becoming raven


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becoming raven

the fall of kiendor fell

chapter one

After a long hard day travelling on the road to Ollal Asari a quite market town to the west of Imyh Asari the capital city of Lys Edhil where the great Dyamo Fachur Oru a fair but firm leader of mainly human inhabitants with a few elven, dwarven and Halfling clans on the outskirts.

As Raven came up to an opening on the side of the road he decided with it being late afternoon and with a further two days travel ahead this would make a good spot to make camp . After setting up camp Raven built a pit and lit a fire , sitting down to eat Raven noticed he didn’t have many supplies left after having to leave the last town in such a hurry leaving his horse and most of his supplies behind, but Raven used to be one of the best rangers in the Vanitor corps, so finding food and water has never been a problem.

After a meal which would have only just about filled a small child. Raven decided to get some sleep hoping for it to be undisturbed. As he lay down to sleep the images of his mother and where he was brought up began to flash before his eyes why did she have to die, she was one of the only people he had ever cared for.

As the images flowed Raven found himself hearing a name he hadn't heard in a long time .

"Kiendor" he heard his mother call "kiendor come on your tea is ready". "coming mother" he replied , "what have you been up to" his mother asked. "I was out in the fields with Nac Frinn and Ras Fildriwea" replied Kiendor. "Oh" replied his mother " and what was you up to in the fields may i ask" Kiendor bowed his head and sighed "we was talking about our fathers and did you know they don't see their fathers either." Mierla's heart sank as Kiendor didn't know that being half elf meant he could never see his father and at the age of thirteen Mierla decided it was time to tell her son. "Kiendor please sit down, we need to talk about your father."

She sat down at the table with her son. "You see Kiendor your a half elf and your father is an elf of very high standing, his name is Elderan Oathseer and there is a rule elf’s are not allowed to see their children if they are not full elf ." she explained "As a rule most half elf babies are killed at birth" she continued. "Your father brought us here in secret. But he told me he would never see us again." she sobbed. "But why" cried Kiendor “what did I do wrong." "Nothing" sobbed his mother " Kiendor Fell you are an amazing boy and you are soon to be a man." Raven woke suddenly hearing footsteps he hoped he didn't have to fight as he felt mentally drained but knew if he had to fight he could muster up the strength. As he reached for his sword he heard a gentle male voice say. "You wont need that I bid you no harm I only wish to share your fire and campsite." Raven sat up and looked across at the elderly gentleman stood before him. " And what do you have to offer in the sharing of my camp and fire" replied Raven. "I can offer food and mead and a good ear for listening. I saw you sleeping you looked very troubled." replied the man.

" Sit " said Raven. The elderly man smiled thankfully " My name is Xiridh Abe. I come from a large city in the south named Offanas. Its a nice place, i met you many years ago Raven in that city when the rangers of vanitor helped in the battle of Imva Aiqua against the catfolk king Prauktum and his armies." Raven looked stunned he had put that battle to the back of his mind it lasted two long years and he had lost many good friends " I remember that battle." he replied "but your name doesn't ring a bell " appologised Raven. "No i wouldn't expect it would" replied Xiridh " i was but a simple councilor to lord Urod Khozel. But you certainly left your mark on my memory." smiled Xiridh. Raven returned the smile still seeing the memory of the day he decided to turn his back on his elven herritage and started to concentrate on his sword play, archery and fighting skills.

"Would you like a bottle of mead "asked Xiridh. " Please " Raven replied as he took the bottle "how comes your so far away from home " aaskerd Raven. "i had a divine calling in my sleep telling me to come to this place and here i am sat with you" replied Xiridh.

Raven smiled "do you think i am your divine calling Xiridh."

Xiridh laughed " i am not sure but you certainly are a troubled soul and i may be able to help in some way."

Raven smiled " i believe i may be beyond help" he said.

"Lets have a bite to eat " Xiridh said whilst pulling bread, bacon and sausages from his bag. Raven felt his stomach start to rumble as his eyes fell upon the food it had been days since he had eaten a proper meal just to make sure his rations lasted.

As the bacon sizzled they spoike a little until Xiridh asked " so what you Raven ? what makes the Vanitors finest ranger a sword for hire". Raven shifted his gaze from Xiridh to the floor " there is a lot the troubles me Xiridh i have been through alot just recently alone. I have been dreaming about my younger years alot recently since the death of my mother". "oh my condolences to you" Xiridh replied sadly . " Thank you" replied Raven. " You see Xiridh if you know me as Raven how do you know me about my days as a ranger?" questioined Raven. " Well until i actually saw you all i knew was that i was to meet a man named only Raven ut as soon as i saw your face, which by the way hasnt aged much i knew Kiendor had become Raven somewhere, somehow i am only here to listen and help in anyway possible."

