Just Act Normal


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Chapter 1

I walked up the steps to room 103, a room which, up to this point, was completely alien to me. I checked my watch. 9:03; already late! I had heard no good things of my new teacher in my 4 years at West Mattersfield High School. My shaking hand nervously reached out and made light contact with the door handle. As the huge, heavy wooden door creaked slowly open, I felt the stares of sixty-six eyes dart in my direction. I gulped. This was my new biology class. My teacher: Mr. Higgins. His deep, loud voice quickly came to a halt. I knew I was in big trouble.

"Name?" his voice boomed as his face grew red.  I could see the anger in his eyes.

"Tyson, sir," I whispered.

"Front; now!" he exclaimed in an unsettling tone.

"Yes sir." I peeped as a scurried to the front of the room.

"Gay!" shouted a member of my delinquent peer group. Most of the rest of the class laughed in amusement, while I just pulled out a chair and placed my bag on the table. I can't deny the truth, but I can try to hide it from the assholes that can't resist making a joke out of it. School sucks. September sucks. The first day of school in September is just unbearable!


One of the few people not in the huge crowd of stuck-up laughter was an unfamiliar face. He just continued to doodle on the back page of his exercise book while looking remorseful. Before I knew it, I was stuck in a trance. I was charmed with his golden blonde hair and stunned by his dazzling leaf green eyes. Soon enough, he noticed me staring at him. In a state of shock and panic, I stuttered and managed to just let out an almost silent "hi." He looked up and met my gaze and just smiled. I smiled too. He turned to me and said "Hi, I'm Levi!" 

"You're Australian," I said, stunned.

"Aye," he replied in his sexy accent, still smiling and staring into my eyes. I smiled with gritted teeth. I was so nervous and happy  I felt like I was going to pass out. "I'm new here. I'd love it if you could show me around sometime?" he asked happily. I smiled and nodded in acceptance.

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