Journal of a Hero


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Choice 01: Introductions

My name is irrelevant. I have gone by many such titles and will go through many more.


What is relevant to this conversation is that while you were reading this, I saved your life. When you blink you miss me. You close your eyes and you'll never see me again. That's exactly how I work.


No I am most certainly not a God or any manifestation of such a nice idea. I exist in between the lines, in the cracks... I alone did not escape Pandora 's box.


So does that make me Hope?


Not to those that are in the most unfortunate state of being my enemy.


If you must call me something... call me Hero. Because that is what I am, what I do.


So with that being said, I have a question for you. Do you want to hear of my journeys? My battles? My sacrifices?


I think you should listen, because one day you might be me. How do you know that you and I are not the same person? Would it surprise you to learn that I was, am you? In some way, shape, form, size or even time?


One last thing. Do not take the coordinates I listed as the date this was written... it is merely the date it first reached your... our... their...everyone's world.



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Choice 02: The Reason I Cannot Sleep

....there are things out there... nightmares that you haven't had and ones that I hope you never will. Let me ask, do you really think they are just these little things your brain makes up while your body is in rest mode? You do don't you?

This is how people die.


You see a dream for what it is when you know you are dreaming. The problem is you can never truly tell if you are asleep. Sure you may have lucid dreams and occasionally say , "I'm dreaming!"


Well let me guarantee you one thing for certain. You have never had a dream in your life. Why do you think you 'wake up' before you die? Have you ever died in a dream? I don't mean you get stabbed shot or fall and suddenly you're awake. I mean have you actually went through the dying process? Met with a God or Angel or lost loved one who takes you to the afterlife? Okay go ahead them tell me of the afterlife. Tell me exactly how nice it is, how pleasant and with white clouds, rainbows and harps? Not your style? Tell me then of the fore and brimstone of the abyss!


You must wonder what I am getting at. I guess I should tell you. When I was you, I thought I had dreams. I really believed what I saw with my eyes closed was make believe and fantasy. Until one night o witnessed horrific things. Those I loved were topped apart before me eyes. Of course I thought I woke up and called one of them. Was it my mother first? Or father? It was whichever you decide. But I got no answer. I left a message at the beep. But they never returned my call.


It turned out they had been killed. Every last one of them. And in the dream I thought it wasn't real so I let it happen, because I ran and hid and cried. And they died because of me, because of you. I tell you why I can not sleep because it has been many many of your years, and I am weary. I am to prepare those who are to be. I must prepare the next batch of heroes.


And I'm here to tell you to get ready... because the beginning of the war will be secret.




P.s.... you're not dreaming....

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Choice 03: The Ticking Clock

...You see the clock ticks each second. And on the hour it chimes. But on the minute it only moves. Why is this? It's because once the world was destroyed in the movement of that minute hand and not a soul was the wiser.


I'm sure you are asking yourself how such an event could come to pass and you didn't notice? It was because the clock ticked and at the end it chimed.


The world had but sixty brief minutes to be rescued from the perils that hid just within the barrier of our minds. It again comes back to the nightmares I told you of last night. These creatures we think of... actually everything you think of exists in some place out there. Would you just look I am sure you would find it. I found it.


The overload of thought confounded those who rule time and space. Had they made a mistake in allowing you all to live? To breathe and to think? Of course they could not have prevented your existence... why? Because they thought of you. And let me address another note... if the council didn't exist before they most definitely do now. Because you thought of them. So it's a paradox in a sense, going round and round like the Oroboros, the serpent swallowing its own tail.


I digress... the story I came to tell you ends with mankind surviving. And little did you know that by your creation of the council, many worlds opened. Many possibilities and problems. Variables of life and death. Yes you have opened the box and set me free, finally. Thus you are free to escape the box. You can think again. The chains do not hold you back. So go forth and save each world you deem fit. And because of my story beginning with a second, the ticking of a clock... I thought of you and in the same way I have created you. A new world of possibilities. So what was the threat that nearly destroyed the human race... no... all sentient life in the universe? Disbelief. Disbelief that there is more out there than what we see! And when the next hour chimes, look at that clock and realize that by thinking, using even the  tiniest portion of your mind... You...I..

We... saved the world...for now.




P.S..... savor each moment of peace... for the real battle will soon begin.

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