"Im not sure you can help Xiridh things just seemed to spiral after my fourteenth birthday i turned my back on my elven herritage for many years and turned very bitter during my teenage years there was many fights." said Raven as he remembered his first fight when he was just fourteen years old and he fought one of his best friends over a girl he couldnt even remember the name of, but thge beating he took at the hands of Ras Fildriwea was embarrasing he studied even harder with his hand to hand combat, his sword fighting abbilities and the long bow. By the time he was sixteen he demanded a rematch with Ras and a long battle their other friend Nac Frinn had to pull Kiendor off of Ras which then caused Kiendor to attack Nac out of blind fury, As the punches flowed Kiendor stasrted to tire when he stopped Nac was unconcious and bleeding quite badly. Kiendor saw what he had done and fled only returning to Vanitor each year on his mothers birthday until he reached twentyone. During his late teens whilst on the run Kiendor noticed his elven looks was getting him alot of attention from young girls and women alike which ended getting him in alot of trouble, but the anger inside of him which deep down was aimed at his father for not being there for him to teach him how to become a man, but due to his father not being around his anger was bottled up and this made him rash and got him in alsorts of trouble, He remembered one particular battle in an inn a small town called Winas. Whilst staying in the inn named The Hogs Head he was being very flirtasious with a lovely young barmaid at the time he didnt know she was courting and even when he found out it didnt seem to faze Kiendor he wanted this girl and he decided he was going to have her, the young barmaid refused and kiendor got mad he started shouting at the girl Ensa Vgigr he thinks her name was he certainly remebers her gentleman friend Zelgu Drangi he was a good foot and half taller then Kiendor and a larger build aswell but that didnt stop Kiendor he moved slowly towards Zelgu watching Kiendor his every move, watching how he held himself, how he took a stance and how he felt for his machette which looked like a knife in his hand. Kiendor attacked with a right knee to the kidneys Zelgu dropped but blocked Kiendors next attack shoving Kiendor backwards at least 8 feet as Zelgu stood Kiendor came in with another attack this time with a right hook to Zelgu's ribcage and then a left foot to the side of the neck. Zelgu stumbled backwards but soon got his footing and as Kiendors left foot came at Zelgus face he grabbed it and threw Kiendor over the table and through the door , Kiendor attacked again this time knocking zelgu to the floor and having the higher ground Kiendor stepped back and asked Zelgu "Do you yield" "Never" yelled Zelgu as he pulled thge machette from his side and lunged at Kiendor, Kiendor side steppederlgu's momemtum carry him past him as Zelgu passed Kiendor he threw a solid punch into the back of Zelgu's skull. Kiendor knew he could end this at anytimeelgu was fighting angry and was not in control of his actions. Kiendor drew his sword as Zelgu turned and attacked again, Kiendor parried each attack away with ease and decided if Zelgu refused to yield kiendor would finish it quickly.

"I'm warning you Zelgu if you do not yield i'll be forcved to kill you i am the better swordsman by far and you dont even carry a sword bnut a machette " Kiendor warned, as Kiendor finished his warning Zelgu attacked screaming " you dishonoured my betrothed, you dishonour me." Kiendor parried away the attacks again " I'm not playing Zelgu, i mean what i say."Kiendor warned again.

As Zelgu started to attack again Ensa tried to get between them both and as she did Zelgu pierced her heart with his machette as she dropped to the floor Zelgu creamed in anguuish his heart breaking as Ensa's eyes started to dull he dropped to his knees sobbing. Kiendor sheathed his sword and bowed his head this wasnt what he had wanted. "i swear to you stranger i will have my revenge one day, one day i will watch your eyes dull as the life pours out of you " screamed Zelgu. " I await that day Zelgu and untiul then offer youy my condolances and inform you i am Kiendor Fell of Vanitor".

Chapter 2

Raven looked up at Xiridh taking a sip of his mead with tears in his eyes.

Xiridh instantly responded "Her death was not your fault Kiendor, I believe it was her time and she acted blindly out of love."

"But it was my doing if i had just left her alone she would have lived a full and healthy life with her beloved." cried Raven.

"You dont know this for a fact Kiendor if it was her time to leave this life for the afterlife it would have happened anyway." soothed Xiridh, Raven sniffed back a tear " its not the only thing that weighs down my heart Xiridh, I have done many a bad thing before becoming a ranger and since leaving the corps."

"But you have done many good things aswell before and after joining the Rangers, Kiendor you must realise this" Xiridh exclaimed "Kiendor yo...." " I must stop you there Xiridh why do you insist on calling me Kiendor, i go by Raven now days and have done for many years now" asked Raven. " Because Kiendor is your true self and you go by Raven because you are lost and alone in the dark, you mustbring balance to yourself by uniting the two halves of your self you will only then be able to accomplish anything you set your mind too. tell me Kiendor what else troubles you" asked Xiridh and no sooner did he finish his question Raven falls into another memory this time it was on hes way to visit his mother on her birthdayin Vanitor he was eighteen now and he's features had matured, His elvish looks made him quite handsome as he entered the road his mother lived on he spotted his old friend Nac Frinn, Kiendor pulled his hood of his cloak further down across his face hoping Nac wouldn't notice him, but to Kiendor's dismay Nac had already spotted him Kiendor stopped deadlooking straightat Nac now.

