Broken Bonds


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The Deathly Mistake

 I grew up in a small town. It wasn't very far from my current little village. I never liked living there as it reminded me of a boy I once met back in my fourth grade. He wasn't the nicest of boys but he was constantly bullied day after day. He had no friends, no one at all, not a single soul to laugh with. This boy fell upon my eyes and I couldn't help but place myself in his shows and wonder what it must be like to be so lonely day in, day out. The only voice to hear upon your ears was the silent wistles of birds as they would fly past. I know why he had no one. I know why people hated him. I just wish that I never knew this boy for my life has changed since I met him. This is how he broke my life. Who I am now is who I am because of this boy. No longer shall this boys evil intentions hide in the shadows like a tiger waiting for its prey.

It was the time of 2013 at King Hill Primary school. It was one of the last days where we got to meet our classes for next year. This included boys from other schools. I walked into my classroom and saw the teacher who everyone dreaded having. Mrs Miller was the one teacher who always looked for one mistake you did and when you made it, she would give you detention. She was never forgiving to anyone so everybody always tried their best to get on the good side of her. Anyway, this buy was standing by a computer alone. He had blonde hair and a roundish face. He was short, one of the shortest boys in the grade, but he still never had to look up just to talk to me. His sad face was always looking at the ground like a bird looking down upon society. It was at this time, I spoke to him.

"Hey," I said wanting to become friends with this boy.

"Hello," he replied In his droopy voice.

"You look lonely, you ok?"

"No one likes me. Who I am is not who anyone wants me to be."

"Don't worry, my friends will accept you,"


"There's always a chance. I'm Thomas, nice to meet you."

"Hello, I'm Luke."

I took him to my friends that lunch. All the way down, his face dropped to the ground. He really was the most upset person to walk these school grounds. My friends accepted him in and eventually he grew more happier everyday. He started smiling and laughing. He was fitting into my group. I was so proud of what u had done. Then my friend James came up to me. 

"Listen, Tom, I know you really like this new guy luke as a friend but seriously, he might be planning something evil or even to break our friendship somehow. I don't like it, Tom, do something, please." 

"He's not planning anything. He was upset and lonely. I helped him, James. Can't you see this too? He just wants friends."

"I warned you. When you see that everyone leaves, you'll realise that you trusted the wrong person. Your world is going to fall Tom and I'm not sticking around to see another planet be destroyed by a black hole."

Every night I reflected on what James said but it never made any sense to me. How could someone so upset, so sad and so lonely do something to people who accepted him. I didn't want to believe it so I didn't. Luke was my friend. I was sticking with him all the way to the end. It was then the day of Holidays where I could finally rest. It gave me time to think of this boy who was now a friend to us.

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The Split

 I had just left the house and walked to school. This boy waited for me and we went off to play. James had already convinced Tyler and Jack that he was going to betray us and I couldn't believe it! My own friend had betrayed me and my trust. I still stuck with my new friend because I knew what it was like to be all alone with no one to talk to just kicking dirt around for entertainment. Being excluded from everything and being the last person to be chosen. It was not what I wanted anyone to go through and yet it happens so often to the shyest and quietest yet nicest people in the world.

"Listen Tom," explained Tyler in a serious voice, "I don't trust Luke. You shouldn't either, he will betray you!"

"Hey guys, what's going on!" said Luke enthusiastically. Tyler and James silently left. Luke looked at me and smiled for the first time in ages. He started to enjoy his time at school. He pulled me away and took me to Declan and Tony who waited to play cricket. All day, when we could, we played whilst James and Tyler sat starring at Luke like he was a prisoner wanting to escape but being guarded. I noticed that they turned away from me. They never spoke to me nor did they come near me. They never tried to make contact. Slowly but surely, Declan left and then Tony.

Weeks went by, it was just Luke and I. He told me to sit down. 

"Now Tomas, I don't want to hurt you anymore." He spoke with tears in his eyes. "But if I don't speak about my feelings then I am going to commit suicide. Tom, I am suicidal and I need a friend." He's face hit his hands as he cried. Minutes felt like hours before he spoke. 

"Don't hate me Tom but..." he paused "But I love you Tom. More than a friend."

"Um.. Luke?"

"I've wanted to tell you for so long but I never could."

"Luke I'm not Gay sorry I won't accept this."

"Then Tom, your just a-a, you-you..."

"Careful Luke, don't mistake your wording here. I am the only one who has stood up for you so I wouldn't go insulting me unless I wanted a real fight." Luke stormed off. James and Tyler quickly rushed up to me.

"Tom, I told you so."


"Fine but this only leads me to tell you one thing, Tom."


"I'm moving schools. Because of Luke and because of you Tom. You broke this group. You betrayed  me. I was your best friend. I'm sorry but after the end of the year, I'm leaving and that's it."

I cried everyday. I got to school and Luke greeted me again. It was the last day of school and he gave me his number so we could catch up during the holidays. I gave him my number. I then went to James.

"Goodbye," I said "good luck in life." He grunted and walked away. I lost my friend. Someone who had been there for me since day one.

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The Sleepover

 The phone rung loudly throughout the house.

"Hey Tom, do you want to come to my place for a sleepover?" Luke asked over the phone.

"Yeah sure when?"

"Maybe this weekend?"

"Sure I'll be there."

This was one of the worst nights of my life for when I got there, my brother Jake and his friend Callum were there, not for the sleepover, just to drop me off. Luke asked if we all wanted to go into the bush because he knew where we were going. We got to the top and the site wasn't to good. All it was up there was dead fern bushes and trees. Shortly, we got the task of coming down the hill and it wasn't long before we were lost. Jake and Callum decided to leave a different way and got home way before us and yet Luke led me a completely different way. We did manage to get home after seeing almost every tree to live upon that hill. Once Mum, Jake and Callum had left, we started playing around on the trampoline and into a pool. We even did another bush walk and that's when it happened. All I thought this boy was, was not in fact who he really was. This is where he told me,

"All I've wanted was to kill you since day one. I never had the heart to but, Tom, that's all I've ever wanted. You don't know how much I wanted to kill you. I just can't."

I didn't respond I just called Mum and told her to get here in a hurry. I then packed my things and waited for Mum staying as far away from him as possible. I started to ponder on what James told me. How Luke was going to betray us. Even as I went home things still bothered me. I couldn't decide anything. Everything I was as going through with this boy. I started to believe James only it was too late for me to tell him that I'm sorry and that I made a mistake.

School soon started again and I dreaded my class, my teacher, but I especially dreaded meeting Luke again. He grew even more annoying over the holidays. By this time, no one wanted to know me. Declan and Tony both turned away from me and all I had was the now nasty and horrible Luke. It was year six and I was elected as the Junior School Vice Captain 2014. My job wasn't easy, having to help students whilst struggling to break free from the demon which called himself Luke. Every single day, we argued. That wa some day closer to the end. I went quiet. All my confidence drained from my soul and I was left with the darkness and emptiness of a sad and miserable soul. This boy had single handedly destroyed my self-confidence and my whole life as I know it. These years for me were the dark ages of my life. This was when this boy turned me into the definiation of depression. He threw me into the dungeon of misery and locked the door to happiness. He broke me. I couldn't play with him no more. I couldn't bare to go near him. He kept making an anger boil inside me which had never happened before in my life. Towards the end of the year he told me he was suicidal and then during the summer holidays, told me he was a God. That was when I gave up. I no longer talked to him. Now he as moved. I couldn't care less.

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The Holiday

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