I'm so.........". "Hey it ok I understand". Mr. Hayes came in. "Hey princess". "Hi daddy". Her father walked over and gave her a hug. "I'm so sorry Teresa for what happened". "It ok". Teresa wiped her eyes. "Teresa I have to go to the Rammer Jammer ok". "Ok bye Wade". He smiled. "Princess what can I do". "Nothing dad, but I'm leaving tonight". "What but u had surgery". "I'm healing fast and I feel great". 

Later that day Bree packed her bags and walked out the door. She drove to the airport. "Thanks". She walked to the plane entrance. Lavon ran to the entrance. "Bree wait"! But it was too late. Bree sat down and wiped her tears. 

Lavon put his head on the wall. Later that night Wade and Lavon came and picked up Teresa. They walked to the car. Teresa sat in the back with Wade. Teresa put her head on his shoulder. "Teresa we need gas I'm going in ok". "Ok". "Wade u coming". "No I'm fine". Lavon walked into the gas station. "So how r u". "I'm fine I missed u". "Yeah me too". Teresa closed her eyes, and hold Wade's hand. He rub her hand. "Teresa I.......". Lavon came back and pumped the gas. Wade check his phone it was from George it said: "hey wade how is Teresa". He text back. "She fine she resting on my shoulder, just got her from the hospital". "Awe". "So how is the Rammer Jammer coming". "Ok just not that much people". "Damn, ok I see u in 2hrs". "Ok". Teresa put her feet up and put her head in Wade's lap. Wade put his phone up and brush Teresa cheek. Lavon came back in and drove to Teresa place. Wade carried Teresa up the stairs while Lavon open the door. "Hey her room is in the back". Wade went to the back and place her on the bed. He looked around her room &I saw pictures of her and KJ, also friends and family. Wade walked back in the front. "I'm heading back to the Rammer Jammer, u coming". "Nah I staying with Teresa". Wade left. Teresa opened her eyes and put on her shirt. Lavon walked in the back. "Goodnight Teresa". "Goodnight Lavon". Teresa layed back down and went to sleep. Lavon went to the front and called Bree. 

"Hey this Lavon sorry I can't come to the phone, I call u back whenever, ok bye". Lavon left message. "Hey Bree its Lavon, I want to tell I forgive u, please come back.......love u, called me back". He hung up. He turned on the tv. 

The next morning, Teresa woke up to the music from the kitchen and upstairs. She got out of bed. "Good morning Teresa". "Hey, I be right back". "With no pants". Teresa walked out the door and went upstairs. She bang on the door. Someone opened the door. "Can I help u". "Um can u turn that down please". "If u give me your cookies". Teresa smacked him. "I would never u son of bitch". "Feisty, me love". Teresa looked him down. "Go to hell". Teresa walked away. "Nice fat ass"! "Asshole"! Teresa walked  into her house. "So did they stop".  "Yes". Teresa went to take a shower. She came out with shorts and a belly top. "What for breakfast". "Well I didn't cook anything so we are eating at the Rammer Jammer". "Cool". They left and drove the the restaurant. Mr. Hayes went into his room and start packing his things. "Harold where r u going". "I'm going to New York". "No u are not". "Yes because of my job, I be back in 4 weeks". Mrs. Hayes looked at him. He picked up his phone and called Korrie. "Hello". "Korrie this is your father can u take me to the airport". "Sure". In 25mins Korrie came and took her dad to the airport. "I love u dad have fun, ok". "I will I love u too". He disappeared into the tunnel.

Teresa and Lavon ate at the bar. "Yo wade can I get tequila". "Sure Lavon". "And Wade I take orange juice with vodka in it". "Sure Teresa". "Thanks". Teresa eyes followed him as he walked away to the back". Lavon nug her in the arm. "What". "Nothing, it just that u and Wade like each other". "Yeah u would say that.....but not after what happened the other night". "Hey what happen". Wade came Back with cups and he starts pouring. "Thanks". Teresa drank her drink and ate. "Hey do u feel like singing today". "Yeah". Wade ran to the mic. "Ladies and gentlemen Teresa recovered and ready to sing". Everyone clap. She walked to the stage and singed A thousands years. George came in and sat at the bar. "Hey". "Hey George". Teresa started. "Heartbeats fast colors and promises How to be brave, How can I love when I'm afraid to fall, watching u stand alone, all of my doubts suddenly goes away somehow, One step closer. I have died everyday waiting for, Darling don't be afraid I have loved u, for thousand years loved u for thousand more. Time stands still, beauty in all she is I will be brave, I will not let anything take away standing in front of me, Every breath, Every hour has come to this, One step closer, One step closer". Teresa paused and singed the last part of the song. "I have died everyday waiting for u, darling don't be afraid I have loved you for thousand years, I loved in a thousand more". She finished, everyone clap.

Teresa smiled and wipe her eyes. She walked off the stage and went outside. "I go talk to her". Wade walked out and caught up with Teresa. "Hey Teresa are u alright". "Yeah". "U don't.....". "Wade do u want to know the damn truth". He looked at her. "I'm heartbroken Wade, KJ died, u left me in the rain and walked off". "Teresa I'm sorry". "Wade I have a complicated life and I need a fucking person in my life besides my family". Wade put his hand on her shoulders. "Hey I'm always there for u, ok". Teresa put her hand on face. "Wade". "It's ok u don't need to say anything". "Wade yes I do". Teresa took her hands off her face. "Wade u..........". "Yo Wade u need to come in here". "I'm sorry Teresa I have to get back to work". "Ok". Wade walked back in the Rammer Jammer. "Wade Friday is my last day here in Alabama". Teresa whisper to herself. Teresa walked back in. "Hey did u tell him". "No Lavon u called him back in here". "Teresa u shouldn't leave, I can't lose u either". "U won't and do u mean either". "Bree left to go back to Florida". "Lavon I'm.......". Lavon phone ringed. "Hello". "Lavon I got your message". "Bree I miss u, I want to get back together". "I miss u too". "Where are u". "Why don't u turn around". Lavon turned around. "Bree". "Hi". Lavon ran to her and kiss her. Teresa smiled.

Later that night Teresa stayed at the Rammer Jammer. "Hey do u want a ride home". "Sure". They walked to Wade's car. A few minutes they stop in front of Teresa house. "So I see u tomorrow". "Yeah". Teresa hopped out the car and walked to the front door. Wade hopped out his car. "Teresa wait". He ran to her and kissed her. His lips press softly on her lips. He locked his car, they walked in the apartment, they walked upstairs to Teresa house. She opened the door. Wade closed it. Teresa leaned on the apartment door. Wade kiss her. They took off each other clothes. They were in the bedroom. "Wade......mmm". "U like this". "Yes". Wade lips travel everywhere. A few hours later they were sleep.


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