"Kiendor Fell you bastardwhat are you doing here." Nac shouted

"Move aside Nac i'm not here to fight, i'm here to see my mother!"

" I will not move aside not until you explain why you did what you did to myself and Ras" screamed Nac. "I cant explain it and i am truely sorryfor what i did to you Nac, i lost my temperbut as far as Ras it was for the beating he gsave me years earlier" Kiendor replied, " you shouldn't have got involvedNac but i am sorry for what i did to you, you was never ment to get hurt" Kiendor exclaimed.

" To little to late Kiendor, you could have kiulled meonce you have visited your mother be on your way and you better hope Ras doesnt see you as he will kill you kiendor"Nac replied. Kiendor took his leave and carried on to his mothers house. "I wish i could see more of you Kiendor" his mother cried "How have you been my dear son" she asked. Kiendor smiled " I've been good mother and i have missed you how have you been hows your health".

they talkrd for a few hours before they heard a commotion outside the house "Its Ras Fildriwea" exclaimed his mother. "I will deal with this mother " replied Kiendor as he stepped out the door.

"Kiendor Fell you have some nerve showing your face round here take you leave now or taste the steel of my blade" Ras shouted as he drew his sword. "Ras please dont do this im here to see my mother on her birthday ill be gone tomorrow evening"Kierndor pleaded.

"Not going to happen, you needto leave now or like i said i will kill you Kiendor". Kiendor smiled " Ras i have beaten you once before please i dont want to have to kill you ." Ras now red in the face with anger screamed"I have also beaten you in the past Kiendor and now i am a better warrior." Ras smiled "You are looking at the Captain of the Vanitor Guard if you do this Kiendor i will destroy you in front of your mother "."No" meirla screamed " Please just leave my son be" she cried.

"Hush mother" Kiendor stated " Ras please not infront of my mother, please just leave ill be gone tomorrow evening " Kiendor said.

By this point Ras had drawn his sword fully and was pointing it towards Kiendor " If you refuse to leave then draw your sword." Ras was screaming his face turning an even darker shade of red.

Kiendor stepped out into the garden hissword still sheathed " Again Ras i beg you dont do this." Kiendor begged as Ras charged forward Kiendor side stepped and ducked as Ras's sword flew over his head. Kiendor the leaped forward rolled in the dirt and jumped upto hes feet he was now a good seven feet away from Ras now. "Please Ras i dont want to do this, you should never attack in anger that is something i learnt when i first left here." Kiendor begged again. "Anger i'll show you anger."Ras replied as he swung his sword again and again. Kiendor side stepped and jumped backwards out of the way of the violent swings. " Ras i am showing you up without using my sword , please leave now and sleep on it if you still wish to kill me tomorrow i shall meet you on the fields we used to playon when we was but boys." Kiendor replied.

Ras stopped looked at his pregnant wife and agreed "tomorrow then Kiendor enjoy your final night because tomorrow i will end you."Ras then turned and walked away his wife and family following him.

Meirla grabbed her son by his arm " Kiendor you must leave immediatly take some provisions for your journey and go my son." she begged

"No mother i will spend ythe rest of today with you and i will leave tomorrow like i said." Kiendor replied "Believe me mother i have no intentions of dying tomorrow. Now off to bed with you ill do the pots." Kiendor smiled. " good night son."meirla smiled at her boy " good night mother." Kiendor smiled back.

By the time meirla got up the next morning Kiendor had already left he had left her a note saying he was sorrybut he had to leave early there was also a second note as she bent over to pick it up she heard loud banging on the front door , She expected the Vanitor Guard to bve there waiting to arrest her son when she opened the door she found a very angry Ras stood there. " Where is he the coward" Ras asked angrily.

"I dony know Ras i thought he had gone to meet you out on the fields one minute" she exclaimed returning to the dinning table she grabbed the other letter and handed it to Ras " i'm guessing this is for you" she said, Ras took the letter and read it.

Dear Ras

i'm sorry for the last time we met, i'm also sorry for embarrasing you last night. Maybe one day you will forgive me and hopefully Nac will do aswell, if you wish to call me a coward then by all means do so but i saw your wife's eyes last night and saw the fear of her possibly losing you, i wish you a long life my friend may you have many blessings in your life and may your child grow up to be just like you

your friend always


As Raven remembered the last words he wrote in that letter all those years ago he returned to the now, "You see Xiridh there is so much hurt in my life and i have caused so much pain in my life time awell."Raven stammered holding back the tears. " Kiendor do you not see what good you have done aswell. Look at what you just told me you let people possibly look at you as a coward then harm someone you called friend even though they didnt see you in the same way. That is not cowardice that is compassion. Has Ras lived a full and healthy life" Xiridh asked.

" yes he has, he has five children and been happily married for many years." Raven replied. " so you see Kiendorif you hadn't shown compassion your friend wouldnt have lived his the same way as one oif you would have died." Xiridh reasoned. "I guess so." Raven replied "But i have done so much more aswell." Xiridh smiled "And Kiendor i bet you will show me more love and compassion aswell." " I dont know about that." Raven replied.

Raven took another swig of his mead and was once again wisked off into another memory. This time he was somewhere he knew all too well as soon as he saw the memory his heart started to ache as he knew this particular memory was about his sister Trina his fathers daughter, She wass a few years younger then he was. She had sought him out traveling for eight months tracking him. She had told him she wanted to meet her elder brother after her mother had died. At gfirst he had been so angry that his father had never even bothered with him but had gone on to have atleast one other child, the anger flowed through him like lava it burned away at him for weeks but nhe still let Trina tag along but his temper was very short with her, Hoping that she would leave but she took all the abuse he threw at her, after a few weeks she had started to grow on him and he decide to teach her how to use a long bow he didnt want her any where near any battles. One morning after breakfast Trina asked Kiendor "why wont you teach me how to use a sword ." Kiendor just smiled "Because Trina your safer away from the battle. You have started to grow on me these past few weeks and i dont want anything to happen to you." Trina bowed her headbut had a slight smile curling her lips "I am glad your starting to warm up to me brother, but i still wish you would teach me how to use a sword I could assist you in battle if needed." Kiendor looked at Trina sternly "You can assist me from a distance with your long bow sister there is no need for you to be in the thick of any battle." Trina bowed her head again "Ok ok brother i understand what your saying and accept your arguement " she replied "good" replied Raven "clean up your pots we're leaving soon." Kiendor said he wanted to leave Rehlond and make his way to Milve Thalas it was a four day hike but with Trina he expected it to take six days as she really did slow him down. on the third days traveling he was starting to get annoyed with Trina it was taking too long to get anywhere they was still one day away from Nmemel and Milve Thalas was an extra three days from there plus they would have to stop off to rest and resupply. Before he knew it Trina was complaining again"Please Kiendor can we stop we've been walking for five hours now i need to rest."

"Ok we'll stop but only for dinner its around midday." replied Kiendor. They stopped in a clearing in the road and started a fire to cook up some food. "Remember Trina check the perimeter make sure there is an exit if we need one and as always if i tell you to run you run and dont look back." he said. "Yes Kiendor i know what to do just make sure i get some sauges amd bacon this time." she replied.

While the bacon was cooking a man approached and asked if he could sitwith him for a bit as Kiendor was about to turn him away the man threw his cloak to the ground and shouted "now" and as Kiendor looked up he saw around fifteen men surrounding the campsite , Kiendor noticed that he was surrounded by a small regiment of elven soldiers all Kiendor could think was he had hoped Trina had gotten out and was safe but then to his dismay he saw her stood with the soldiers. "Please let my sister go she has done no harm once she is free and away from here we shall discuss what the charges are and why you are here." The elf bellowed out a laugh "we shall do no such thing you are to be apprehended and Captain Oathseer will be the one who asks the questions half breed scum." retorted the elf . "And who is Captain Oathseer may i ask" questioned Kiendor the name seeming all to familiar to him. "that would be me brother " replied Trina " i am Captain Katrina Oathseer and i have been reporting back to our father Elderan Oathseer on what you have been upto he is unhappy with the way you conduct yourself and the way you left your mother to fend for herself he has asked me to report backto him on you and the type of man you have become he also believed you would have been a farmer or something of no importance keeping you and us unlinked nut you are making quite a name for yourself as a thug and he doesnt want any rerprocussions considering you should have been killed at birth."Trina informed Kiendor. Kiendor hadnt felt this foolish since the beating he had took at the hands of Ras many years ago but then the anger kicked in and before he could move Trina shouted " bound him and chain him to the cart we make our way back to Allsasari where he will stand trial."

after two weeks travel they arrived at Allsasari and Kiendor was thrown in a cell. Noone knew who he was or where he had come from or even why he was here all they knew was he was to be watched very closly. As Kiendor sat in his cell he noticed someone weas sat in there with him hiding in a corner." what you in for boy "the person called to Kiendor "honestly" replied Kiendor "i think its because im half elf " "oh is that all" replied the other person " yes as far as i can gather. And who might you be." asked Kiendor "i am Fonin Stillcoin im a halfling with a particular gift people see me as just a petty thief but my light fingeredness has gotten me quite a few jobs where ive been paid handsomly for items people have required " Fonin said. "And is it your particular gift that has got you locked up in here." asked Kiendor .

"You might say that. i was minding my own business when this rather snobby elf pushed me out of the way and into the dirt like i was nothing so i decided to pay her back for her kindness by relieving her of her purse and jewels but that rat guard out there was on his way for duty and caught me ive been in here for three weeks now and they havent even bothered with me i actually think they have forgotten about me." "interesting " said Kiendor"what have you been eating and drinking for the past couplke of weeks." asked Kiendor Fonin smiled "i have a deal with the prisoner next door that as soon as i can escape i will free him aswell and he has been sharing hes food and water with me."Kiendor sat thoughtfully for a few minutes and then he said " right when the guard comes next to bring me my food ur going to lift his keys nwhile i distract him and then we will get out of here the three of us. what is your nfriends name." Taken back a bit Fonin smiled and replied "he's a half dwarf by the name of Mutashi i dont know what hes in for."

"Well Fonin and Mutashi are you ready to get out of here because i have no intentions of staying in here for how ever long they decide to keep me here." they both agreed and Kiendor went over the plan in detail.

when the guard came to give Kiendor his food Fonin was in the corner hiding and easily lifted the guards keys but the guard noticed as he was leaving that the keys were missing before he could shout the other guards Kiendor knocked him out with the dinner tray he grabbed Fonin and ther keys released Mutashi and they crept as far up the hallway as they could ,only to see there was no more guards there. They grabbed their gear and made way glad to be free now all they had to do was make it out of the city without being caught. As they made their way out of the city Kiendor thought about his father and sister and hes blood boiled how dare they play him like this he hoped he never crossed the path of another Oathseer ever again.

chapter 3

There was silence between Xiridh and Raven for a while before Xiridh stated "Kiendor you keep showing me compassion more then anything else. The sooner you except this thge sooner you can bring balance to your inner turmoil." Kiendor looked puzzled "Do you really believe that someone like me can really be redeemed Xiridh there is nso much more to tell you." said Raven

Xiridh just smiled and replied "Kiendor even this question shows your regret and your compassion, you truly are a good soul and a good person."

Raven smiled "why is it so imprtant to you to redeem me Xiridh, I don't understand why all this should matter. I'm not rejoining the Rangersor any other armed force, i no longer want that life" Xiridh looked at Raven for a moment not sure on how to procceed he smiled back and replied "No Kiendor i am not here to get you to rejoin anyone,there will come a time when you and your particular skills will be needed and you need to be in balance with yourself to succeed." Raven looked confused" what do you mean i will be needed". Xiridh seemed to think it over for a moment and then stated "Never mind that now, what else do you want to tell me Kiendor". Raven looked for a minute and for some reason took a big gulp of his mead and started to remember yet another memory.

By this memory Raven was just twenty years old and still looking for something to strive for at this point in his life Kiendor is starting to mature and this thug for hire is starting to get boring now. While camping in thewoods near the green forrest of Morsashys Kiendor was robbed byh a group of bandits and severly wounded. Luckily enough Mutashi had been tracking Raven as he believed he owed him hes freedom and helped nurse Kiendor back to health, "he was very proud of his dwarven herritage and didnt care who knew about it he was the complete opposite to me" said Raven "we spent a few months together before i left ."Mutashi Ironoak you are a very honurable man and i will never forget you my friend hopefully some day we will meet again" Kiendor stated " i'm sure we will Kiendor in fact i think we will have a long friendship" he said as we parted ways

"you see Xiridh, Mutashi didnt believe we were half breeds but the best of both" Raven said. Xiridh looked at Raven stroking hes whiskers "i believe we are getting somewherenow, do you feel the burden starting to lift Kiendor?"

"It does feel better to talk but i still think there is more bad then good in my life". Xiridh looked back at Raven "And were back to the self pity Kiendor you need to dig deep and remember all the good you have done i know you have experienced some hard times but you have been such an insperation to many and all the good you did as a Ranger please remember Kiendor ." Raven sat there contemplating what Xiridh had just said. "please explain what you mean Xiridh i need to know why im needed so muchand whats about to happen?"

"all in good time Kiendor before i explain what is about to happen i need you in the right frame of mind and at the moment your not quite there."Raven sat there staring into Xiridh's eyes trying to figure the man out what could he know why was he so determined to help Raven out and why did i have to relive all these memories to be up to this job he keeps going on about. Raven had some more of his mead and before he knew it he was whirling off into another memory. This time he was back in Vanitor but this time it wasn't to visit his mother he was here to help find the missing guards along with Mutashi and Fonin at hes side as he walked up to the guard house he saw Ras he seemed scared Kiendor grited his teeth and walked up to Ras "im here to help Ras nothing else"

"At the moment we will except help from anyone and everyone so that includes you and your friends Kiendor." Ras replied. "Whats happened Ras what has gotten you so freaked out over some missing soldiers?"Kiendor asked he had never seen Ras so shaken up before, "Its not just some missing soldiers it a missing regiment thats two hundred and fifty men vanished without a trace not even a single weapon discarded on the floor. so now you can see why im so shaken plus Nac was the commanding officer of that regiment so that makes it personal to me and hopefully you aswell Kiendor."Ras explained.

"Tell me Ras what happened and where is Nac." Kiendor asked in a bit of a panic not sure if he wanted to know the answer in case Nac was dead. just as Ras was about to answer a woman came upto Ras and slapped him straight across the face. "Why Ras he had left the guard we are having our fourth child he wanted to be at home with his family, he was going to take over my fathers farm but you had to convince him for one more tour and now my husband their father is missing." she said pointing to her children "im so sorry i wis..." Ras started " DONT YOU DARE SAY SORRY RAS" the lady sobbed "just find my husband." Ras just nodded and turned to Kiendor "please Kiendor will you and your friends join up with the rangersthey could do with a swordsman like your self and i bet your friends can handle them selves aswell."he implied as the lady walked away. "Who was that Ras and why did she blame you so much."asked Kiendor

"That Kiendor was Nac's wife and you would have known that if you was around more your friends and your mother have been suffering lately we've been getting attacked and we dont know who or what they are. I need you to join up with the rangers and help find our friends and find out whats going on." Ras replied "But of course Ras i'll do what i can to help but i can only speak for myself and not my friends if they help its by their choice only." Kiendor stated. "But of course Kiendor i understand and respect your answer i expected to have to argue with you over this but i am glad to be on the same side for once."Ras said.

Mutashi pulled Kiendor to one side for a quiet chat " Kiendor this is not my fight nor is it fonin's but if you need me i will fight at your side."

"thank you my friend i appreciate your honesty i would very much like you by my side but only if you want to i dont want you risking your life for me if you dont want to be here." Kiendor said.

"my friend this is where i want to be fighting at your side to defend your family and friends." Mutashi replied . "And i " fonin added. "i'll fight at your side Kiendor ill fight to the death if need be." Kiendor smiled at his little friend "lets hope it doesn't come to that Fonin all i hope for is that we can find the missing soldiers."Kiendor said. They went over to the other side of town to report to the Rangers of Vanitor the best trackers and soldiers Vanitor has to offer. Kiendor wasn't sure if Ras had sent him to the right place the rangers were the best of the best and Kiendor wasn't sure he was good enough to hold such an honour. When they reached the fort they was refused access and Kiendor had to tell the guards that Ras had sent them to help, they didnt believe him especially as when they had last met Ras was a Captain he didnt know that he was a now a general in the Vanitor guard Ras personally came over tot he fort and told the guard he was looking at three new recruits and that they were hes personal friends who had voluntered to help. After Ras had left Kiendor, Mutashi and fonin was shown to their barracks and told to rest up as tomorrow would be the first day of the most intense training they had ever seen. Picking out the top bunk above Mutashi Fonin jumped up and laid back and said "well boiys here we are doing the exact thing we've been hiding from all these years , well at least i have " he moaned

Kiendor looked up at Fonin "Is that what you think Fonin that im on the run from being scriopted into the local army i went on the run as that man that asked for our help i nearly killed him and another man in anger the other man has been taken by what ever this thing is and i intend to do all in mhy power to help as i told you before you dont have to do this." Kiendor stated rather angrily. "Fronin please dont act so dishonourably" Mutashi said " i never thought you would act like thisyou have always been on a very thin line but i never thought you would act so dishonourable when a friend needs your help."

Fonin sat there with his head held low sulking "No matter what he says Kiendor i am always by your side and i will be till the end if neccessary." Mutashi stated.

They settled down for the night and Kiendor wondered what lied ahead.The next morning they awoke bright and early ready for the the day ahead they had sword training which Mutashi and Kiendor finished top of the class then hand to hand combat which again Kiendor finished inside the top five. After dinner they had long bow training and then stealth training which Fonin excelled in and came top of the class.

The last training of the day was tracking and again Kiendor and Fonin came top of the class and Mutashi finished inside the top six, after tea they bathed and settled down for the night exhausted. "I never knew it would be so grueling." Mutashi stated tiredly " Grueling are you kidding me you and Kiendor breezed most of the classes today think about the rest of us that struggled nearly everytime" Fonin added.

" You didnt do so bad yourself Fonin." Kiendor said tartly. Mutashi laughed aloud " Yeah Fonin stop looking for sympathy it does't suit you."laughed Mutashi. After two weeks training Ras decided thery had waited long enough and gave all of Vanitors forces their orders. Kiendor and Mutashi was given their own Rangers to command and Fonin joined Kiendor's regiment and was lead tracker as vanitors vast armies marched north towards Galnelenor, to where Nac and his regiment disappeared. After two days travel they reached an opening in the road Mutashi couldnt see Kiendor or his regiment where could they be. He hoped they hadnt been kileld or captured.

As they came to the opening up ahead Kiendor pulled his regiment back a bit "right lads lets hope were half as good at stealth as Fonin is up into the tree tops i want a better view of the area and i want you all safe until its time to attack" Kiendor said. and at his command all of his rangers disappeared into the trees. As Ras and the rest of the Vanitor army came into the clearing they saw nothing at all but then out of no where hoards of soldiers just started appearing in the opening, but Ras couldn't see where they were coming from and neither could his officers "sir what do we do where are they coming from." shouted one nervous liutenent. "I dont know men but stand your ground we dont move until i give the word." Ras replied.

"There Kiendor there coming from that hidden cave mouth." whispered Fonin. "Right men i need a volunteer to go to mutashi and let him know what we have found and to tell him we need him to distract them as long as possible and then get your tail back here cos we're going in to get our friends and family back and then we will attack from behind and trap them."Kiendor commanded. "i'll go " informed fonin "im the smallest quickest and quietest so im the only one who should go."Kiendor smiled he had never seen Fonin so determined and honourable and with that Fonin disappeared. A few minutes later Fonin was at Mutashis side "Fonin where did you come from and is Kiendor and the rest ok." Mutashi questioned " Yes yes we're all safe we have found where they are coming from its a hidden cave not far from here Kiendor said to tell you to hold them off as long as possible cos we're going in after the missing regiment and then we will attack from behind so be ready."Fonin answered "ok my little friend be safe i await the time to attack should i inform General Ras" said Mutashi.

"Yea sure trhing the more who know the plan the better co-ordinated the distraction can be." Fonin replied and with that he was on the move and soon disappeared. Just as Kiendor was starting to worry where abouts Fonin was and if he made it to Mutashi he suddenly appeared at Kiendors side "All done chief Mutashi is going to inform General Ras so they can do a co-ordinated attack to give us time to get in that cave." Fonin reported Kiendor smiled " well done Fonin right men we need to wait for the break in thier charge someone keep an eye on our men aswell just incase they need any help. Remember boys we're Rangers of Vanitor the best of the best now lets get our friendsd back." kiendor said and with that they made their way towards the cave mouth waiting for their chance to get inside.

As the enemy force lined up ready to attack Mutashi realised these were very scruffy looking humans but they were now dressed in Vanitor armour ." do you see that general i hope our men are still alive" Mutashi stated. " That i do Mutashi i sincerly hope that our friends are still alive also." Ras replied "Ready men" "ATTACK" and with that command the armies of Vanitor attacked the scruffy looking human army.

As the two armies started to battle Kiendor and his men sneaked over to the cave opening just listening for a minute to seeif any one else was coming but there wasnt they sneaked inside expecting a few men to keep the missing soldiers in line but there was none the soldiers were all locked away in some sort of cage and as soon as Kiendor saw them he raced over to the cage drew his sword and broke the bounds that held the door shut the men looked in shock and kiendor saw who he was looking for "Nac" he cried "its so good to see you alive" Kiendor called to his friend "Kiendor Fell as i live and breath in a rangers uniform aswell what have i missed" Nac replied. Kiendor smiled " come my friend we have a battle to win" but as soon as the words left Kiendors mouth he heard i loud gasp and turned round to see a knife sticking out of Fonins mouth," No " cried Kiendor as Fonin slumped to the ground and before he could move two of his rangers swung their swords and split the the scruffy looking human in half. Kiendor felt the sudden burn of anger and Nac reconised it so he grabed his friend by the arm but this time announcing " Kiendor it me Nac we need to get out of here and support the rst of the army." Kiendor seemed to snap back into the present . " Your right old friend lets finish this if for nothing else for fonins honour." and with that they charged out of the cave.

" Formation" yelled Nac "right men this is where we go out and win this battle for Vanitor and for Fonin "cried Kiendor and with that they charged and started their attack from behind the scruffy human army didnt know what had hit them and the battle only lasted a few hours with not many casulties for the Vanitor army but total loss for the scruffy humans after the battle was won kiendor told Mutashi what had happened to Fonin and that he did honourably, Mutashi bowed his head " its a good job he has no family to tell they would never belive us." Mutashi said with a slight smile "who would have guessed that Fonin of all people would have been here to the end as he promised when we was locked up in that cell." Kiendor chuckled and with the last of the chuckle ringing in he’s ears Raven looked up to see Xiridh sat in front of him with tears in his eyes Raven said to him "no more tonight i cant take anymore." and with that Raven readied for bed.

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chapter 4

 Raven awoke to the smell of food sizzling on the fire xiridh was awake and was cooking breakfast "smells good Xiridh, what we having this morning". Xiridh looked up with a smile "not alot this morning kiendor I think we may need to stock up on supplies". "Not a problem my friend its time to move on anyway I've been in one place to long now your free to join me if you like but somehow I reckon I already know your answer." Raven started to pack things away while xiridh carried on cooking.

By the time breakfast was served Raven had already packed most of the camp away. They sat down to eat in silence and when they was finished the packed the rest of the camp away and put the fire out and set off north towards the nearest village to stock up on supplies. They walked along an uneven dusty road leading to a small village named hedgerow, it was a very small village with only a few shops one was a grocery shop and the other  was a very small armory it only had the basics. They stocked up on food, drink and Raven topped up his arrows for his longbow and then they were on their way moving further north  staying off any main roads.

They walked in silence for a while before they came across a ruckass at the side of  the road there was 4 human males ganged up on a young woman teasing and tormenting her pushing her over then pulling her back up and pushing her around between themselves. Before xiridh had chance to say anything or do anything Raven shouted "leave that poor girl alone and I will let you leave with your lives if not you will find a whole new world of pain". The 4 men turned looked at Raven and xiridh and laughed  but before they could carry on with their amusement Raven let an arrow fly and took one of the gang members ear clean off, the men realised this elf and his human compatriot were not to be messed with and took off at speed.

"Are you ok my dear?" Xiridh asked gently, the girl just stood there in silence looking at the severed ear laying in the dust on the side of the road "please don't hurt me I'm nothing but a servant girl with no money or anything worth ewt please let me pass." Raven looked sadly at the poor girl and just waved her on and carried on north. They had walked maybe a mile and a half before Xiridh looked over at Raven and was about to speak when Raven said "that's the sort of reaction I get most places I go either people are happy to see me or fear me there is never a happy medium". "well kiendor that's the way life goes sometimes, if its the limelight your after you should have stayed with the Rangers." For a moment Raven stood staring at his friend  rather angrily but didn't say anything to him. They carried on for another mile or so before Raven turned to his companion " we need to get off this road we're being followed I think it could be those men and the rest of their gang, I don't feel like killing anyone today that's why I only took his ear off instead of killing him." Xiridh smiled "As always Kiendor your compassion shines through maybe we should head for that Forrest over there that way we can lose them easily without having to fight." They pushed on towards the Forrest moving quickly but not so to make it obvious that they was trying to get away.

As they reached the edge of the Forrest Raven drew his sword he had already noticed a few of the gang was hiding in the tree line." I guess we have no choice to fight Kiendor  they are right behind us and I have spotted at least 3 in the Forrest." Raven looked sadly at his friend "there is at least 5 in that Forrest my friend I really didn't want to fight today I was hoping for a peaceful trek without any incidents." Xiridh looked at Raven with a smile "my friend sometimes you have to fight and sometimes you can walk away this time it looks  like we may have to fight." Raven started a sigh which he stooped halfway through "no Xiridh f we cut through those big  bushes over there we may be able to get round them without a fight hopefully what do you think." Xiridh scanned the area quickly and smiled "there is a reason you were the best Ranger about if you think its possible then we should go for it." 

They shot off at full sprint into the bushes area and made it just before being seen by the gang behind them the moved swiftly through the under growth and got ahead of the gang members that were in front of them they pushed through the Forrest for a few hours before deciding to make camp for the night. After they set up camp they sat down for a cold meal as a fire would attract unwanted attention, Raven looked round keeping his eyes out for anything suspicious "ill take first watch my friend you rest up ill wake you up when its time to swap." Xiridh smiled thankfully  "thank you my friend I'm exhausted I don't know how you have the energy to stay awake" Raven smiled as his friend lay down to sleep.  Raven woke Xiridh around 3 am "its your turn to keep watch my friend I need to get some rest if you spot anything wake me immediately." and with that he lay down to sleep hoping for a restful  night without any of  his usual dreams.

   As Raven slept Xiridh kept a close eye on his friend as well as the area he prayed that no one would come across them he was never any good in a fight it was one of the reasons he went into politics and served under the Dyamo Fachur Oru, fighting was just something he could never seem to grasp he was terrible at it he prayed that Kiendor slept well so if someone did  try to attack he'd be rested enough to fight if needed. Raven woke suddenly around mid morning to see Xiridh sat with another man sat with his back to Raven as he stood up Raven  reached for his sword "Ya not be needing that ma ol' friend." The stranger said sincerely and turned to Raven, Raven couldn't believe his eyes it was Dylan Bolderwield a bounty hunter Raven had teamed up with for a while after leaving the Rangers " Dylan what are you doing here?" Raven smiled. "ya were men' Ta meet me a day ago a wer startin' Ta think ya got yaself killed or summit worse captured. I found ya friend ere keepin watch an almost fell bout laughin wen he try ta defend ya." Xiridh  frowned annoyingly " Like I told you master  Bolderwield I have never been  trained in any combat I'm a politician but I would have died defending my friend." Raven nodded gratefully to Xiridh pleased to know he had made another friend as they were in short supply these days. " you know me Dylan  things change all the time and its not like you to have come looking for me so what's wrong." before Dylan had chance to answer Raven put his hand up he signalled Dylan as he drew his sword Raven was poised in attack position while Dylan stood protecting Xiridh  just as one of Dylan's associates came trudging out of the bush like he had no cares in the world "Hold up ther Raven that be Morkin one o' ma associates." Raven lowered his sword but didn't put it straight away " come on raven me old mukker ya know me for years." raven smiled "that's why I've lowered my sword Morkin  I do know you too well what's he doing here Dylan?"
​Dylan looked at his feet "Morkin works for me 'es one o' ma best trackers that be how we foun' ya two afer  we bump into' ya friends yesterdee nice shootin that mans ear was a mess."

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